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1 A Hunting We Will Go [Iwa to Konoha/Closed] on Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:13 am



Just moments ago, the young woman had undergone surgery. The job had been remarkable, however, to the point where she didn't really need any time to recover. Her prosthetic eye was set in the implanted nerve dock. She couldn't stop playing with the zoom features that she had built into it. She could see everything with exquisite detail and without the use of chakra, unless it was to access certain features. She was elated, at this point. She couldn't wait to try it out in battle, to be honest. Well, Konoha would certainly offer itself up for the opportunity, more so considering the job that she had been hired to do. The young woman rarely ever took up assassination contracts, seeing as she wasn't too fond of stealth, but the contractor had offered a handsome reward and the money was more than welcome. She would save it for her kids. After all, dirty money was still money.

The former Kazekage had long since let go of her guilt over killing for money or for any other reason. She had been uneasy with the concept about eight years ago, but had soon grown to see the cruelty that the world had to offer. A quick and painless death by her hand could even be considered a mercy in some cases. She had learned that she was not the killer, but merely the tool that he or she decided to use to carry out what they wanted done. Such was her life as a mercenary. She had grown used to living this way over the years and had even come to enjoy it, provided that there was a challenge to the missions that she was hired to carry out.

This one would prove to be particularly interesting. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach - a sense of anxiety and excitement that drove her forward. She smiled widely as she ran. There was nothing quite like a good fight, really. The adrenaline pumping through her veins, nothing to think of but the target in front of her. Konoha was full of worthy opponents. If anything, the village was rather overpopulated.

The way she saw things, Gin would come out wining in either scenario: If the task went smoothly, she would be on her way to Kumo before anyone noticed what had happened. If someone intervened, she would have a chance at fun while fighting him or her. What she wouldn't tolerate were sideline casualties and innocent deaths. Gin had her limits, her own code of honor to live by.

She set up camp in the outskirts of Konoha to spend the night and recover her energy. She needed to be at her best, just in case something went wrong. She spent the day preparing what she needed and resting. Once night fell, she carefully sneaked into the village, unseen and unnoticed and she would head towards where her target resided.



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