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1 Exploring the Mountain City [D-Rank] on Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:18 pm



Our infamous little green haired Jet yawned, tears collecting in the corners of her eyes. Wiping them away, she stretched her arms and back. Jet was bored, having nothing to do. She was strolling along one of the various streets here in Iwagakure, which were apparently bustling with activity. No surprise there really. Jet had awoken from her slumber just a few minutes ago and it was already almost noon. She watched as a group of genin runs by with a higher ranker office aka their sensei just behind them and wondered if they were off to do some team training or go on a mission. A mission…something Jet hasn’t bothered to take on in a long time. It wasn’t that she was incapable of taking on a mission, just that she didn’t need a whole lot of money. And it was like she had been denied mission previously due to her record, those secretaries at the mission disposal office weren’t that petty at all. No the real issue lies within Jet. Usually she would be bursting with energy but mission seems troublesome to her. So yes, she was being lazy.  Jet is going to change that, at least for today.

She arrived at the mission disposal office shortly after just a few minutes. As it turned out, she wasn’t far from this building at all, specifically it being a block away around the corner.  It was busy as usually but not to the point where it was being overwhelmed. Genin, chuunin, spec jounin, and jounin were all gathered here along with a ronin here and there. A few were taking their times looking over the mission boards whereas a couple just had to glance at it for a second and have already made their decision. Silently maneuvering around them, she looked onward at the D-rank mission board. Thankfully it didn’t take long for one to stand out to her. Taking it in her hand, she read over the mission details. It was something easy and seemed like a joy to partake in. She just had to explore the various caves in the mountains and make a map of her findings. Jet likes drawing she hummed. Jet walked up to one of the free sectaries and placed the mission before her “We want to take this mission”.  The woman looked at her oddly, trying to remember where she had seen her before but to no avail. She simply nodded and gave her a blank sheet of paper and a pencil along with a flashlight “Please make it neat”

About an hour late were the sun was at its peak, Jet stood before a large cave entrance. She was a bit worn out from the hike up her but looking around, the view was pretty good; smiling she doodled on the paper given to her prior as she walked inside, hoping to find something extraordinary. Unfortunately she wasn’t really paying attention to where she was going and ended up deep within the cave. She looked up from her makeshift map to see it was pitch black all around. Toggling with her flashlight, she lit the area around her. The stalagmites above and around her were looking quite threatening, and the air was moist with water. She quickly covered her mouth as she saw that the spores in the air. “Jet doesn’t like this place” she mused to herself. She carefully got herself out of their and looked to see a forked path. The left hollowed with wind while the right dripped, like something slushy was falling to the ground and gathering up. Jet didn't really care which path she took so took the one on the right and she was glad she did. She found a part of the cave where it glowed like the night sky. She recognized this as the work of glowworms. She was awed by it and would’ve stayed longer however her stomach decided to moan like a whale. Jet drew this in and she retraced her steps and left the cave, heading back to the village to report in.




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