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1 Training II (Private) on Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:00 pm

Gaiso Yamino


Yamino stood directly in front of 5 new recruits, they had found them around the area and told them that if they wanted to make money this was the place to go, and 5 had listened to them, that was a good number, though the newbies were all at least a foot taller then he and some were 10 years older then he was, when he entered the area they all looked at him with slight distaste, he already hated them, but he knew that he would be better to just prove them wrong then to just beat them senseless, he needed as many men as he could get, he had lost a few getting their armory back, though it had been quite worth it, without the armory they had no weapons, so it was a necessary step in becoming stronger, and gaining more power, so instead he march in front of the new recruits with his head held high, once or twice the men would look over at him, but he was didnt care, they were going to learn their lesson today. you want to be in the group eh? thats good that is a good thing, but the one and only test you will do is right now, behind me are my Lieutennants, Skinner,Surgeon,Whisper,Ox, and Kakai , and i am Yamino Gaiso of the Gaiso clan, and i am the owner of this Mercenary group, you may accept that or leave now, now to the test, you each will pick one of use, either me or the men behind me, you will then have to prove your worth against them, the catch is if multiple people pick the same guy they will fight him at the same time, good? First man say a name and then move on down the list He assumed what happened next in the least, he knew that it would come like this.
It seemed that Yamino and Ox were really popular, though the last guy probably chose Ox so that it would be a two on one, since Ox was a massive 6ft7 man with around 254lbs. of muscle, he was not small like Yamino but Yamino had his smoke, and that was all that he needed the three of these man wouldnt be able to take him down, and if they could he had no reason of owning this group, or living for the matter. Yamino Nodded to Ox to go first, he smiled and grabbed two brand new gauntlets out of his satchel, they were two big pieces of work, they were spiked at the knuckles, they were the same color as Ox's skin as well..a tarnished bronze color, the two men that chose him were starting to think they made a bad choice, for they pulled out two Kunai, one each, then Ox was going at them, he had good speed for a man of his size, though slower then alot of his group, e was by far the stronger of his men, the two recruits blocked the punches aimed at each of them with their kunais, the force of his fist they were forced back two meters, trying their best just to not be sent flying, they then ducked his massive hands and went to slash at his chest, though it wouldnt work, Yamino knew that he wore a plate of bronze beneath his clothes, and Yamino was right about it not working, the kunais slid off the plate of metal in a shower of sparks. Ox then looked down at them in content, for Yamino this was the moment of truth , if they got out of this they would be in the group, if not they may either die from the punch or get healed and let go, though they did good, one of them jumped to the left and rolled out of harms way, the other was just grazed by the large gauntlet, though he did a counter attack and even tried to slice Oxs arms, though unsuccessful it was a valiant effort, these men were not new to weapons nor combat, which was a good thing since they were on his side, he stopped the fight before Ox crushed someone and told them they passed, all they had to do was go and get their uniform, the uniform was a blue chest robe with a perched raven on the chest in black thread, he had designed it himself, it wasn't too flashy but people knew who they were.

Now it was Yaminos turn, so he walked forward and started to put his gloves on, he looked at his three combatants, they were standing around like they werent jsut about to start a fight, when he coughed they looked at him with distain and sighed, that was the last straw, he had been nice to them long enough, and now that they were fighting it would be okay for him to pummel them. Yamino Made a handsign and used the Shadow Doppelganger jutsu, creating 4 of himself, though they were actually fake and intangible, his opponents would have no idea, he then sent them running at the men, who now were paying full attention, the real Yamino ran just bheind the pack of Doppelgangers. the moment they were about to ''clash'' he made a handsign, then spewed a geyser  of black smoke, filling the air around the recruits with the thick acrid smoke, then Yamino made sure he still mentally remembered where each man was in the cloud, he heard the men starting to cough a little bit, that was his que he threw a shuriken at the spot where each man was at, aiming for where the kneecap should be, he then jumped into the cloud holding his breath, sending his boot into the shoulder of a man, he jumped out of the cloud and threw a kunai into the cloud and caught another man in the back shoulder blade, these men werent even in his league, he then deactivated the cloud of smoke and flew down at the last guy, landing and grabbing the kunai out of the other guy, then holding the blade up to his neck and whispered in his ear ''Passed'' the man fell over from fear, he loved this thrill, there was not much like it, he couldnt get enough of the ability to make men cower, it made him feel so powerful, and now he was five men more powerful...they were growing...
*Used Dopplerganger and Smoke Shroud*
Using for Stats WC=1095
850 towards
Speed D-1 -> D-3

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