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Yamino woke up with the sound of clashing metal and the smell of campfire smoke, it was his camp, the group of mercenaries were already up, most of them were getting breakfast and some were even sparring already. He got out of his bed and stretched his arms outwards, feeling the crack and pop of his bones, he was almost always stiff in the mornings, it got bothersome at times. Yamino dressed himself in his regular attire, a black and white long sleeved shirt and black pants with sandals, he was expecting a visit today from some clients whom were in need of men so he had to be ready pretty soon.
He walked out to the yard with his regular emotionless face and watched the men at work, they were just doing one on one spars at the moment, he had a pretty good idea and he wanted to see what would happen if it was used, that was what his men were for after all. He walked up to a group of six men, each one had a sparring partner and were doing pretty regular drills, using their kunai and fists and feet, he coughed and they all stopped instantly and stood at a slight version of attention, since they werent the real shinobi or military they didnt use intense drill, there was no need for it.'' I Need three men, the other three will need to defend themselves, you Ironblood, and you Kakali, and i will also need you Skinner come here'' His voice was almost a whisper, though due to his voice everyone had to become quiet when he spoke, thus making him as heard as a man who yells.
Yamino walked over to the edge of the training grounds and looked his men over, looking at their build and knowing their skills, Skinner was a master with a kunai, Ironblood had a knack for shuriken, and Kakali was one of the fastest men in the gang, they all had separate talents, the men he was pitting them against were just as fierce, Ox was the strongest man in the group, Surgeon was the senbon master in the group, knowing where the pressure points in the human body were, the last was the oddest of the group, his name was Snake, that man had apparently broken every single bone in his as well as dislocated his joints way to many times, he was incredibly flexible and fought using Taijutsu, he was unpredictable, the match he had made was going to be a good show of strategy.

Yamino decided that he was even going to be a part of the fight, choosing another man out of the crowd that was forming, this once was a new recruit and even Yamino had not seen him fight, this would be a useful tactic to test him. Yamino turned to his men and looked at them, saying in his low and creepy voice,''Im going to rush in with my kunai, Skinner you come with me, guard me, Ironblood go to the left flank and bombard there asses, Kakai get around them as fast as you can and sandwich the man im currently fighting, if they counterattack, the first one we need to take down is Surgeon, i have no need of getting put out with a senbon, got it, Skinner if Ox gets close you take him, he is slow, on my count''
As he turned the other group of men were just finishing talking and planning, the battle was about to commence, he nodded as a way to say start, and suddenly the fight was started, the moment they started to close in Yamino had to dodge multiple senbon needles that were flying at him from Surgeon, the doctor was so concentrated on trying to hit him that Ironblood caught him in the arm with 3 shuriken, sending him to the ground in a cry of agony, Yamino heard the onlookers laugh at the fallen doctor, his injuries were minor at best so it was okay, the shuriken had taken him in the shoulder and the lower arm.
Yamino looked forwards and suddenly Ox was directly in front of him, sending a massive fist directly at him, Yamino jumped to the side as the fist broke the dirt beneath him, and as suddenly as Ox had arrived so did Skinner, slashing at the big man with fast deft slashes, making little cuts on his shoulder and forearm, the big man had to use all of his attention to avoid the knife, he then saw Kakai zoom directly behind Ox and send an extremely fast spinning kick to the top of the head of the big man, sending him to the ground instantly, his plans were working so far, he loved it, he felt so powerful...
Suddenly he saw Snake coming at him swinging, he was whipping himself around in what looked like it should break his own body, but he was used to it, Yamino was trying to find where the first attack would come from the moving mass of limbs, the first came from the bottom aimed at his knee, he jumped over the attack, suddenly needing to bring his kunai up to block a kunai attack that most men would deem an impossible angle for a elbow to go at, he then jumped back as the man stood straight and smiled at the boss, he wasnt the smiling type and took it as a jest...he didnt like jests. Yamino threw 3 shuriken at the man and watched as he deflected one and the other two cut shallow cuts, one on his ribs and the other on his shoulder, he grimaced as he remembered that the boy called Yamino was quite short of temper, and most of his men had learned that they should not try and make jokes at him.
Snake then ran at him again, somersaulting and the like to try and get at him without him knowing, but something flashing by and caught him in the ankle, sending him spiraling to the ground, Yamino then remarked that it was a shuriken from Ironblood, sent directly into the heel of snake, though he had springy joints and a flexible body, he was not immune to shuriken, he praised his men in his mind without them in this fight he would be in a good deal of trouble, or more so he would need to try more. He then realized that there was only one guy left in this fight, it was the new kid, he whistled as his own team jumped back to him, he noticed that Skinner had a massive bruise on his right shoulder, it seemed Ox had got a hit on him , Kakai was even bleeding from his eyebrow, Ox hadnt gone down from that kick to the head, they had underestimated him, though they had still won the fight, for Ox lay unconscious on the ground, he looked back at his team and nodded for them to got backwards, he wanted to finish this battle by himself, his superior intellect and skill would let him win this fight with the newbie.
The newbie looked at him with stern eyes, it seemed that he had planned this, he wanted to fight Yamino one on one and win, that would gain him a lot of renoun in the Group, maybe even promote him, he liked the way the kid thought, though he would not win this fight, not by a long shot.'' Come on boss! , Dont go easy! Aha'' the kid boasted as he pulled two kunai out of his pouch and stood stoic and ready, Yamino laughed at the kids face, which made him twinge in anger, the kid had an ego it seemed that wouldnt go well if he lost his cool in this fight, he suddenly threw his two Kunai at Yamino, right afterward taking two knuckledusters out of his backpack and jumping forwards at him, though much two late, Yamino had ducked the Kunai and made the tiger seal, he heard in the background from Skinner saying,'' Ha! thats why he's the boss, he has ninjutsu, good luck beating that little bitch Ha!'' The kid looked at Skinner for a second, and that second was all he needed, suddenly a large cloud of black smoke was spewed out of Yaminos mouth directly into the face and body of the recruit, engulfing him.
Yamino heard the coughing fit begin, inside the black smoke there was no air to breath, and trying the breath the smoke stung the lungs and throat, the eyes of the kid would be irritated as well due to the heat and ash from the smoke, he saw kid start to run out of the smoke holding his hand over his eyes and mouth, Yamino jumped in front of him and kicked him back in the shroud of smoke, hearing the coughing again and the scream of anger and agony in one, the kid was not having a good time of this, he tried to get out the other side, though his eyes were closed so he didnt see the punch that sent him back into the smoke, Yamino wasnt having the kid escape before he learned his lesson, the lesson to know how weak he was in comparison to Yamino, it took 3 more escape attempts before the kid fell unconscious from the smoke, he lay down and cough, Yamino had won, his whole group was cheering at him, Surgeon got up and brought him to the medic tent, that new recruit would never mess with him again like that, Yamino was the only person in the group that could use Jutsu, and they were scared of his smoke, many had tasted its burning, like Skinner when he challenged him, and even Ox at one point, his loyal men respected him for his power and his fairness, but he couldn't stay and nurture these thoughts he had a meeting and the man he was waiting for and his entourage were just coming into the camp.

He walked over to meet the oncoming men, there was about 4 guards, which was pretty standard, they had ninja outfits on and bore the symbol of the group they were with, it was the Devils Rejects, they were a group that they shared many jobs with, the rejects doing more guarding jobs and the jobs they refused generally went to the Mist Ravens, so the two groups were in good terms, their leader jumped out of the trailer that he was sitting in and greeted Yamino with a nod as he said, ''We have a few standard job offers and...well a kind of gift, though it is better talked about in private let us go'' He started walking to the meeting room, Yamino was no stupid kid, his IQ was higher then any he knew, but he had no idea was kind of gift Seio could have for him, he followed along beside him chatting about news and other general chatting, apparently another group was completely wiped out some ninja from the mist, though the group was more a den of bandits, Yamino ran a legal group, his group was actual mercenaries, not cut purses and killers.

Once they got in the tent they shut the flap behind them and sat down, first Seio handed him a set of scrolls that his group declined, a few were just simple guard jobs, there was a escort to Kumo as well, a more intriguing was a job that asked for an interrogator, which he had the perfect man for that, his old pal Skinner, so he took every single job and read through them thoroughly, making sure that the risk was not too high for the pay, they all seemed pretty standard, he called his organizer, Siona, she was the one who organised the groups and set them out, he told her as she came close, ''Skinner for the Interrogator, Ox for the guard jobs, Kakai for the Escort, they are my best men, make sure they are given the men that they need for each job.'' the girl nodded and went to her work, he had hired her off the side of the road one day when he was getting tired of organizing the missions everyday, it took much to much of his time.
Then Seio handed him another scroll, this one was marked with the kirigakure symbol on it, the man then spoke to him in a calm but serious voice, ''I know that you are looking for you father, i couldnt find a name but i have found a picture of his face, though im unable to find him, this picture was from years ago, probably 10 at least, his looks wouldnt have changed that much due to the tattoos'' When Yamino opened the scroll slowly he was shocked to see the face that was his fathers, the face was of a man in black sunglasses, he had thing eyebrows and a bald head, though in place of hair there was a tattoo on his entire face of his skull and brain on the top, around his eyes were tattooed jet black to act as if they were eye sockets, his ears were pierced multiple times with gold hoops and there was a frown on his face, the face was truly hateful, ''All i have heard in the term of a name, was that some call him the Bloody Beast of the Mist, others call him Psycho as well aha'' the man stood up and shook Yaminos hand, Yamino said thanks for the info and paid him for the missions and the photo, as the man left his tent he started thinking about his father, this tattooed monster, he wondered what he was doing right now, Yamino needed more power to gain the info he needed, he would have to maybe even go and visit the Mizukage at one point, she would know about her ninja, he was going to find that bastard one day...and he was going to kill him.
*Used Smoke Shroud*
Using for Stats
2367 WC
Speed- E-1 ->D-1
Strengh- E-1 -> D-1
Enduracne- E-1 -> D-1
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