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1 Guess who's back? [Training/Solo] on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:31 pm



OOC: Training Reaction Time from rank D-1 to D-3. Words required: 900. WC: 936

IC: With the Chuunin exams just a bare few days away, Yasu decided there was still some much needed training to do. He did not hesitate to dedicate the day to such a productive task, although... once he did so, he was not sure how exactly to do it. To most ninjas, merely heading to the training ground to target practice or exercise was amongst the regular choices, but... Yasu was not most ninjas. He had always opted for alternative ways to improve himself, ever since he was forced to live on the streets, and having realized that real survival will always do better than training in a safe and controlled environment. And speaking of the subject, the more crime-infested areas that he had spent an entire year making a living in were exactly where he was currently heading... for surely, he would be able to find a worthy fight there. Exactly what he was looking for.

So after a while, Yasu was already entering the poverty-struck parts of the city. They weren't anything too extraordinary, just the average for a poor neighborhood, yet it was still not a sight one was used to witness. Homeless people, trash spread around, and questionable businesses were all a common occurrence, but this nevertheless did not bother the Genin that much. He was already well aware that not everybody had the currency to live a wealthy live, and that those few had to do anything in order to survive. And besides... he was here, because he had a goal in mind. And it would surely not take long for an opportunity to present itself. It was getting dark and late, and such times like these were when most of the criminal crooks inhabited the streets more abundantly, often performing the dirty, corrupted activities they were so fond of doing for the sake of survival, fun, profit, or all combined. At one point in his life, the youngster had been grown used to seeing this, and attempt to do his best to stay out of trouble. He has learned the hard way, that doing so is more often than not the exact opposite of what one can possibly do.

A smile formed on Yasu's face; an old group of friends was just passing by, at which they met, talked, and caught up on with small chat. He had not seen them for a while, so he took a few minutes of his time to spend with them. He told them how he had managed to graduate out of the Academy, and that he was even to participate in the upcoming Chuunin Exams, the others needless to say surprised at how early he was attempting to move up in the world.

But then, suddenly, they all went quiet. As a group of thugs were passing by, Yasu's friends immediately moved out of the road as to make way for them, clearly intimidated. On the front of said group was a large man with a long beard. "Who are those?" Yasu asked casually, arching an eyebrow. "You better keep out of their way. Ever since they took up a large part of the Opium trade, they've been growing a lot in power around these parts."

At this, the Genin merely chuckled, before moving away in the direction of the group, much to his friends surprise. "Hey, you!" He fearlessly addressed the gang. The large man in the front, clearly the leader, turned around, focusing his attention on the provoker. "Behind every fat crook, there is hope." "Wha-..." The thug asked, clearly becoming more and more hostile towards Yasu by the second, the latter smirking confidently. The two stared at each other for a while, before the Genin finally spoke. "No seriously, get out of the way."

The man, at this point, lost his nerve, and swung a powerful right hook towards Yasu. The latter quickly moved to his left as he raised his arm, narrowly blocking the hit before stepping back. "Woah there, big guy! I'm not your wife!" He further taunted, at which the attacker's frustration continued to grow. This was his plan all along, he wanted for the man to attack with as much fury as possible, so that he could train his skills at dodging as best as he could. So without too much of an hesitation, the attacker once again rushed towards the youngster, sending a barrage of punches towards him, at which Yasu attempted to dodge as much as possible. At first, a hit or two managed to land, although it took merely moments before the Genin began to adapt to the combat at hand, and notice the patterns in the thug's attacks. This went on for a while, with Yasu holding himself back as to not throw any counter-attacks, and develop his reflexes.

Finally, after he believed he had accomplished quite a rather improvement, he sent his knee up to the man's groin, followed by a powerful punch to his jaw. The thug fell square on the ground. The remaining members of the group stood there in awe and surprise, staring at the sudden Genin who had out of nowhere just knocked out their head honcho in the most daring and fearless manner they'd ever seen. Would they allow fear to take over and prevent them from taking action? Or would they rush towards the attacker with the same eagerness as their leader attempted to do?

2 Re: Guess who's back? [Training/Solo] on Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:02 pm



OOC: Training Speed from rank D to D-2. Words required: 725. WC: 915

IC: Yasu shaked his right hand briefly after the punch, seemingly having hurt it slightly due to the hard impact. With a light chuckle, he shifted his gaze at the rest of the group, awaiting their reaction. He was fairly confident that they would become hostile towards him, having such an advantage in numbers. Plus, they were in their "territory", or so they believed, and that was just further aid towards their confidence. But then again, they did not know who Yasu was, or if they did, they did not know him as well as they would like too. And he did just knock their boss down in front of them with not a single expression of fear having become visible. There was a chance he'd have to be the one to chase after them for a fight.

But much to the contrary, they did seem to be choosing the former option, for it did not take soon before one men in the front to scream angrily and obnoxiously at Yasu, and requesting the aid of his comrades to teach him a good old fashioned lesson. Even fewer moments afterwards, and the group began rushing towards the Genin, at which the latter smirked, and began running towards the middle of the attackers as well. There were a lot of them, far too many to gang up on just one guy, but so far Yasu was doing great. The plan was more or less the same as before; focus on his own speed, make sure to train it and improve it in combat, and refrain from sending too many blows. He did not want this "training session" to end too early. Sidestepping, dodging, running between his attackers, all of these tactics and more were employed by him in order to both survive the encounter and make himself a little more fast for the upcoming Chuunin Exams. Regardless of all of this, though, Yasu couldn't help but start to get swarmed by the massive number of attackers. Without losing focus on his own speed tactics, he began to distribute a hit here and there, slowly but eventually beginning to knock one thug and another down.

However, even as he kept this up, the clear numerical disadvantage was still a fact far too prominent. As he noticed that a far too big number of hits were beginning to pass through his defenses, Yasu realized there was only one further way for him to opt; the way out. This was definitely not characteristic of him, but he figured a good chase would further improve his agility and speed; otherwise, he would have kept fighting. Regardless, with only a light chuckle, he turned around and jumped over an opponent, beginning his run in the direction opposite of the group. The thugs, clearly noticing this, began to chase after the youngster, at which the latter further smirked, shaking his head at the sheer stupidity of these so called "devoted criminals". He did have to give it to them though; they were rather slightly more agile and prepared than your average street punk. As Yasu climbed over walls and jumped from building to building, so did his attackers, although it seemed that with every jump or turn, one of the group would apparently outright fail at the action and be forced to abandon the chase, therefore the number of thugs were beginning to slowly diminish, one after another.

Needless to say, all of this action was preparing Yasu's legs in a rather notable way. He recalled some passerby that witnessed the scene calling their actions by a specific name... something like, "Parking-tour", or... anything similar to that. Yasu simply could not remember, but something told him that it was not the first time he had heard such a term, or, well, at least the correct one. He did find the entire chase rather stylish and cool, something that, given his characteristic showoff attitude, was proving perfect for him. However, after some time of chase, Yasu found himself on top of a rather higher than usual building, with the following being way too far for comfort. Most normal people would be intimidated by the long jump and give up from doing it, though... Yasu just straight out chuckled, ran as fast as he could towards the edge of the building, and jumped. As he was in the air, neither he nor his followers had any idea if he would be able to survive the attempt. For a moment, the Genin remembered slight pieces of his life, such as when he lived on the street, the first time he found his inner talent for Genjutsu, and, quite more peculiarly and recently, when he met Nozomi, the blonde, cute girl at the training grounds. He had no idea why, but he couldn't deny it. If he survived, he would want to see her again.

After what seemed an eternity, though, his feet finally connected to the building's rooftop, his body rolling as to prevent injury. As he stood up briefly, he checked himself, making sure he was intact; after which, he was quickly certain he was. He glanced back, the chasers had all stopped dead in their track, not even attempting to do the jump, but merely staring at Yasu as if he was some crazy lunatic for having done it. After chuckling, the Genin raised his right hand and made a "peace" sign, before turning around and leaving calmly.

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