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1 Ryuujin's Training (Solo/No kill) on Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:57 pm



Ryuujin woke up after mid night for training, after all he couldn't be the best medic nin if he couldn't even protect himself. It was something his entire family preached and after seeing the way they totally kicked ass he was so eager to be like them. Starting with training.
He dressed himself in preparation with some weights and kunai that he had borrowed from his father. He strapped the weights onto his arms and legs and put the kunai in a pouch on his leg. He then headed to the kitchen, scrounging around for something to consume before heading out. He debated with himself for a while on whether to go with ham or bacon and decided to go with both. So with a plate full of fried bacon, ham, sliced bread and butter and a glass of apple juice he left. Or tried to but before he even reached the door he was attacked. An angry meow sounded in the previously quiet room and Ryuu gave a nervous chuckle. "Haha, no worries Kai I didn't forget about you. No I didn't. Not at all."
Kai, his Ninneko partner, shot him a disbelieving look then she looked back and forth from the door to him as if to see "Get on with it." Ryuujin sighed a bit and opened the door and they finally left for training.

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2 Re: Ryuujin's Training (Solo/No kill) on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:35 pm



Endurance/Strength Time E to D 750x2=1500

As Ryuujin headed out of Konoha to the Small South Forest he couldn't help but marvel at how peaceful the village seemed when nearly everyone was still fast asleep. It was also very cool and the atmosphere was simply calming. He considered himself lucky as no one would be in the forest at this time so he would be alone. With Kai, he quickly amended in his mind when she shot him a look. He wondered if she could read minds but quickly pushed that thought out of his mind when he realized that he had reached his destination. Though the forest was quiet compared to how it usually was during the late morning, Ryuujin could still hear some animals moving about and he stopped to taken in the sound of the nocturnal animals. Then he heard the hooting of an owl. He continued walking then paused again. The owl hooted. Ryuu decided that was approval of his actions and continued on his way.
When they reached a clearing at the centre of the forest Ryuu stopped in awe. He never got tired of this sight. It was a full moon tonight and the moonlight shining on the clearing was a beautiful sight to behold. Kai ignored it completely and immediately went over to lay under some trees and continued sleeping. Ryuu glanced at her, decided she would be alright then went to a spot a few metres away from her. He mentally went over his training schedule and what he would be focusing on, namely his endurance and strength. He checked his watch and noted the time. It was 1 o'clock in the morning and he decided that in approximately five hours he would end his training. First thing he did, before any physically activity, was to do some meditation. He sat down in the centre of the clearing with his feet folded beneath him and his eyes closed. He did so for ten minutes straight before he got up and started with some stretches as warm up for a few minutes before he got down to business.
Since he was already wearing his weights he decided a nice jog around the forest would start as a beginner. So he started jogging. He kept it up until he had run around the forest at least five times. He made it back to his starting point, rested some then jogged again. This time he jogged ten times around the forest still at the same speed from before.
Now for the second part of his training:push-ups. He made his way to the centre of the clearing got down on the ground and started. "1,2,3,4..." He counted right until he made it to one hundred. He flopped onto his back with a sigh and his chest heaving. By this time he was sweating like a hog and two hours weren't even up yet. He still had more to do and he sighed a bit. Then he went straight back to push-ups, counting this time to two hundred. When he was finished he took a rest stretching his muscles every now and again to cool down.
Eventually he was up and ready for to move on with another exercise. This time he was going move up and down trees using the Supernatural Walking technique. He allowed chakra pool to his feet then stopped. An idea had just popped into his head and he decided to try it. He was going to run up that tree on his hands. He did a hand stand, channeled chakra to his stands and, rather unsteadily, raced to the tree. At first he thought he had succeeded until he was blown off and he crashed into another tree on the other side of the clearing, his body forming a scorpion shape as he slid to the floor.. "Ouch. Dammit that hurt. Note to self don't try to run up trees on hands. Got it." He picked himself up, brushing dirt off and looked around him to ensure no one saw that embarrassing fail even as he knew that he was the only one around. He tried again for a second time. This time he channeled the chakra to his feet and once again was blown off. He started for a third time changing how much chakra he channeled into his feet. He stuck to the tree and made it half way before he fell off. By his seventh try he was able to walk the complete length of the tree. Ryuujin gave a shout of triumph, pumping his fist into the air and promptly fell off. But he was not deterred now that he knew he was able to do it after all and by his fifteenth try he was able to walk up and down the tree ten times before falling off. Eventually Ryuu got pored with his pace and decided to up it. He started off at a sprint a few feet away from the tree and ran at it poopling chakra to his feet and he ran up the tree. And ran back down. And up again. And down in this fashion. He continued in this fashion until he could run it up and down at least twenty times without falling.
When 6 o' clock came Ryuu had already completed another twenty jogs around the forest, another two hundred push-ups, twenty walks up and down the tree and twenty runs. He had suffered several falls but he had endured and though he was now bone tired he felt very accomplished. At some point in time Kai had awoken and watched him train until she got bored and fell asleep once more. Now he woke her up. "Come Kai. I'm finished and now I really needed a bath." She sniffed in his direction and meowed in agreement. Ryuujin chuckled a bit and then they left together.

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Ryuujin woke up really early once again for training. He had a blue bubble bath, put on a pair of shorts and a tan tank top and went to the kitchen to eat some food before his journey. He spent several minutes debating with himself on whether he should eat fried ham slices or fried chicken slices before he chose to eat both (as usual). With the fried ham and chicken slices came two slices of bread and butter and three glasses of grape juice. After he finished eating he settled back into his chair, rubbing his tummy and gave a contented sigh. Some time later he got up to leave for his journey. This time Kai did not bother to come but Mr. Whiskers came and they made their way outside.
No matter how many times he came out at this time, Ryuujin always marveled at how quiet and cool Konoha seemed. It was so very relaxing and he would never get tired of experiencing it. They made their way out to the forest where they eventually found Ryuu's training spot. Ryuu settled Mr. Whiskers on the ground, leaning him against a tree and then he settled himself next to his teddy and closed his eyes. He listened to the forest, listening to the nocturnal animals as they moved about. The hooting of an owl. The howling of some wolves. The rustling of the grass as a light breeze swept through the clearing. He stayed like this for a while before he got up. It was time he started his training.

He started of by doing some stretches before doing five jogs around the forest. When he was finished he was about to do several more but stopped. He had been focusing a lot on endurance and strength exercises but what about his speed and reaction time. This time he checked his watch. It was one twenty-one am. He nodded to himself and jogged around the forest at his usual pace. When he was done he checked the time again. It had taken him approximately 7 minutes to go around the entire forest. That wouldn't do at all. This time he set off at a run and by the time he made it back to his starting point he was panting. This time it took him five minutes. He gave himself a couple seconds of rest before he set off again this time pushing himself further. Three and a half minutes. He did several more runs around the forest before he deemed himself satisfied with what he had done. This time he had done twice the amount of laps than he had done for his last training.

For the next part of his training he took out a target board from Mr.Whiskers and placed it on a tree. Then he took out one kunai and placed himself seven feet away from a selected tree. He threw the kunai and it landed with a thud on the target board. On a closer look it had landed on one of the outer circles. Ryuu removed the kunai shaking his head in disappointment. Seventeen throws later Ryuu had managed to hit the bull's eye but he wasn't satisfied. He wouldn't be satisfied until he could hit the bull's eye consistently. Ten minutes later he had managed it. He could throw it and not miss. But that still wasn't good enough. He walked until he was fourteen feet away from the tree before he repeated his exercise. By the time one hour had passed he could hit the bull's eye thirty-five feet away from the tree. He made his way back the tree stopping seven feet away and took out two kunai. This time he three both. One missed completely while the other barely nicked the tree. Ryuujin refused to be deterred though and he repeated the exercise until both could hit the bull's eye. For whatever reason it was quicker to hit the bull's eye consistently than it had been before but he was not complaining. In two hours he could through a total of ten kunai and hit the bull's eye from fourty-two feet away.

the next step in his training was training to throw his kunai faster. He went back to having only one kunai and threw it t the target board seven feet away. He hit the bull's eye but he needed to be faster. So he threw again, his had a blur and completely missed. Picking up the kunai, e threw it continuously until he was hitting one of the circles on the board and finally the bull's eye. In thirty minutes he had three kunai and was hitting the bull's eye from twenty-one feet away at an increased speed. By four thirty-three he could go up to a total of ten kunai from forty feet away. His speed had increased by 7 metres per second.

Lastly he decided to try hitting the target while moving. He once again set himself seven feet away from the target with one kunai in hand. He ran throwing the kunai and it hit but on one of the outer circles. He did this continuously until he couldbe running from thirty-seven feet away throwing four kunai and hitting the bull's eye. Eventually after reaching at least ten kunai he started adding more moves. He was jumping, spinning and twirling. He gave a laugh. It felt so freeing and he was having so much fun. Needless to say he had missed more than he actually hit the target but he enjoyed himself.

Instead of ending in six hours like last time he ended in eight. By that time he could throw ten kunai from forty feet away while moving. He had also increased his speed exponentially. He wasn't the best and he couldn't beat a chunin much lest a jounin but he knew he could handle a genin. He could help himself in a fight. After that he had ran around the forest several times before doing several push-ups. By the time he was finished and ready to head back a he was sweating a lot and he was feeling very tired but he was happy. He made his way to Kr. Whiskers and made his way back home.

words: 1071
Total: 2295
Reaction Time- E ~> D 750/750
Speed- E ~> D 750/750
Endurance: E ~> D, 750/750
Left over: 45

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