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((OOC: Warning lots of detailed gore in this post that isn't for the faint of heart. Enjoy >:3))

Clyde walked around slowly into the forest with evil coursing sharply through his veins. He licked his lips slowly while thinking of finally putting his plan in motion. He felt confident his other half with finally die out for good, and that he would be one step close to his dream. Intensity shown all over his face, and his blood lust was at its peak. Clyde could only think of  being covered in that sweet, crimson shower of blood. It brought great joy to him to think about it, and he cracked a devious smile.

As he walked through the forest, he went by a small pond of ducks, that were happily swimming around. He looked at the ducks with a blank stare, when suddenly, Clyde got a rather malicious idea, and his eyes widened. He reached to his back pocket, and pulled out one kunai. The kunai looked only slightly used, and was still rather shiny. Clyde looked at the ducks again, and slowly licked the kunai to the pointy tip of it. It wouldn't matter if just one was missing. Nobody would mind, would they? Clyde twirled the kunai studying the ducks more so. They look so pitiful. They spend all day in the pond doing nothing. They probably are begging for me to put them out of their misery. He stopped twirling his kunai, and grabbed the handle of it. Just one stab wouldn't do much harm, would it? 

Clyde reached behind his head, and grabbed his hood. He did a quick flick of the wrist, and his hood shot out over his head. He did a quick leap to the ducks, and swung out his arm to grab one. His hand grasped the mother's neck, and he smiled. All that shown was his horrible smile, and some parts of his lower face.
"Tag, I win..."

He pulled up the mother duck to his face, and saw her desperately struggling for her life. This brought great joy to Clyde, and a smile shown over his face. He slowly brought the kunai near the duck's throat, and slightly scrapped her throat. Her children looked over at all of this confused, and horrified. The mother duck struggled fiercely to escape. Clyde chuckled at the mother duck fighting for her life, and found it to be as amusing as a child getting candy. He pushed the kunai into her neck slowly, and blood drizzled out. Pure fear shined all over the duck's face. The pain and suffering made Clyde overjoyed. He took his time cutting through her neck, because a quick death would be no fun for him. 

The baby ducks had Clyde's and the mother's shadow going over them. They were all stuck in a daze staring at their mother losing life by the second. The mothers blood leaked into the pond they lived in, and made the pond redder, and redder by the second. The ducks could only stare at their mother in a confused daze. They had trouble thinking that, even for a second, there mother could die. 

The body of the duck started becoming slanted, and the dark red feathers showed all the suffering. Clyde continued taking it slow as the mom struggled for a single breath. He knew very well how to make a death gruesome from his medical history he shared with his other half. He had this death very well thought out, and made it very precise. The mother duck started choking on her own blood, and struggled harder to breath. She moved her body rapidly around causing her neck to tear more. She was slowly killing herself now!

Clyde stopped cutting, and put the bloody kunai away from her neck. He looked at the duck, and watched the show with a smile. The duck struggled hard, and made horrible sounds that suddenly came to a stop. The duck struggled too much, and made the cut Clyde made larger until it was too much. The duck's neck was unable to support the body dangling below. The duck's body tore off, and landed straight into the baby ducks. The baby ducks were pushed under water, and went into a frantic struggle to get above the water. Little by little, the ducks came up out of the now crimson pool, and just stared at the body. Clyde dropped the head into the pond, and walked away while putting his kunai in his pocket.
"That was fun."

Clyde jumped up to get on a tree branch, and missed. He slammed his head hard again the tree, and passed out. His limp body rested near the crimson duck pond.

Clyde woke up slowly, and slowly got adjusted to reality. He got up, and dusted of his robe. He quickly sprung up to a tree branch and made his way to the opening Clyde had trained at.

When he got there he started coughing. He opened his mouth out wide, and started choking horrible. He coughed hard, and something appeared in the back of his throat. He coughed harder, and a head was revealed. Soon, an entire body escaped his mouth, and fell to the floor. This looked identical to Clyde, and laid there on the ground.
"Lets fight to see who the real dominate half is."
Clyde go up to see himself in his cloak.
"You split us apart? I am going to finally escape from your evil reign."
Clyde got up, and looked at the darkness.
"You will die." They both said at once.
They both walked five meters away from each other, and stared down each other.
"3..,2..,1...,GO!" They both said in sync.
Clyde and his darkness both ran at each other, and pulled out kunai. They both went for an attack for the heart, and blocked each other.
"This might be difficult..."
Clyde said, and started weaving hand signs.
"Lightning Release: Wave of inspiration!"
Clyde launched lighting at the darkness.
"Water Release: Water Trumpet."
The darkness spit out water at a very high powered level at the lighting. The lightning conducted through the water, and was sent flying right back to Clyde.
"Damn it!"
Clyde quickly leaped away, but wasn't quick enough. It skimmed his back slightly, and he cried out. He got a huge first degree burn on his back. He looked at the darkness to see him laughing.
"Ha ha ha ha ha, I told you that you can't beat darkness. Darkness is strength. I am way stronger then you will ever be!"
Clyde scowled, and threw all of his senbon at the darkness. He then coated his hands in chakra, and went for a flank. The darkness looked at the senbon, and quickly went for a dodge. It was not enough. The senbon were thrown too quickly, and they were very spread out. The darkness took one in the shoulder, and cried out. Clyde came up behind the darkness, and tapped both of the darkness's calves.
"What are you doing?"

The darkness went to turn around, and fell flat on his face. Clyde took his kunai, and stabbed the darkness in the back at a fatal point.
"Too bad you had to die so easily."
Clyde walked over to a tree, and made a doppelganger which he put against a tree. The clone looked as if it was Clyde sitting down.

The darkness pulled out the kunai in his back, and threw it at the doppleganger. Clyde ran up behind the darkness, and went in for a stomp in the back of the head. The darkness, still on the ground, quickly rolls over with hands full of senbon. He throws all of them very quickly, and they all hit Clyde. Clyde falls over onto the senbon pushing them in more. He cried out, and started dragging himself over to the darkness.
"You just don't quit!" Clyde said grunting.
"I want you to die!" The darkness replied angrily.
"You are the one who shall die!"
Clyde rolls over, and pulls out his senbon slowly.
"Ouch this hurts horribly. You can tell me how it feels as soon I get to you!"
Clyde takes all the bloody needles off, and puts them on the ground. He gets up, and grabs all of them.

The darkness picks out the senbon in his shoulder, and begins to look at Clyde angrily.
"Take this you worthless pile of shit!"
He throws the senbon right into Clyde's thigh, and does a harsh laugh. He covers his hands in chakra, and crawl towards Clyde.
"Here I come!"

Clyde looked at the darkness angrily, and jumped back. He threw all his senbon directly at the darkness, and the darkness looked like a porcupine. The darkness pulled out a kunai, and threw it right at Clyde's chest. Clyde went for a dodge, but was too late. The kunai hit him in the side. He cried out, and pulled it out quickly. The darkness was too close though, and grabbed Clyde's ankles.
"You get your filthy hands off my ankles!"
Clyde suddenly feel over onto the darkness, and senbon dug into him. He looked over to see the darkness was screaming in pain. The two bleed heavily into each other. Clyde struggled to get up, and couldn't. The darkness breath heavily, and spit out blood from his mouth. Clyde smirked, and was breathing heavily. He used the last bit of strength he had, and lifted himself up off the ground. He slowly lifted himself off the spikes, and pushed himself onto his back next to the darkness.
"Jack.. go.. die!"
"Same for you Clyde."
Clyde and Jack both pass out at the same time next to each other. A wood ninja finds them, and drags them back to his house in the woods to heal them.

[Word Count: 1645]
Jutsu (a lot):

Name: Doppelganger Technique (影分身の術 ~ Bunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Clones can go up to 15 meters away from the user before dispersing.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: Clones last until dissipated or cancelled.
Cooldown: Five posts after all clones are dispersed.
Description: Using this technique, the user can create up to five intangible clones that appear physically identical to the user; these are created within 3 meters of the caster. The clones do not disturb the area around them, don't have shadows or body heat, and as such, in applicable situations, ninja can pick them out with varying difficulty. The clone has no physical form, and as such cannot attack. When any foreign presence passes through the clone, be it physical (a fist, a rock, a sword) or an opponent's jutsu, the clone will dissipate. It's mainly used to help mask the user, helping them attack an opponent who is superior at dodging. It costs 5 chakra to create clones.
Chakra Anesthetic:

Name: Chakra Anesthetic (チャクラ麻酔 ~ Chakura Masui)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 3 inches diameter within contact
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts (-5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: This jutsu acts as a numbing agent. The user coats his/her hands in chakra and then places them on a victim. The target area is numbed across a three-inch diameter centered around the user's palms. The numbness will only continue as deep as 3/4 of an inch into the flesh; wounds or surgical procedures that are any deeper into the numbed area will still receive the subsequent pain. Since the target area of the palms limits the jutsu, any further numbing will require multiple posts (still following a maximum 3 inches of numbed tissue per post). This may only be used for up to 3 posts.

Water Trumpet"
Name: Water Release: Water Trumpet (水遁・水喇叭 ~ Suiton: Mizurappa)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive | Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 12 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user must raises their hand to their mouth, giving them the appearance of playing a trumpet, as they spew a jet of water from their mouth with power equivalent to an industrial fire hose. The jet can be targeted at an opponent to disorient them for a moment and deal minor bruises, but its primary use is to combat other jutsu. By aiming the jet of water at a Katon technique of C-Rank or lower, any incoming offensive jutsu of D-Rank, or E-Rank projectiles, they may easily nullify the attack by putting out its flames or knocking it off-course; the jet of water will also be nullified in the process, limiting this to defending against one jutsu per use. Raiton jutsu cannot be defended against with this.

Wave of Inspiration:

Name: Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration (雷遁・感激波 ~ Raiton: Kangekiha)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 5m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user generates a large amount of lightning from their hands to attack foes. This small wave of lightning can only travel in a straight line and can only be fired from the user's hands, but can cover that 5m gap in one second. Anyone caught in the wave of lightning will receive small first and second degree electrical burns at random points throughout the body. Can also be applied through direct contact with the users hands rather than fired. Direct contact on any of the opponent's body's extremities will localize the burn/shock damage to that area, but will also slightly numb the body part slowing down its response time by 25% for 2 posts.

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Clyde woke up to see jack next to him on a bed. He quickly went to go get up to attack, but realized his body was trapped by wood surrounding him.
"Get me out Jack!"
"I didn't do this Clyde... your such an idiot sometimes..."
Clyde sighed, and looked around.
"I think someone healed us up. We should be fine to finish what we started."
Clyde looks over at Jack for awhile, and starts to remember the horrific past they had.

Clyde was in a pod looking out to see blurry, white figure standing over in the dark room. The figure was doing something on what seemed like the table. Everyone here calls it the table, and fears it horribly. He does stuff to us on the table that makes us not human anymore. The man turned around, and got some kind of gloves on. He walked over to my pod, and I started shaking and struggling. I want to escape this sick man so badly. All I want is to be free, and not be some kind of object. The struggling did nothing, and the scientist put me my pod on the table to study me. He started writing down things on a white object, then looked back at me. He looked at his notes angrily, and threw them up into the air. Papers went flying, and he kept doing that horrid scream. The scream is what scares us all. He usually kills us when he gets mad.

Clyde looks over to the see the man pick up his papers, and stop suddenly. He restudied a sheet of paper, and started jumping up and down. He started screaming out Yes over, and over again. He went up, and grabbed Clyde's pod and opened it up. He poured it out onto the table, and I laid there soaked looking back up to see him calling out more people. Clyde looked off into the distance in a daze. It all felt like some kind of dream. He looked over to see more people walk in who started weaving those horrible hand signs.

Clyde shuddered, and didn't want to remember anymore. He looked at Jack, and started really feeling bad for this kid.
"Hey Jack?"
"Do we really need to fight all the time? Why don't we just become one again?"
"We will never become one after what they did. If you wish not to fight, then come along with me and lets destroy konoha."
"I could never! That is where the..."
"I know, but that is the reason we must. We shall gather twelve people, and make the 13 pieces of hell."
Clyde sighed, and started second guessing the entire thing. Maybe Jack was right? Clyde looked over to the door, and saw a man walk in. He looked like a lumberjack.
"Howdy boys! You guys really beat the shit out of each other! I had to use some of that meedical nimominjutsu thing to heal you guys. You were both very close to death. I put you guys in wood, because you probably would try to kill each other again. I saw that mark on your belly buttons too..."
Jack and Clyde both looked at each other in anger and shock. They both suddenly got close to tears.
"I am sorry. I never meant to her your guys's feelings and junk. Was it something I said?"
Clyde started crying, and hid his face in his hands. Jack stared off into the distance holding back his tears with all his might.
"These things on our belly buttons are seals. They were put on to us as children. They mark us as being property to a scientist, and to each other. We are both two halves of one person. I broke the seal so I could kill Clyde. I never got rid of it though. I will be here forever to haunt us of those... days..."
Jack started crying remembering the pain. The lumberjack went to go get his glasses.

"Why does that piece of.... Have to know? Why? WHY? WHYYYYYY? He is going to look at this seal, and then how will we look? He will throw us away, because of the trash we are. We aren't human anymore, we are just a failed experiment a scientist couldn't throw away. We just have to live our life in this bottomless pit, and I am sick and tired of it."
Jack cried heavily, and Clyde looked at him and felt something. He felt love for Jack. He loved Jack like a brother.
"I will join you in the destruction of the village. We both need each other, and you know that as well as I do. Lets break this curse, and become who we really are."
"Agreed, but who will break a seal of this level?"
Jack and Clyde looked over at each other to see the lumberjack in a ninja outfit. He walked up to us, and smiled with his glasses on.
"I shall break you burden once, and for all!"

[Word Count: 849][Total Word Count: 2494]


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