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This day began like any other, the clouds glided across the sky like figure skaters.  The sun shone so radiant on the hidden leaf village, and the citizens enjoyed every minute of the day.  Rinshi would spend the early morning running his errands, then get to his main objective meeting up with his new squad.  Earlier in the week he got ahold of their information, and sent out a letter to each of them.  They didn't appear to have much potential by their grades in the academy, like a lot of Genin they each had two Chakra signatures and had two standout skills.  They all shared his Raiton affinity, though he did not posses many Raiton techniques.  Rinshi walked into a small shop searching for black ink, after giving up the shopkeeper presented a small bottle of black ink.  Rinshi took the ink and placed his money on the counter it was permanent ink, what he had been searching for all morning.  When he exited the shop he went into his pocket for his watch, it was half past noon.  Rinshi was late but he was sure his students wouldn't mind.

Walking towards the direction of his home to retrieve his book, he wondered if they were getting to know each other.  Hopefully they would get along, Rinshi retrieved his book from the end table in the living room and went back outside.  Locking his door, he walked in the direction of their meeting spot.  Rinshi was able to change his clothes before leaving, a black t-shirt, navy blazer made with kevlar, navy slacks, and black patent leather dress shoes.  First impressions were everything, and at least leaving a visual presence would be nice.  Rinshi turned the corner and looked to find three figures, and were not aware of him standing there.  Maybe he would just observe them, watching to see if they would converse. Rinshi looked at his book, turning the page to the first page propping himself against a pole. Lets see...Chapter One... Rinshi looked up at the Genin who seemed impatient, but there was no rush he thought.

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He looks out of his window and sees it's beautiful sunny day, He loves sunny days it feels almost as though the sun is charging his very soul. He jumps out of bed and walks into his small kitchen to drink some milk before his first day with his squad, he was excited. As he nears the kitchen he realizes that he has nothing to eat in the fridge, he shrugs and contemplates what he is going to do for money now that he quit his part time job at the ramen shop to pursue his dreams of becoming the hokage and avenging his parent's death. He puts his hands behind his head and is beaming at the fact that his first step in his long journey is about to begin. Heading back into his living/bedroom he grabs his favorite black shirt and puts on his cargo shorts and begins to wrap up his arms in anticipation of training. Finally after putting his boots on he goes to his safe and pulls out his new most prized possession, His konoha forehead protector with this he now feels he belongs, with this he is now a shinobi of the leaf. After looking at the forehead protector for a long while,admiring it he realizes that he wants to get to his destination a little early to show that he is a dedicated student to his sensei, he ties his head band to his upper left arm and he runs out the door forgetting to lock it. Now outside he enjoys the wonderful weather as he bounds from building to building nearing his destination. He waves to his fellow konoha villagers and they smile and wave back they seem happy that the kid has finally started growing up they shout praises as he is now on his way to adulthood. With one final bound he has arrived at his destination and sees his two other team mates but not his sensei.

Word Count: 332

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That was it. That was the day. Finally after a lot of training and graduating the academy, he had been appointed a squad. It felt kind of strange, but it also made him pretty happy. He had met various people, and had yet to make any actual enemies. He was always hoping to meet others and make new friends. He never looked at things in the sense that change would be difficult to get through and annoying. no matter what the situation was, Toshiko always attempted to find the good in things. Toshiko was excited for this, and nothing was going to change that. He woke up early that morning, and got ready by taking a shower, and eating his breakfast. After putting on his ninja gear, he left his apartment, and was out onto the major street that was in front of his house that had been completely occupied by stores and busy civilians. Toshiko ran through the streets, and eventually made it to the location where his squad were meant to meet up. He was the first one there, early in the morning. After a while, two more showed up, but there was still absolutely no sign of their sensei anywhere. Toshiko faced the two of his teammates, and then smiled to them.

"Hello guys. I'm Toshiko uzumaki. It's good to meet you two. We will be on the squad together for a while hopefully, so it's good that we learn how to work together." Toshiko smiled to them, and then turned his intentions back upon the whereabouts of their sensei. it was past noon, and he still hadn't shown up. Why is he so late? This guy is taking forever to get here! How is he gonna be our sensei if he can't even show up on time? Toshiko thought to himself, and was starting to get agitated at the man who would become his sensei. He missed his friends, antanas, rain, hideki, and aethir. He missed all of them and would rather be out training with Aethir at that moment. No. He had to go through with this. He hadn't even met the guy yet. Maybe he was nice. Toshiko wouldn't know until he showed up.

Word Count: 385





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