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1 The Battle of The Forest (No Kill) on Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:00 am



Rain woke with a start, sweating, and quickly wiping the small beady tears that were forming at her eyes. She leaned back, and sighed loudly, opening her eyes. "What was the nightmare about tonight...?" She mumbled to herself, scratching her head. Something about her parents. Shaking the thoughts out of her head, Rain looked over into the mirror, sighing to herself. She looked like a mess. Her hair still hadn't fully recovered from Antanas burning it, which he was apt to do, so it had a bit of a frizzy appearance, when it was usually straight. Looking up at a clock, she noted to herself that it was still the middle of the night, and her parents were most likely asleep. Gently moving her feet along the bed, and pulling the sweat soaked covers off of her and tossing them aside, she walked into the bathroom, quickly undressing, and turning on the water on medium-cold, shivering as it hit her body. After playing around in the water for a little while, and eventually relaxing, she stepped out, looking in the mirror at herself, and frowning slightly. Cracking her neck, she dried herself and her hair off, grabbing a tank top and underwear, slipping them on quickly, and putting a light blue jacket over her top, and put on some flexible pants, and, for a finishing touch, tied her forehead protector around her neck, looking at herself in the mirror, and smiling. Now that was a ninja. She turned, looking at herself at a different angle, then, realizing she was being a bit childish, and maybe even narcissistic, she slipped her kunai in her pocket, then left her room sneakily, quietly closing the door behind her. Listening, she could hear snoring in one of the rooms, thus she slid down the stairs on the banister quietly, because she knew the floorboards would creak. Finally, she made it to the door, and, cracking it open, she stepped outside.

Rain was hit by the cool air of the evening touching her face, and, though it was night, the air was still warm, but in a comfortable way, making her shiver with excitement and energy. Where am I going to go tonight...? She asked herself quietly, looking around the village at all the possible paths and areas. I could go into the marketplace... She thought aloud, slowly beginning to walk to the center of the town, But there's nothing I could really do there... She pauses, turning around. I could go to the docks... But... She shuddered, as she remembers the terrible storm that was going on when Antanas and her were having a battle on top of 40 rocking fishing boats, and she thought she was going to die, and all the while, the emotionless medic standing by and watching, not even staying around to wait for Rain to wake up. Ugh, Chi clan... She mumbled to herself. I know! I could go to the small forest down south. Maybe I could even run into another insomniac on the way. Walking through the village, and looking for a sign that would point her which way to go, she ran into it, and followed it's instructions, beginning to run at a fast speed, and without getting tired as quickly. Man... She said to herself, This training is really paying off... As soon as she entered the forest, she slowed down to a walk, so she could admire the foliage, and look at all the little animals running around on the ground, in the trees, and on top of the trees.

WC: 600


Ninja Info Card:

~Rain Kusomono~

Kaiton: S Rank||Suiton C Rank

Kugutsu: S Rank| |Ninjutsu: C Rank
[ D-0 | C-1 | B-0 | A-0 | S-0 | SS-0 ]
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