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Chuunin Exam Saga
Book 1: Awakening
Chapter 1 1/2: On Patrol!
Training: 1,471/words | 1,400/required
Strength: D > D-1
Speed: D-2 > D-3
Reaction Time: E-3 > D-1

Mission name: Patrol
Mission rank: D
Objective: Scout around the village
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: Your job is to scout around the village to make sure the area is secure. Lately their has been some issues with people stealing and and causing problems around the village. If anyone starts any problems, report it to higher ranking shinobi.

SPLASH! A moment of distraction had caused the chakra flowing through the soles of her feet to stop. Instead of landing on the waters surface as though it were solid she sunk through, submerging herself completely. Overhead the bird that had flown so close as she leapt from the short cliff face circled seeming to almost laugh at the girls misfortune. A few frantic seconds later Oomi was bobbing with the gentle waves. “Stupid bird…” She mumbled beneath her breath before starting back toward the shoreline. Nevermind the idea of running across the open water for the next village on her patrol route, at least for now. The young woman climbed out of the water and up the short dirty banks that lie beside the equally short cliff she’d leapt from. “Ugh,” She started as she shook herself free of what bit of moisture would leave at such a dog like shake. ”well, back to work.” With that she was off, legs carrying her a tad faster than one might have expected of a girl so freshly out of a coma. She hadn’t activated any jutsu as of yet, however, there was no need to. Trees rushed past and the dirty shoreline began to become far more golden. In the distance a small fishing town could be seen, looming over the horizon ever so slightly – a wall of trees behind it. A few moments later Oomi found herself among the town’s denizens, and darting down its streets. No need to stop, this place was small and couldn’t possibly be in need of her services. No one ever did when she went on these patrols. Though, today… today would be different she’d find.

“Stop! Stop!” The shrill cry of an old man reached out and grasped at her ears causing her head to turn in his direction. When she did she’d caught sight of three youngsters darting away from him as he did his best to give chase only to give up a few steps into the ordeal. Without a thought Oomi’s direction changed and went after the kids. In their hands apples, some which fell as they rounded corners and leapt over obstacles. Each a danger to Oomi as sped behind them in pursuit. So much so that she’d nearly fallen twice stepping on them, but carefully trained balance would be her saving grace.

Finally, one of the boys tripped as his friends bounded over a cart full of fish. His foot had gotten caught on the other side of the cart as he failed to clear it and he fell face first on the dirt road in front of him. This wouldn’t stop Oomi,however. She leapt over the cart, easily clearing it. When she landed a swift kick was sent to the boys face, knocking him out cold. She’d regret that later, but her haste to stop criminal activity had her unable to truly consider what she was doing. In her mind, she neededto disable this boy so she could continue her pursuit of the other two. It might have been harsh to kick him in the face, but necessary all the same.  She pivoted on her heel and continued after them, finally kicking a jutsu into action. Entropy Style: Entropy Distrotion was used to increase her speed, she needed to make up for time lost and so she kicked it into high gear. With her speed now increase 75% it was a simple task to catch up with the boys.

Yet, these two needed to be stopped as well. Raiton chakra began to flow through her body, headed toward her finger tips. ”STOP!” She hollered at them. The response was a haute middle finger from one of the boys. Well, of course Oomi was going to feel the same way in return. An explitive was shouted and two electrical bullets left her fingers. Each had been aimed at the points legs. They didn’t expect this and both were struck and went rolling into a wall.

”Next time you’ll stop when I tell you to.” She mused as she approached the boys. A waggling finger danced in front of their faces when she continued speaking. “You also shouldn’t be stealing things.” Her hands fell to her hips and she took on her best impersonation of her mother that she could – as best she could remember anyway.

“You should probably run along little girl,” The voice was gruff, coming from somewhere behind her. Oomi twisted on her heel to see who had spoken. When she turned she found a young man perhaps no older than herself. His clothes seemed worn and tattered, and across his head was a red bandana – the symbol of a skull embroidered on it. “These boys are my charge, earnin’ their spot in my gang.” It wasn’t his gang, it was his older brothers gang but he liked to believe he had some measure of power because his older brother let him manage some of the newer recruits himself. It was his idea that they go steal apples to prove they had the balls to be part of his little gang. The boy Oomi had knocked out came stumbling up behind him, and he put a hand out as if to stop him. “So, what’s it going to be shinobi? I kick your ass or you let me and my boys be on our way?”

Oomi’s right foot slid backwards, while her left moved forward. Her body twisted slightly, neither foot moving further than the width of her shoulders apart. She then rose her hands, and balled into fists they sat alternated just beneath her chin. “If you can beat me you, you can walk you piece of s***.” Oomi snarled. The boy in the red bandana wasted no time in taking her up on her offer and darted at her, powerful legs carrying him far faster than she expected. It wouldn’t matter though, she’d long ago activated a jutsu that would make dealing with that simple. She’d keep it focused on herself for now, increasing the speed of her own movement. When Red was close enough he threw a sloppy right hook that he quickly followed up with a low sweeping right foot. On someone else it might have been a suitable combo. Oomi took the right hook, rolling with the punch as to less the damage done. She couldn’t feel it regardless, but the rattle in her brain wouldn’t be missed if this fight dragged on. The low foot, however, was simple enough to avoid. She simply lifted her left foot above his own, and as his back was to her she kicked it out. He’d thought he’d have her on the ground and was going to come around from that spin with all this might.. instead he went stumbling forward. There wasn’t another chance to retaliate. Raiton jutsu already channeled into her hands, two punches were sent in quick succession at the back of Red’s head. The raiton jutsu that was stored in her hands was shot like a bullet into the mans skull, stunning him. It was a technique that she’d invented herself, though perhaps not unique; Lightning Release: Lightning Strikes. With her opponent stunned for the moment, Oomi sent a vicious round house to his side sending him careening to the right and into a building. The other three boys rushed to his side. The collision with the building rather than Oomi’s kick was more than enough to knock him unconscious. They crowded around him attempting to rouse the youngster with no luck.
After a while the tallest of the three turned to Oomi as if he might want to take revenge. Yet, the hands that he’d balled into fists relaxed and he turned and bolted instead. The other two looked up at their fleeing companion and then to each other. After a brief shift of their gaze back to Oomi they took for the hills so to speak. Oomi let them leave, figuring that cutting off the head of the gang was more than enough. Besides, ol’Red had mentioned something about them proving they had what it takes to join his gang, or something along those lines. No need to punish them for making the wrong decision, maybe they’d make a better one now that they saw crime didn’t pay. By now the towns authorities had caught up with the group. After a short conversation Oomi went on her way… off to complete her patrol and return home.  She’d never know that Red wasn’t even half as strong as his brother. But, the boy had claimed to be the leader of that little gang and thus she was quite proud of herself for the entirety of her trip back to Kiri. Maybe, just maybe she was regaining her strength after all.


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