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1 Training Three (Private) on Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:43 pm

Gaiso Yamino


Yamino sat at he council table, in front of him was his lieutenants, all of the best men in his group, they were the most trained and the most experienced, each one had his own strong point, there were two men per side of the council table and Yamino himself sat on the end of the table looking over these men, there was Ox, the strongman of the group who was quite skilled in the running of Guard Missions, then there was Skinner, he was the weapon specialists, and he was an amazing runner of assassination missions, he then looked over at the other side of the table and there he saw Surgeon, he was the doctor of the group and also was amazing at running the Medical projects of the group, beside him was Kakasaai, or also known as Kakai the Swift, he was the fastest man in the group by far, though he was a good deal weaker then the rest he made up for it with his blinding speed, that man ran all of the escort missions due to his ability to scout ahead during them, his men were close to his speed as well because they were trained by him, these were his Lieutenants and they were discussing the matter of the Crimson Blade were occupying land that was actually theirs, they had bought the land legally, but this group was just stealing it from them, first to speak was Ox, ''
We have to kill those fools, they are breaking the law and worse messing with us!'' Suddenly Skinner spoke up against that, ''No no, we must hire the Shinobi of the mist to deal with it, we cannot take the action without someones permission, we cannot fuck with Kirigakure''Surgeon nodded as he took the info in, he was with Skinner, Kakai spoke in his girly voice to the group, '' We need to just beat the living shit out of those thugs, maybe even their leader, nothing is wrong with a good ol' fashion Ass whoopin'' Yamino just sat and listened at his men just went over the different course of action, almost none of them agreed on the way they would do it, he just sat there and listened closely, he hard something behind him near the wall of the tent, he silenced his men with a wave of his hand and stood up and slowly turned to the wall, he said in a angry malice filled voice, ''You picked the wrong day to be here, if i werent here this wouldnt have happened'' he motioned his index and suddenly Ox was flying at the wall with his double Ax handle, ripping the wall apart and crashing into his head, the man who was there was in a red gi and had the symbol of the group they were talking about, Suddenly Ox had the man in a submission grip with his arm twisted as a painful angle as he struggled to move, though Ox's Strength was much to much for him to be able to get out, Yamino looked at his men, he looked them deep in the eyes, an expression of anger on his face, they were not going to get away from this ''Ha...those bitches think that they can do this, no no, we arent going to call the ninjas, we arent going to knock them out, we are going to kill the entire gang, they are trespassing and killing my men, they arent going to get away with this in any way shape or form...lets kill these son of a bitches right now''  His Lieutenants all cheered and smacked their fists against the table, they all separate to get their men, they were going to kill of them, they were killing them, spying on them, attacking them, stealing their things, they were mocking him, they knew that he was young and they were treating him like a playtoy, they werent getting away with this.
They all formed up outside the tent, he stood in front of them, looking at the lieutenants in front the newer recruits, Yamino said to them, ''You are the Mist Ravens, the Baddest Mercenaries there is, these Crimson people are messing with our business, we are int he right, now...the one who kills the leader of the Crimson group get a promotion to my Fifth Lieutenant, the man who will run the new defense sector of the group, so bring me his fucking head , Lets go to what was OUR armory, lets kill those people who have treated us like idiots, they think they are smarter then us, we are stronger then they are LETS GO! '' All of his men suddenly were running behind Yamino as they ran to the armory building that the other group had just taken, they reached it within 30 minutes, there were a group of men in red Gi's outside the building sitting around joking with each other, they didnt even see his group take them down, Yamino and Ox flew in and took down two by themselves, Skinner then sliced up another one and another tried to get away, to which he was littered with senbon from Surgeon, about 10 stuck inside his back, the fight for their building had begun, and since they were on the outskirts of the village they were no where near where the ninja of the village would be, so they were in no trouble of getting caught.
they all rushed the front door, they were not doing this silently, they wanted the enemy to know that they were coming to them, to inspire fear in their hearts, he wanted them to know what was coming, they had messed with the wrong kid. The main entrance was a small thing, he knew his way around it, due to it being his, there was no one in the lobby itself, but he knew that there were a bunch of men inside the small storage room, for he could hear their talking and joking around, that seemed to be all this group did:joke around: his men would not be caught dead joking while on duty, instead of attack like normal , Yamino made the Tiger hand sign, then spewed a load of Thick black smoke into the room, he then had Ox and one of his men block the door with his shoulder, so the men instead of being able to leave the confines of the room, they instead were choked out by the black smoke in the room, about 6 men were now choking out in the room that was closed and locked, suddenly he saw someone walking down the hallway with a head, it was a man holding the head of the leader, Yamino Clapped to the man, then asked, '' Good Job....Now who are you, and what is your skill and nickname...more so how did you get him''The man in front of him was 5ft11 and had mid length hair that was black and tousled, the man spoke with a slightly cheery voice '' I specialize in Camouflage, so getting in the back was easy for me, just stone and wood camo and a stiletto to the ribs, umm..just call me Whisper''He liked the sound of that, so he had just acquired a new lieutenant...Whisper, he walked and shook his hand and welcomed him to the groups higher ups, he now remembered hiring the man about 1 year ago and he had just sat around the outside for a while so to speak, he was glad that he now had a Camouflage specialists, he was getting more and more powerful by the day...
*Used Smoke Shroud*
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