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Special Jounin
For the first time in a while, Suutei woke up with a fierce desire.  The weird part about it?  He couldn't place what it was. It was the strangest thing to Suutei. He didn't dwell on it to much though. He needed to get started with his day. He wanted to get a good look around the town, because in just a few short days, he would receive word on the location of the Chunnin Exams and would need to travel soon. He really didn't know how long he would be in there. A day, to maybe weeks. Suutei had studied the basic survival needs and was well adept at combat.  He could find food if he needed to and would bring along plenty of water with him on that day, and he could use his wind to some form of an advantage. He was sure of that. Yet something troubled him. The other Genin that would be there, it seemed as though they had much more time to train and be ready for this then he was. He hadn't been a Genin for that long. He felt himself starting to get worked up, so he pulled out his camera and began tinkering with it to calm his nerves. Another strange thing. Suutei was actually feeling a bit of fear that he would not pass. He started to think of ways to be able to stand up to the competition. It wouldn't be easy in the slightest, but he had to try. On his walk, he thought about weapons he could buy. He ruled that out because he had no money for the one he wanted. He thought about studying, but Suutei just couldn't bring himself to do it. Sometimes he annoyed himself quite a bit. He ended up walking to the top of the Hokage mountain and felt a strong breeze roll through brushing his skin. Feeling a bit daring today, he sat on the edge of the rail, tinkering with his camera calming himself.  The time he tinkered with the camera he didn't keep track of how long he sat there until he felt a powerful gust hit him. With that gust came the reason why he woke up with the burning desire. If he wanted to stand a fair chance, he needed one more jutsu. A standout signature Katon technique, so great not even Keigo could copy it.

Suutei came rushed back to the mountain with a good assortment of food and water from his house. He didn't know how long he would be up here, and he figured he would need nourishment through this. If he guess right, he would need to be able to utilize the jutsu to its utmost potential. Not only that, he needed to send it at a target no less. He drew a Kunai and twirled it in his hands, never really having a need to pull it.  He tossed it up in the air a bit and caught it by the handle to try and get a feel for the weight of it. He needed to know as much as he could while training himself. It didn't take long for Suutei to focus his chakra through his lungs on a nearby rock, he didn't specialize in Ninjutsu for nothing. This part wasn't that hard. So he needed to step it up a notch. He looked around for a larger rock, or something to take a few shots at. Again, this didn't take long. He found the perfect boulder and shot more fireballs at it a few times. Once on the right, then the left. He practiced feinting and then went for a more powerful shot. By the time he was done, the rock had plenty of marks that showed heating. Once again, this was the easy part. He decided to sit cross legged and closed his eyes. With him not moving, he could clearly hear everything around him. The whistle of the wind, grass and leaves rustling, and could feel the sun beating down on him. It really was calming. Just what he needed to focus his chakra correctly. He imagined himself controlling his chakra and telling it were to go. He focused on his feet, and with a bit of work, he was able to feel it in his feet. This repeated itself a few times for different parts of his body. Hands, feet, legs, and a few other places he could think of. He did it until he could quickly, and safely, get the chakra where he needed it. He rewarded himself with a little bit of food and some water, He didn't dwell on that for to long though. He needed to get the last step done which, quite frankly, was the hardest. He needed to destroy the boulder with the technique.

He faced the same rock he had duked it out with a few hours ago and drew his chakra through his lungs. He concentrated for a moment to get the right amount of chakra built up. Then he focused on the wind. Where was the wind blowing? How fast, and which angle would he have to fire his shot? A little unfortunate for him, the wind was blowing at him, and wasn't going to fast. The good part was that he wouldn't need to worry so much on the angle. If he ever wanted to do this away from a windy day though, he needed to be able to maintain a technique, resistant to the wind. Not only that but in a way, it would only make it easier. He figured out everything he needed to, and inhaled deeply. Suutei was sure that he had the right amount of chakra build up, he could feel it. He felt the wind grace across his cheeks, and then he released the fireball but it quickly died. He didn't take this as defeat though. He started to put more focus into his mouth and throat now.. Once more shooting with the fireball and he felt a tingling in his sensation in his throat and his mouth beginning to burn. He expected to he would begin breathing fire out to the rock, but it didn't fly farther then a few feet. He wasn't mad at all though. He was able to get the chakra out! All he had to do was practice getting it further out. Which meant applying more chakra, but maybe in a smaller area ad make it more destructive.

He had to stop a few times to eat and drink water, but he didn't stop. It wasn't until sundown when he really had a break through. Suutei was panting hard, and his lungs were in severe pain. He felt he didn't have many more shots to get it right. If he pushed it to much, his lungs may give out.  They hurt that bad. He was desperate. He really tried hard, and concentrated one final time. He had to make this work! He inhaled deep and slowly, and decided to shoot four times in succession. He could feel a strong tingle, but he wasn't sure if that was the jutsu working, or the pain in his lungs and throat. A positive sound was heard though, as the four shoots hit the.  He opened his eyes and jumped for joy after a few seconds of shock. The boulder had a lot of cracks on it! Suutei had done it! After his jumping for joy, he collapsed on the ground panting heavily. His body felt like cement, and he doubted he could make it back to his home. He didn't care though. He'd done it. He had accomplished training a jutsu. He didn't celebrate long though, because his body told him to sleep. He didn't object. As tired as he felt, he might sleep until the exam morning. He wouldn't mind it one bit.  Building a fire, and rolling out his sleeping bag Suutei laid there staring at the wonderful stars.

Word Count: 185/1360
Training: 1175/1175 Strength D -> D-3 ✔️


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