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Clan: Higami Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Taiyoushin no Me (Eye of the Sun God


Specialization: The members of this clan MUST have Ninjutsu as their primary specialization. The secondary has to be Taijutsu.

Location: Scattered

Clan History:

      The Hiigami Clan's ancestor is said to have been an ancient sun deity who had descended to the earth after having fallen in love with a mortal woman named Hiyomi who, like her family was a ninja as well, though her clan was nothing special in that remote village of theirs. The ninja of her clan quickly welcomed the sun deity into their fold and allowed him to take Hiyomi as his wife. Afterward, they decided to bring the clan into the mainstream and so they assumed leadership of the clan from her retired father. The clan was now renamed to be the Hiigami clan.
      Many months passed and finally Hiyomi Hiigami gave birth to a son who was then named the first heir apparent to the clan. At the time of his birth, a wandering sennin declared that the boy would grow up to be a powerful shinobi in his own right and bring the clan into its first golden age. When the baby boy opened his eyes, all who were present, noticed a peculiarity in the boy's eyes. They were not normally colored or shaped. Furthermore, upon opening his eyes, the sunlight streaming through the room seemed to grow far brighter and then coalesce and swirl around him almost as if his eyes were pulling the light towards him. Upon seeing this, his father the sun deity smiled and declared him to have what he called the "Taiyoushin no Me" or "The Eyes of the Sun God". Thus, began the history of the Hiigami clan and their unique doujutsu.
       The boy was given the name Taiyoushin Hiigami to signify his unique ability to control light which was a gift from his father, and also in honor of the clan's founder, the sun deity. The boy also had an extremely high IQ, beyond 200, the second sacred gift from his father's side. The third and last gift from his father was an incredible clarity of perception, letting him see the nerve impulses in all animals and people. From his mother's side he inherited a large chakra reserve and the ability to multi-task at an above average rate which when combined with his doujutsu proved to be very useful.
      However, from his mother and father he received some downsides as well. Like his father, he too had a short temper, which led him to be easily provoked into fights over trivial issues. Also since most of his chakra was used in his doujutsu, he was unable to master more than three elements. From his mother's side, he received a body that was on the lean side, though not quite frail. This led his strength and defense stats to be somewhat lacking. Furthermore, he was found to be weak against all genjutsu except sight based ones and was unable to learn any genjutsu at all. Medical ninjutsu had less than normal effect on him or when used by him.
     Despite these weaknesses, he grew up being loved by both his parents and more importantly, his clan. The high IQ he inherited from his father allowed him to learn at an rate that was well above average, leading him to master any and all ninja arts he was taught by his mother, with the exception of genjutsu. His mother and father made it a point to make him well rounded in other areas as well, teaching him how to play a flute, instilling him an insatiable thirst for reading and appreciation for painting, drawing etc. He was also taught proper etiquette of gentlemen and statecraft as well, since he would one day be needed to head the clan.
      As time passed, Taiyoushin grew from a boy to a young man and at the age of 21 he had become the leader of the Hiigami clan when he finally made an Jounin. He then courted and married a woman named Misaki  from the Irya clan, one of the ones allied with the Hiigami. The young woman's clan was known to be one innately talented in medical ninjutsu and taijutsu, and so the Hiigami clan grew even stronger than before.
       By incorporating the taijutsu style of the Irya clan, Taiyoushin was able to develop a unique form called "Fist of Light" which when combined with his ability to see the nerve impulses in another person, allowed him to disrupt their nervous communications, giving him an advantage in battle. Also, from then on, his wife Misaki took charge of maintaining a collection of medical ninjutsu knowledge and also set up the research division of the clan for posterity.
     Some years passed and one day, after Taiyoushin had become a sannin level ninja, he and his men were on their way to a battle when he was suddenly snatched up from their midst by a giant hawk named Shuzaki. He struggled but to no avail and couldn't get free, and eventually he was carried to the mountain upon which she lived with her lineage of hawks. Upon landing he fought her continuously for three days and nights, and eventually pushed her to a stalemate. He then signed an exclusive summoning contract with her and her lineage, thus forging the clan's association with the hawks. He then returned with the summoning scroll to his clan and installed it in the clan halls for posterity.
      Several decades passed with the Hiigami clan building up its reputation among the villagers slowly but surely. Clan heads coming and going till finally the previous clan head's son Ryuuzaku Hiigami took over from his father as leader of the clan. He now took a wife, a kunoichi named Koizumi and thus she ruled the clan by his side. They had a son named Bhairyuu Hiigami who was found to be the reincarnated Taiyoushin who was the second head of the clan from their days of yore. The clan was now quite wealthy and powerful, and treated the villagers in the rest of the village with respect and justice.
        Unfortunately, as fate would have it, these times came to an abrupt end when one day, a group of marauding missing-nin came and routed the village and when Bhairyuu's clan members came forth to defend their villagers from harm, they were all slaughtered since the missing nin used dirty methods to fight (using villagers as human shields and such.) Bhairyuu, who was then on a mission away from the village, came back to horrifying scene that looked like something out of one of the books he had read "Dante's Inferno". He rushed through the village to his clan house, fearing the worst now for his clan and his parents.
       His worst fears were realized when he came to his parent's section of the long house, only to find his parents, gasping their last breaths whilst lying in a pool of their own blood. Grieving heavily, he sat down and listened to his mother and father whisper to him the name of the leader of the missing nin who wounded them both so mortally "Dear son leave here at once and never look back. Make sure you f-find Circe and a-avenge our d-deaths and t-those of your clan and your f-fellow villagers as well. B-be careful as she is a cruel seductress like no other...." They whispered as the breath fled from their bodies and they both fell limp in his arms, their bloodied handprint on his cheek from when they caressed him one last time.
       Still grieving, 14 year old Bhairyuu followed their instructions to the letter, despite being the only one survivor of his clan. He first cremated his parents and clan members on the funeral pyre and then left with his belongings, the left over money from the clan vault, the custom armor and weapon his parents had made for him, and the summoning contract for the hawks. He then began to travel the lands as a ronin, with the ultimate desire of one day re-establishing the fallen Hiigami clan and to wreak vengeance upon the missing-nin who killed his parents. Only time will tell if he will make his dream a reality.

Kekkei Genkai Description:
       The Taiyoushin no Me or the "Eye of the Sun God" is the unique doujutsu of the Hiigami Clan. It grants its bearer the ability to control light and manipulate it for various techniques. The principle behind the eye's ability is this:
       Once the bearer funnels his/her chakra into their eyes, the eyes apply a chakra form making them into EM waves which the eyes then let emanate outward in the form of a directed EM wave fields. The user can freely manipulate the EM field but only to control light. Light is made of photons which, like matter, are susceptible to influence by EM fields. The EM field applied to the photons can make them coalesce, make them fly apart, stretch or contract among other things. As a result the user can make the light trapped in his/her visual range behave the way they wish.
       There are stages that the user has to go through in order to achieve the full effect of the eye. These are as follows:
   E-Rank: Normal human eye. Doujutsu is not active.
   D-Rank: Doujutsu can now be activated. Upon activation, the pupil is now kaleidoscopic with red ring around it. The rest of the eye is the same.
   C-Rank: Now upon activation, along with the red ring, there are gold spokes radiating outward from the periphery of the pupil, reaching out till half way to the periphery of the eyes.
   B-rank: There are now along with the rest of the features above, one thin gold circle which encompasses the rest above.

   A-rank: Along with the rest above, the eye now has a red ring encompassing the rest of the structures above and has a thick golden red ring outside the red circle.

   S-rank: along with all the above, flame-like shapes in alternating gold and metallic bright red colors radiate out about 3 mm from the outermost ring.
   - Since the clan jutsu relies on the presence of light, the power and  range would be affected thus in the following environments:
          Bright Light (+1 tier Power, Range)
          Normal Light (no change in power and range)
          Reduced Light (- 1 tier in power and range)
          Darkness (-3 tiers in power and range

   - Hesitant (Element) : can only have 3 elements, third element unlocked at Jounin rank
    - Mighty special characteristic unavailable
    - Pharmacophobia: Medical ninjutsu have -1 tier efficacy when used on or by the clan member
    - Taijutsu techniques have their power -1 tier when used by clan member
   - Taijutsu techniques have +1 tier power when used against clan member
     - Hiigami Bhairyuu (current head and sole survivor of clan)
Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

    1. S-Rank
           Name: Light Release - Angel Blitz

    2. B-S Rank
           Light Release - Phantom

    3. C-Rank
           Fist of Light - Thousand Hands Strike

    4. D-rank
          Light Release - Photon Construct

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