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OOC: Training Perception from Rank E -> D. 750 words required. WC: 812

IC: With a lot of giggles and hurry involved, a beautiful, yet clearly energetic girl seemingly around the same age as Yasu, kept dragging him along the busy, crowded streets of Kirigakure as she held his hand. Yasu had been dating this girl for... well, he didn't remember. She wasn't exactly the only one he had been dating, and quite honestly wasn't even that into her, aside from the fact that she did have breasts of a... considerable size. That seemed to be the only reason he was still putting up with her unpredictable behavior, as he could be seen with a clearly annoyed facial expression at how he had to be following her around like a puppy following his keeper. "Come on... you promised you'd tell me where we're going!" Yasu stated with a sigh, though with a light and casual tone. "We're almost there! I swear!" She replied, at which the boy rolled his eyes. This was definitely not what he was picturing when he planned passing the day with her, but nevertheless, he kept following her, having no choice in the matter. Unless he wanted to be straight out rude, something he didn't like to be with the fairer sex, due to his... principles.

Nevertheless, after a few more minutes, it finally seemed like the two were finally getting away from the mentioned busy and crowded streets, and into more empty ones. Then, all of a sudden, the girl stopped dead in her tracks in front of a small house, letting go of Yasu's hand. "Alright, now wait here for me!" She spoke, at which the boy rose an eyebrow and quickly replied, "Wow wow wow, hold on a second. Where are we?" As she was already making her way to the entrance, she glanced back over her shoulder. "Hehe, this is my house, silly! Don't you remember?" As a matter of fact, no, he did not recall this place that she so implied he had been inside before. Surely he could blame it on the Alcohol, or on other reasons. "I'm just gonna go change clothes real quick, and then we can head to the party! I'd let you in, but my daddy's inside, and you know how he isn't too fond of you! Hehe!" And with that, she went inside. The Genin couldn't help but further sigh at this, contributing to his general annoyance. All of this just to wait on the street for a million years? He knew she was going to take forever picking which similarly slutty outfit to wear, and all the while poor old Yasu was going to have to wait outside in the cold.

But then, his eyes captured something imperative, something that could possibly give him the chance to spend his time in a not so boring manner. As he glanced up, he saw that a window was slightly open in what was likely the girl's bedroom. His perverted mind quickly began to work, and an idea was immediately established.

As he walked towards a nearby tree, he neatly began to climb it, not even requiring the use of chakra to do so. Once on top of one of its branches, he focused his gaze on the window. It was relatively far away and was only slightly open, therefore it took some effort of Yasu's part. He squinted his eyes, and slightly moved his body to his right. There she was, already with her shirt removed and her bra visible, the boy immediately dropped his jaw in awe as he now was unable to move his gaze anywhere else. "Duuude... that is just so freaking Kawaii!!"

The spectacle was going pretty well, but it was then that the girl moved her arms up, signaling that she was about to take her bra off. With Yasu's now needless to say even more extremely focused gaze, he could not take his eyes off of her. Finally, as she began to remove the piece of clothing, and exposing her enormous and beautifully created breasts, the perverted watcher was hit a heavy nose bleed, blood pouring out of his nostrils as the branch he was seated on broke and fell off. At this, the alarmed girl was slowly finding out what was occurring, but that was Yasu's lesser problem, for slowly, a large, older, long bearded man revealed himself leaving the house. The girl's father, armed with two long, large Katanas, one in each hand, and visibly infuriated, screamed at the boy in anger, at which the latter took as his cue to leave and quickly initiated his fast escape. The elder, needless to say, also began to chase him away, quite so in an extremely hilarious manner. At least, to those not directly involved in it.

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