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1 Escorting or Babysitting? [C-Rank Mission] on Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:56 pm



Special Jounin
Suutei woke up with a jolt due to a sudden burst of lightning in the sky. It was the day after Suutei helped move files to the construction site and the sky was just starting to clear up after that last bolt of lightning. "GOD DAMN MOTHER NATURE!!
Suutei thought to himself. Despite being woken up so abruptly, a messenger ran by and gave Suutei a message from the Kage, and it read: Suutei, thank you for moving those files for us, now its time to reward you with a C ranked mission. I want you to escort a band of metal merchants from the border with the Grass country to the main gates, where they will be handed off to their in-village escort team. Of course you will need to make your way to the border first, but i should also warn you of a guy named Tanama Housuki, his appearance does not exactly keep him safe from enemy ninja, but he will tend talk your ear off, so try not to hurt him. From, Your Kage.

"Huh, at least its a better mission, though I'm pretty sure that after this is over ill end up doing at least three more missions for easy money... Anyways, i better get going soon its gonna take a half a day trip to the borders by myself, and the quicker i get this over, the quicker i get paid." Suutei thought to himself.

Before leaving, Suutei went and got a fresh new pair of cloths, and got some food. He then walked through the town and to the main gates and headed out. Since the danger risk was not too high, Suutei decided to travel by tree. He jumped up onto a lower branch and started sprinting through the forest.  Since their was nothing else to do while running among the trees, Suutei started to pay attention of how beautiful and green the forest is. He also took note of the sun, and how the day finally cleared up. Since Suutei was only a Genin, his speed was not as fast as a Sannin was, but since he was fond of taijutsu, his speed was a bit faster then that of a normal Genin.
"Finally the forest ends." Suutei thought, though he knew that he was only half way through his journey, so he would have to finish it on foot, though he did make really good timing.
Suutei then started to sprint, as if he was training his speed and endurance. When Suutei reached the 3/4 of the way milestone, he began to walk, and reached into his pocket and took out a piece of candy and began unwrapping it. He then held it up to his mouth and popped it in, the sour taste electrifying his taste buds.
"I mine as well enjoy it while i can since ill be accompanying this group on the way home." Suutei thought.
Shortly after finishing his candy Suutei reach the border of the grass.

"That must be Tanama. Hey, Tanama, i will be the ninja escorting you guys." Suutei said.

"A single ninja they sent us, agh well, lets go, i want food! said Tanama in a very annoying voice.
And with that, Just after Suutei arrived, he leaves for the village as an escort.

The beginning of the journey was very annoying for Suutei for Tanama would not shut up. But like the Kage said, he learned how to block him off. Instead of listening to the annoying man, Suutei began strategizing the best route to take once they approached the forest, for if anyone would attack, that would be the place of attack. He decided that they would go through the forest on foot, but Suutei would travel in the brush so that he could surprise the enemy in case of an attack.

"Because, you are annoying the hell out of me, and i still have to deal with you for another day and a half, so save us both by shutting the hell up." Replied Suutei very annoyed. After that, Tanama really did not say much more, and that made Suutei happy. The journey thankfully was not a hot one, and Suutei atleast had his Cigars to keep him occupied.

When the sun went down after day 1, Suutei let the group set up camp, but decided he would keep watch instead of sleeping, besides, he did sleep for a bit on his way to the border anyways. The night was silent for the most part, except for a wolf that came dangerously close to the camp, and so stealthly Suutei sneaked up behind it and snapped its neck with a very quick and swift movement. At sunrise, Suutei woke everyone up and had them walking again withing minutes, for naturally Suutei was ready to get home and eat.

When they reached the beginning of the forest, Suutei knew they were almost at the gates, but this was the tricky part.
" You guys continue on the path, I will be very close, so dont worry about anything" Suutei said.
About 15 minutes into the forest, 2 bandits jumped out of a bush and blocked the path of of tanama and his group.

" Give us your money and cloths" The bandits said.

Little did they know, Suutei was already behind them, and so he tapped both of their solders so that they would turn around to face them. And as soon as they did, Suutei knocked them both out with 2 punches to their faces.
"Ok, Keep on walking, we are almost there." Suutei said.

Of course, Tanama was talking his ass off the whole time, but Suutei pretended he was listening to every word he said.
Finally they reached the gates and Suutei left Tanama to their elite escorts and headed directly to the ramin shop. After eating, and a very long day, Suutei headed to his tree and went to sleep knowing that he had successfully completed his first semi dangerous mission.

Word Count: 1017


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