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Mission name: Patrol
Mission rank: D
Objective: Scout around the village
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: Your job is to scout around the village to make sure the area is secure. Lately their has been some issues with people stealing and and causing problems around the village. If anyone starts any problems, report it to higher ranking shinobi.
OOC: Used to train up Endurance. 1 Free Stat Tier instead of Ryo reward.

A mission. Nozomi had been quite bored with herself, so she figured it would be best to simply take up a mission, one of the many that were available to the Shinobi and Kunoichi. After all, everyone had their duty to do, and even the simplest of missions were necessary to allow for a sturdy village. So of course she was going to do the simple thing and take on any mission she could. She walked around, looking for any suspicious activity. To be honest, there wasn't all that much going on this particular day. She knew that there were occasionally some thieves or thugs that liked to cause problems, but she hadn't seen any on this day. It was drawing close to the end of her patrol, and it had been completely silent. Perhaps she'd make the entire patrol without any sort of incidents happening that day. After all, not every day had someone breaking the law or doing something suspicious.

Sighing, Nozomi continued her rounds, walking through the crowd of people in the streets. The city always had quite a few people trafficking through it, especially at this time, when people were getting ready to close shop. It was just the time that everyone headed home, but it was also the time when places were most vulnerable. Nozomi enjoyed the night shift, since there was never much traffic, and she could see everything better. During the day there were just too many people to keep an eye on things, and some thieves were good enough to fool the shop owners into not noticing something was missing, so it was up to the Kunoichi to figure it out. Her eyes were pretty perceptive, and she saw a lot that the average person missed. Not only that, but she could see pretty well in the low light of the night, so when it drew closer to night, she didn't really see much less. In fact, with her low light vision being so well, and without the crowded streets, unless it was pitch black, Nozomi could see much better.

And soon enough, the darkness set in, and Nozomi's eyes adjusted rather quickly to the dim lights. She continued walking her patrol route, and froze as she heard the sound of glass breaking. Immediately alert, Nozomi leapt into the shadows. She was now watching carefully, looking towards the direction that the sound came from. It wasn't too far away, only a block ahead, and around the corner. Sneaking forward, Nozomi listened again and soon heard voices. They were those of some older gentleman, maybe around 30's or so. And when she peered around the corner, she saw some people standing watch near the store. They'd obviously been rather organized, and were attempting to rob the place of everything it had. Nozomi's heart skipped a little beat. However, she had a duty to do. Not to fight them, or stop them, but to report it to higher authorities.

Her chakra surged a little bit, pooling into her hands as she watched for a few seconds, before her better judgement started kicking in. She'd actually contemplated going after them on her own. But she didn't know enough. They could be far too much for her to handle, and she'd end up dead or worse, while they get away. No, she had to go and report it. So stepping away, Nozomi dashed off towards the nearest higher authority and told them what she'd seen. After being relieved of her duties for the night, Nozomi went back to the store. There was a lot of blood on the ground, but no bodies to be seen.

WC: 609/600
OOC: Leaving thread


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