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1 These Walls Need a Lil Paint [D-Rank Mission] on Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:24 am



Special Jounin
Sitting down in one of the corridors in the Administration Building, Suutei looked at his mission request form.
The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall.
Just a simple painting job. The most dangerous aspect is using the ladders to reach the undersides of the balconies.
Just make sure nothing gets into the wet paint before it dries and all will be fine.
Suutei frowned at the sheet of paper, crumpled it into a ball and threw it behind him off of the balcony and onto the ground below him.
"I'm always being given the dog jobs! When am I gonna get to have some action!?" He growled, swinging his fist the his left and punching the wooden rail. unfortunately there was a loose nail and he impaled his hand on it. His face shrunk into a prune like state as the tears began building up and a puff of steam emitted from his nose.
After coming back from the medical room, his hand healed and bandaged up he decided to get to work!

Suutei looked around for the paint bucket and paint brush but he couldn't find one. Strange He scratched his head and looked around harder. There was a small paint brush in the corner and some paint with it. Didn't look like it was going to do the whole area. He decided to go to the shops and get ready!
After spending what money he had left from lunch he came back with a large brush and a tub of paint. Thank god there was a sale on. Gotta love shopping sprees! He smirked.
Putting the tub on the ground and removing the seal, he dipped the brush into the paint and began slathering the red coat of paint onto the scabbing wall. The previous coat was starting to crust and fall off onto the floor. He sighed at the thought of having to clean right after this aswell. His job was not getting any easier.

After a while of painting Suutei took a step back and marveled at what he had done.
"Well done! You painted about as much as you could be bothered to! Now get your ass into gear and do some actual work! He complained to himself, running his hand down his face, forgetting that earlier on he had accidentally placed his hand on the wet paint. Now he looked like a complete twat. His face now had red paint smeared all down his face and at some points, on his clothes.
He got back to work and started painting the bottom part where the wall seemed to stick in a rectangular shape all along the wall to the end of the wall. His back began shooting short spurts of pain as he bent over. He could've made it easier and just lay on the floor and rolled along it to do it quicker but Suutei being him, always had to do it the hard way to prove himself. His back let out a sudden snapping noise. His face seemed to melt right off of his head as he crumpled into a quivering ball of pain.

After awhile of mindlessly crying like a child that he secretly is, it came to the point where he had to paint the wall at the top, along with the ceiling aswell. Oh joy(!)
Suutei wondered how to get up top seeing as though he couldn't find ladders. Apparently one of the other ninja needed it for the record room. It suddenly hit him that when he stacked the boxes of records he hadn't stacked them high. They were about arms length and then he knew that they had messed up his system already. In anger he gripped his brush tightly and threw it off of the wall, bouncing back and smacking him right in the mush. Recoiling back from the hit he staggered back and rested against the wet painted wall behind him. A blob of red paint slowly slid down Suutei's face. He now had to repaint the wall where the brush had hit AND where he had landed. A bruise began to form on his forehead along with a pulsing vein. Why does everything bad always happen to me? The frustration in his eyes said it all.

Suutei had finished painting over the mess ups he had done but nightfall was not far behind him so he picked up the pace! Twirling the brush into the air, the brush splattering small particles of paint around, he cracked his knuckles and grabbed the brush just as it fell in front of him.
He figured out that if he stood on the ceiling (concentrating his chakra to his feet of course) he could paint the rest of the wall! The tub of paint was running out but thankfully he still had the bucket of paint from before he came here. After finishing the wall and ceiling he punched his fist above him but he lost control of his chakra and plummeted into the tub of paint below, screaming as he fell he crash landed onto the tub of pain, it spilling all over the floor...the brush came down and smacked him right on the dome. Life wasn't about to get easier for poor Suutei. He cleaned up his mess with a mop and clothe and made his way to the Kage office (having knocked and being let in.) He walked straight up to the Kage, body completely covered in paint.
"Don't say a word...." He said with a tone of pain.



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