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Nara, Hana [Mother]: Gin's estranged mother who raised her on her own until Gin turned 12. They would re-encounter each other close to ten years later, when Gin freed her from a slaving operation. The two have a very uneasy relationship and often get into arguments with each other.

Kuroka, Chie [Daughter]: The first of Gin's twins. The two have a very close relationship. When she was a child, Gin would often let her do whatever she wanted, no matter how destructive it was. Being a child herself, Gin didn't know much about strict parenting. However, she made it her goal to train Chie into becoming a strong shinobi capable of fending for herself.

Kuroka, Reiko [Daughter]: The second of Gin's twins, Reiko and Gin have a rather strange relationship that revolves around their love for destruction and violence. Gin often matches her daughter's almost inexhaustible amount of energy. Their relationship is essentially the opposite of Gin's relationship with the quiet and much more calm Reiko.

Kuroka, Shinji [Son]: Gin's baby boy. They share several traits, such as their reckless bravery and overconfidence. He has made it his point to become stronger than his mother, making him see her as a sort of friendly rival. They often argue since they're both so hotheaded. They love each other nonetheless.

Kuroka, Misao [Daughter]: Gin's youngest biological child and by far the most kindhearted and tender of them. She has a heart of gold and the intentions of a saint, which is why Gin sheltered her more than she did the rest of her children. This is why she is the weakest of the four. Gin refused to train her at the same level as the rest of her children, instead spending time with her doing what a mother would normally do with her child in order to give her life a sense of grounded normalcy.

Yuzu, Ren: [Adopted Son]: After the war with Seven Bells, the boy was abandoned by his clan. Being rejected and feared by all the families that considered him for adoption, Gin took him in as her own and loves him as much as her biological children. Therefore, she is very protective of him, though she allows him to wander the world on his own.

Aisu, Ayakashi: Pretty much the only person that Gin can actually consider a close friend at this point in time. Ever since they went on a mission together, right as she became the Mizukage, the two have become close friends. She was one of the only people to know Gin's true identity while she was in hiding. Furthermore, she gave Gin a place to call home. For this reason, she has more than earned Gin's loyalty and respect.

Osada, Juro [Deceased]: Gin's first love and the father of her first set of twins. After finding out that she was pregnant, he disappeared from her life for several years. He and Gin had an uneasy friendship afterwards for the sake of their children. He disappeared several years later and is now presumed dead.

Uisuki, Sake [Deceased]: Gin's childhood friend turned lover. The two were together after his homecoming to Sunagakure after being departed for over 5 years. They soon became engaged. He was assassinated by the missing-nin Utau. Consequently, Gin lost their unborn child due to the shock and injured state.

Uzumki, Trilby [Deceased]: For a time, Gin's world revolved around her husband and her children. The two had a set of twins while they were together. These years were arguably the most peaceful in Gin's lifetime. Of course, it did not last long. Trilby defected after cutting off Gin's arm and was eventually killed by the former Tsuchikage, Kazu.

Flynt, Sanosuke [Current]: Gin's current love interest, despite the fact that the two have a somewhat love-hate relationship. Despite the fact that they may not say it out loud often, they deeply care for each other. The two became a couple of sorts after rescuing Chie and Reiko.

Flynt, Sanosuke: Despite their personal relationship, he and Gin have always been rivals first and foremost. Everything they do together, they make sure to turn it into a competition, most of all when it comes to combat. From rap battles, to eating contests, to karaoke, the two always argue over who is the better of them.


Uzumaki, Tsuneo: A young boy who, much like Gin, has known loss and betrayal throughout his life. She has tried to make him see that lamenting his existence will get him nowhere, knowing from experience. She is harsh to him only because she knows that he has potential to become much stronger.

Osada, Sero Jr.: Gin's latest addition to her list of students. Out of respect for his father and a large amount of curiosity, she trained the boy in the use of weapons. She was pleasantly surprised that at how similar he was to his deceased father, along with the amount of willpower that he had. In a way, the kid earned her respect.

Senju, Jezzi [Deceased]: An innocent girl who Gin often disagreed with because of her hesitance for killing. She was a member of the first team that she trained. Eventually, she gave her life to save her fellow teammate, Kozai, who she was in love with.

Karisuma, Misoka [Former]: A beautiful and kind young woman who was member of the first team that Gin trained in Sunagakure. She was the only one of the three that survived their mission to the capital largely unscathed. Gin shared her survivor's guilt after the event.

Genko, Kaizen [Former]: A smart young boy who was the third member of Gin's first Genin team. After Jezzi saved his life by sacrificing her own, he was rendered unable to use chakra and therefore had to retire from his career as a shinobi.



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