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Heiwa wandered around the village all alone humming a tune he had heard awhile ago. He was awfully energetic today, because he was going to try to get a job again. Heiwa had been turned down many times, but he never let that get him down. He is very upbeat, and has a flow almost nothing can end. Today was perfect. He hadn't killed anyone since the village, so he felt he was doing very well. Heiwa really liked this village a lot. It was worth the travel!

Heiwa saw a girl walk over to a candy stand that had no candy. He frowned, and stared at her.
"Guess we will have to check back in a week or two for your lollip.."
The girl stopped crying, and just stared at Heiwa oddly. The mother just stared very confused.
"Lets go sweetie."
"Yea. I think I can wait..."
Heiwa ran up to the little girl, and made a large lollipop appear in her hand.
"I can make food appear with my jutsu. I am a ninja!"
The girl looked at the large lollipop, and so did the mom. They were very confused, and slightly creeped out. The Mom had ideas to get rid of it at once, but saw the head band Heiwa was wearing.
"Thank you. Where did you get that from?"
"I made it out of thin air. Like this!"
Heiwa made a small slice of a rich dark chocolate cake, and gave it to her on a plate.
"Thank you! I love this kind of stuff."
Heiwa made a fork appear on the plate as well, and noticed he just use a load of chakra.
"Say thank you honey." The mom said looking at her child.
"Thank you!"

The mother, and daughter walked off enjoying their food. Heiwa just smiled, and walked around the village more. He was still humming that tune.

He went by a few ninja training their archery skills, and smiled. That reminded him that his bow broke awhile ago. He should go get a new one soon. He felt his pockets, and shrugged. I think I have enough. Heiwa ran over to the weapon shop with a smile. He really did like buying things.

He gets there all happy with his money in hand. He was breathing heavily, but was happy to get a bow.
"I would like to a get a bow please."
"Sorry a couple a boys bought all of them awhile ago."
Heiwa notices a "Help Wanted" sign, and his eyes widen.
"Are you guys hiring?"
"Yes here is an application."
Heiwa noticed a hidden blade under his sleeve slightly show for a second or two.
"Why do you have a hidden blade under your sleeve?"
The man quickly glared at him, and pulled down his sleeve.
"You are hired."
"If you can spot things like that so easily, then you are hired. Here is your uniform, and you work right now. I am going to go on lunch break in a bit, so I will try to cover as much as possible."
The man explained everything about the shop, and how everything runs.
"Thank you for the job!"
"Your welcome. I am going to go get some lunch for a few hours. Make sure you go by what I said!"
Heiwa at their in a stool, and looked at all the kunai and weapons. They were all so shiny! He thought to himself, and started polishing them all.

A group of new genin came in all excited.
"How may I help you?"
"We would like eight kunai, twelve senbon, and six suriken please."
Heiwa walked around the shop counting out all of those, and put them all on the table.
"How will you pay for this?"
They all looked at each other, and smiled.
"3, 2, 1!"
They all jumped into the weapon shop at once with the weapons. Heiwa sighed, and jumped out of the shop. He filled the entire shop with gealitin, and looked at the kids struggling in it.
"Have you guys learned your lesson?"
Heiwa heard muffled screams, and dug into the gelatin. He pulled each one of the kids out, and glared at them.
"We are sorry. We just wanted to get some weapons, because we are new genin."
Heiwa laughed, and handed them the weapons.
"New genin get starting weapons free."
They all looked at each other, then laughed hard. Heiwa laughed hard with them, and the laughing soon subsided. The kids walked away happily, and Heiwa cleaned the shop. He then polished all the weapons again, and made a small stand next to the weapons store. The stand said "Free gelatin!, and had a big plate of gelatin with a lot of spoons around it.

Heiwa was very proud, and the weapon shop owner came back to see the gelatin, and the smell of it over all the weapons and the shop.
"Heiwa, you are fired."
"Okay! Do I get paid for how much hours I worked?"
He threw a wad of cash at Heiwa, and he caught it.
"Thank you!"
Heiwa walked away humming again, and bought a bunch of new clothes. They were mostly scarves, and they cost all the money the man gave him.

Heiwa walked out with the same clothes except for a bright orange scarf with sunflowers over it. He smiled happily looking at the clothes. He went back to his small house, and put all of them into his closet.
"Hmm what should I do now?"
He remembered that today was free balloon day, and started smiling happily. He walked out of his house humming still the same exact tune from earlier.

Heiwa made it to the free balloon stand, and took all the balloons he could. The balloon salesman was already closing so why would it matter to him. There was nobody in line, so why the heck not.

Heiwa tied all the balloons to him, and rose slightly off the ground. It was about 100 balloons, and supported a little more then his weight. He was only a foot off the ground, but he didn't care. He got an fan out, and started blowing himself around very slightly. He was moving about a meter for every minute. Nobody really gave him any strange looks, because they were all very used to him acting this way. 

He eventually got bored, and set all the balloons free. He fell back to the ground onto his feet, and smiled. He was having a pretty good day today.

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