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"Have you done what has been asked of you Zwei?"

Zwei knelt in the center of a room with his head lowered, assuming the traditional stance of allegiance. The room had been shrouded with an eerie blanket of darkness; however, there were a few torches lit that were positioned along stone pillars that created a hint of light. There was a man who sat in an elevated stone throne before Zwei. He was clad in a black cloak and his face was concealed by the shadow created from the ominous hood. The voice admitting from the shadows had originated from the man in the cloak and moments after he spoke to Zwei there was an uneasy silence between the two. Eventually Zwei lifted his head a bit to look into the direction of the man in the cloak:

"I've done what you've asked; I've silenced those who posed as a threat against you, I only request that our debt be settled. I wish to retire my blade and to spend the remainder of my stay in Iwakagure in peace."

Within the village Zwei had established himself as the village idiot; he was excessively nice, clumsy,  and above all else he was harmless. It was an illusion and far from the truth; however, he felt it would ultimately lead to a life of less stress and one where his blade wouldn't be relied upon any more. Needless to say the male in the cloak seemed relatively unamused by Zwei's reply. He placed his idle hands along the arm rest, clenching it as he pushed himself up. Piercing white Iris' illuminated from within the cloak as a piercing glare met Zwei's gaze. Zwei immediately reached up and clutched at his chest where his heart was, feeling a clenching sensation at his heart as the male stood from his throne.

"Are you giving me demands now?"

The male spoke as he approached Zwei whom had started heaving heavily, admitting a series of groans and painful grunts. It had seemed that the male in the cloak had ensnared Zwei in a jutsu effecting his heart.

"Zwei; I hope you haven't forgotten that it was I who allowed you to return to the village after so many years -- it would be a shame if the villagers found out the truth about you."

The male in the cloak had descended down the two large stone steps and stood before Zwei moments before releasing him from the jutsu. Zwei dropped both hands on the stone floor, panting heavily -- a thin layer of sweat glissaded his face. His breathing continued rather frantically; however he eventually regained his composure and begun to breath steadily. The man in the cloak shook his head from side to side as he looked down on Zwei:

"I'm in control here Zwei; not you, not that one who calls himself the Tsuichikage, it is me and me alone!" He paused for a moment, pacing about just before he added: "Akira has been a thorn in my side; his interference has crippled most of my operation -- I think it's time for you to meet the Tsuichikage and to see what he knows about our operation, and if you think about betraying me... Well, you already know what's at stake.""

Zwei gritted his teeth in frustration despising the entirety of this man. Despite the male's disguise; he was fully aware of who he was and what and his ultimate goal. The male within the cloak was a highly respected Politian within the city who was responsible for helping cleaning up the village as far as crime goes. Unfortunately he was also one of the larger kingpins in the village, but Zwei was forced into silence due to the fear of being exposed along with other things. Zwei clinched his fist, pressing it firmly against the stone paved floor below. He contemplated killing the male under several circumstances; however, killing the man wouldn't exactly eliminate the problem by any means and it could possibly create an even larger tragedy. Needless to say Zwei's next 'mission' was quite clear, it was only a matter of getting started.

With that said Zwei stood up and bowed respectfully to the male in the cloak; however, there was a massive hint of frustration shaping his profile. The male in the cloak snapped his fingers and with that the entire room begun to distort; the male in the cloak begun to dematerialize, after a while the room begun to alter and change into Zwei's living quarters. The entire dark room, the throne, the man in the cloak it was all genjutsu. Zwei hated how susceptive he was to it; Due to his years away from shinobi he hadn't really developed a defense against genjutsu and because of it he was quite vulnerable to it. Once the genjutsu had completely faded away; Zwei brought an idle hand to his head, ruffling up his red hair as he shook his head from side to side.

Zwei had returned to Iwakagure for several months and had even completed several missions in his return, but he hadn't met the new Tsuichikage once. An audible sigh of discontent hovered over his nimble lips as he exited his quarters and made his way to the Tsuichikage's sub prefecture of the village. Once he was outside he was immediately greeted by the sun's harsh rays as it passed against his skin. As he maneuvered his way through the populated crowd of Iwakagure his mind was troubled, yet he had a smile poised across his profile. His loyalty was to Iwakagure and when he had first arrived he found himself going after terrible people who caused strife to the village, yet the line of good and evil was already thin enough. The more people he silenced the more that line seem to have blurred. Before he knew it he found himself in front of the Tsuichikage tower. He begun to ascend up the several flights of stairs that spiraled around the entire structure. As he ascended the stairs he could see the images of the past Kages; the one that really caught his eyes the most was Akashi; his former sensei, and of course Kazu; his childhood friend.

Before he managed to slip into a trance of nostalgia he made his way towards a long hall way that lead to double doors, but before he could push the doors opened he was immediately halted by a beautiful young woman at her desk. "Zwei? I haven't seen you in a while -- what are you doing here?" The young woman inquired; Zwei glanced at her with a hint of confusion shrouding his profile, it had seemed as if this woman was familiar with him but he had no idea who she was. "Don't remember me? We were in Academy students together!" She explained; Zwei reclined his head to the side, while placing an idle hand behind his head to ruffle up his hair. A sheepish grin shaped his lips as he replied with: "Haha, yes I certainly do remember -- I'm sorry about that! Is the Tsuichikage here? " Zwei inquired as he glanced at his former class mate. She reviewed some of the notes she had scattered along the desk: "Well, yes I believe he is here, but I'm not seeing any appointments right now... Honestly Zwei, I've heard rumors about you being a goof, knowing you as a kid I thought it was all a hoax but it seems it is true after all." She stated, but after noticing Zwei's pathetic gaze she merely sighed and shook her head from side to side. "I'll see what I can do Zwei... Please hold... Wait here.. what are we going to do with you Zwei." She uttered as she stood up and made her way through the double doors... On the other side was the Tsuichikage of Iwakagure...

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