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Takeshii stood in the middle of a lightly wooded area, the time was early morning, and he had just finished setting up some targets. On his back he had with him two family scrolls, which his father lent him with the condition of return, and not coming home until he had mastered the techniques within. A light breeze rustled the leaves in the upper canopy, while below that thin layer was calm. It was as if Takeshii was in his own secluded world, seperated from the world around him. He had made a vow not leave this place until the techniques handed to him were mastered.

Around him were a number of straw targets, some hidden in the trees, some at ground level. Some were hidden behind rocks, some were behind trees. His goal would be to learn the techniques offered in the scrolls to take out all 13 targets. With a breath he pulled out the first scroll and laid it on a flat rock. On the outside of the scroll it read 'The Art of the Bending Ring-Blade' in Kanji. Within it had two techniques, the Boomerang Toss or Returning Throw, and the Curving Toss or Bending Throw. It showed a method of combining these two techniques to create a more advanced technique called a Circle Throw, where the projectile curves as to return to the user. Each technique had a set of images, below which had instructions relating to the image, in a very straight forward instructional manner.

Takeshii started with the boomerang toss, he looked at the images and pulled out a Large sized Chakram about 12 inches in diameter. The image showed the hand position, a standard disk hold, with your second to fourth finger on the bottom, the thumb on top, and the index finger along the blade. The second image showed the throw, while the third showed how to flick your hand in order to create the back spin by pulling back very quickly during the throw. The fourth and fifth image showed the trajectory of the chakram flying forward, and than returning at a lower altidude.

"Ok, so I have to throw a little higher than the height I want it to return at. I think I get it."

He gripped his chakram as depicted, and threw it gently but pulled back hard. The back spin generated caused the chakram to halt in the air after about 3 m and return very quickly. Takeshii twisted to allow the chakram to pass him by as he reached out and caught it.

"Ok, so that's the basics. Let's see if there's any tips."

He read the manual, and saw that it stated that he should use chakra when creating the backspin, so that the technique could be used in combat more effectively.

"Ok let's try that."

He gripped the chakram again, this time flowing a little bit of chakra into his index finger. As he threw the chakram he would release the chakra as he pulled back creating a much greater back spin. This time the chakram flew around 15m before returning.

"Awesome, I think I got it."

With the last throw he went all out, and the chakram flew around 25m before returning at only a slightly lower trajectory.

"Ok, next... the curving toss."

The image for the curving toss showed the same hand position as the boomerang grip. It showed both a standard toss with a curve, and a forehand toss with a curve. The trick it said was to angle your throw the direction you wanted the disk to curve towards.

Takeshii gripped his chakram as depicted and threw backhand angling his toss and whipping his hand back to create extra back spin and as it spun through the air it curved opposite to the direction it was thrown. He retreived the chakram and tossed forehand. Just as the image showed, the chakram curved again opposite to the direction it was thrown.

"Cool, that was easy. Let's see what else it says."

Upon further reading Takeshii took note that the more back spin you give the projectile the more curve is given. Thus if thrown properly with as much back spin as is given to the boomerang toss, you can combine both techniques into a circle toss, which returns to the user after thrown.

Takeshii gripped his chakram flowed some chakra into his index finger, and let it rip, curving his toss to the left and throwing wide while pulling back hard with his chakra. Sure enough it curved greatly and spun through the trees, before returning to Takeshii, albeit a little further behind, so Takeshii had to lean back in order to catch it. His second attempt led it to his front so he had to reach out a little to catch it. However the third toss was perfect, returning exactly to Takeshii.

Takeshii looked out to the targets, and considered his options. The challenge was to execute all thirteen targets in only three tosses. He released his Hawk Eye technique and surveyed the targets, thinking of exactly how he would throw each toss. He took out his second large Chakram, and closed his eyes invisioning his targets.

8 seemed to be lined up perfectly for a circle toss, 3 lined up pretty well for a curving toss, and two lined up well for a boomerang toss. He considered the exact trajectory, and using his hawk eyes enhanced kinesthetic and spatial awareness practiced the movements of each toss. First the circle toss, than the curved toss, which would be thrown in time to catch the circle toss, and finally the boomerang toss which would return at an angle to catch the last target hiding behind a rock.

He took a deep breath and let the first chakram go, a circle toss which flew through the woods and hit 8 targets, his second throw was a left handed curving toss which hit three targets thrown just as his right hand caught the circle toss behind his back. Finally a boomerang toss which hit a target hidden in the trees and returned at a lowering altitude striking a target behind cover.

"YES!" Takeshii exclaimed before rushing to retrieve his two chakram.

[Boomerang Toss & Curving Toss 1042/500 with Hawk Eyes passive 50% Weapon and Taijutsu discount]


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The following day after a good rest, Takeshii got to work on the second scroll. On the outside of the scroll read 'The Art of the Lightning Ring-Blade' in Kanji. Inside was a description of a Lightning Chakram. The more chakra poured into it the larger it could manifest. By splitting the technique you could create two chakram of half the size of the original. The first part of the seal explained the hand seals used and how to mold ones chakra in order to use the technique. First one forms the Bird, than Hare, then Dragon seal and charges raiton chakra into their hands, than once they've gathered the desired amount of chakra they form the Dog seal and mold the chakra into the form of a ring than condense the chakra in order to complete the form. It warns that if the chakra is NOT condensed than the drain from the technique will rapidly deplete one's reservoirs. Also, should the seals be formed improperly than the technique may backlash.

Takeshii sat on a smaller rock next to his stone table, and began his most intense training yet.

"Ok, Bird..." Takeshii said to himself, linking his index finger and thumbs together and placing his second, third, and fourth fingers tip to tip forming the bird seal.

"Hare..." Takeshii continued to himself, extending the index finger and thumb of his right hand and the pinky of his left and over lapped his pinky over his index finger forming the hare seal.

"And Dragon..." Takeshii followed, lacing the first, second, and third fingers of both hands while touching the tips of his fourth fingers and thumbs, forming the dragon seal.

"Mold chakra... and than form the Dog Seal and condense." Takeshii noted, and channeling a small amount of raiton into his hands, than placing his left hand flat over his right hand forming the dog seal and released the chakra causing sparks to come out of his hand in a small arc that resembled a ring. However it was short lived, and quickly dispersed.

"Ok... Bird, Hare, Dragon!" Takeshii exclaimed forming the seals as he poured about a D-rank of raiton chakra into his hands.

"Dog... Lightning Release: Lightning Ring-Blade!" He said, as he concentrated the chakra into a ring shape and released it. The chakra surged outwards in a ring of sparks just over Takeshii's knuckles and quickly dispersed.

"Not nearly enough... also, the name is far to long. I don't have time in a battle situation. I'll call it something else... hm... well it's lightning and it's a Chakram. I'll call it Lightning Release: Shock-Ram! Yeah!" Takeshii said pumping his fist in the air with pride, a huge smile beaming on his face.

"Ok, since a D-rank's worth of chakra wasn't enough, I'll try a C-rank's worth."

"Bird, Hare, Dragon!" Takeshii said pouring a C-Rank amount of raiton chakra into his hands.

"Lightning Release: Shock-Ram!" He said forming the dog seal and concentrating the raiton chakra into a ring. Upon release, the raiton chakra arced out in a very wide ring of sparks and again quickly dissipated.

"Hm... what does the scroll say, mold the chakra into a ring and CONDENSE the chakra to create the shape! Ahhh, I have to condense it, not just release it. GOT IT!"

"Bird, Hare, Dragon!" Takeshii said forming the seals and pouring raiton chakra into his hands.

"Lightning Release: Shock-Ram!" He said forming the dog seal. This time however, he focused on the shape he wanted and molded the chakra into it, than condensed the chakra while releasing it. As if squeezing his fist. The raiton chakra arced into a 12 inch chakram about the same size as his large chakram. It buzzed in Takeshii's hand and vibrated with power.

"Sweet!" Takeshii said, "Let's try throwing it!" He said as he wound up to throw the disk. As the disk left his hand, it arced forward in a surge of electricity jumping into a tree a few meters away and blasting the bark off of the point of impact. However it wasn't a solid chakram of electricity, no this was more like a bolt of lightning.

"Huh... that's not right. What does the scroll say about this...?"

The second part of the scroll described how to charge the technique so that it kept its form even in flight. As the ninja molds the raiton into the ring they form a ring of their own chakra which the Raiton chakra connects to. Once released the Raiton chakra is attracted to the chakra ring and keeps its shape. The ring can then be used in any way which a normal chakram can be used.

"Ok, so I connect the Raiton to my own chakra, and that helps it keep its shape. I think I understand. Let's try it!"

"Bird, Hare, Dragon." Takeshii said forming the seals and pouring Raiton Chakra into his hands.

"Lightning Release: Shock-Ram!" He exclaimed creating a ring of normal chakra and connecting the raiton to it, than condensing it around the chakra ring so that it remained intact. The ring of raiton thrummed in his hand, throwing off small sparks which were drawn right back into the chakram.

"Ok, let's try this!" Takeshii said, as he wound up and threw the Shock-Ram, which flew through the air, throwing sparks which drew back into the ring, and stuck into a tree with a thud. Their it remained for a few moments before dispersing in a burst of small sparks which leapt into the tree and air. "Awesome! I think I got it. Alright what's next?"

The third part of the scroll showed how to split the technique into half. First the ninja needed to grab the shock-ram with both hands. Then he needed to pull it apart, while forming a separate ring with the other hand. The process looked similar on paper to cellular mitosis, the splitting of a cell into two daughter cells. However, it was more than that. You had to essentially form a draw the Raiton into equal parts at both ends, then you had to pull the both ends together until the connected and pull them free. The scroll warned that pulling too early or too hard would break the technique, wasting it. It also warned that if the parts are unequal you'll throw the technique out of balance and it'll disperse. It MUST be exact.

"Ok, so grasp the shock-ram with both hands..." Takeshii said as he made the motion in the air gripping an imaginary shock-ram.

"Connect the edges of the shock-ram while drawing the raiton into equal parts..." Takeshii continued, visualizing what this would look like in his head.

"Than pull them apart while forming both rings." He said pulling his hands apart.

"They must be equal, and I mustn't pull too hard or too soon. Everything with this technique must be exact..." He noted to himself, "Alright, let's give it a shot."

'Bird, Hare, Dragon.' Takeshii formed the seals and poured the raiton chakra in.

"Lightning Release: Shock-Ram!" He said forming the ring of chakra and condensing the raiton chakra around it.

"Ok, now to split it." He said, as he placed both hands on either side of the lightning ring. He focused on connecting the top and bottom most points of the ring together, however the raiton chakra rushed to the center and dispersed. "Shit. I didn't draw the raiton chakra!"

'Bird, Hare, Dragon.' Takeshii formed the seals again and charged the raiton chakra.

"Lightning Release: Shock-Ram!" He said forming the ring of chakra and once again condensing the Raiton chakra around it forming the ring of electricity with the tell-tale buzz of power.

He placed both hands of the ring again on both sides. This time as he connected the top and bottom most edges together be drew the Raiton chakra towards his hands, however making them equal was a difficult endevour. He managed to get them nearly equal and formed both rings and pulled apart creating two smaller Shock-Rams, one about six and a half inches, and the other about five and a half.

"That seems about-" before he could finish both Shock-Rams began to wobble in his hands before dispersing in a burst of sparks. Some of which jumped to his arms and shocked him something nasty. Sending a jolt of power from his arm straight to his shoulders, flooring the young boy for a moment.

"Damn! Let's not do that again shall we. Ok, so the trick is making them equal... no the trick is doing everything at the same time. The images, they look almost like cellular mitosis. Yeah, that's it. If I draw the raiton to both hands, than form the rings its too late. But if I pull the chakra gradually as I form the ring that the raiton chakra will connect to the edges of the new rings, maintaining balance. That should work!"

'Bird, Hare, Dragon.' Takeshii formed the seals one more time, and poured raiton chakra into his hands.

"Lightning Release: Shock-Ram!" He said with authority, forming the ring of chakra and condensing the Raiton Chakra around it, forming the Shock-Ram.

He looked through the ring for a moment before placing his other hand on the opposite side.

"Let's try this again." He said calmly as he drew the Raiton chakra slowly to both hands in equal measure while simultaneously drawing the edges together. With a small crackle of electric sparks the rings split apart, both rings being six inches even.

"That seems about..." He said bracing himself, "YES! I did it! Now for some kata practice."

Takeshii took a shoulder wide stance with both chakrams at his side. In one fluid motion he swung his left arm clock-wise from left to right ending in a hammer block with his hand resting in front of his solar plexis, and his right arm he raised up from his abdomen to above his forehead at the same time. Stepping with his right leg he brought his right hand around his head than turning with his left leg he executed a double slash with his right than left ending in a horse stance with both hands pointing to his left side. Circling his hands he executed the hammer block and high block on the opposite side with his right hand resting in front of his solar plexis with a hammer block and his left hand over his head. Stepping with the left leg he circled his left hand around his head and while turning with his right leg he slashed with his left hand than right to the right side, ending with both hands pointing to the right side. Stepping across his left leg with his right leg he turned to his left placing his right hand behind his left and throwing a boomerang toss with his left hand. Stepping over his right leg and switching hands he caught his Shock-Ram behind his back with his left hand as he repeated the throw with his right. Again he stepped back and caught his Shock-Ram behind his back. Stepping forward with his right hand he executed a short spinning cut with both hands as he crouched down and crossed his hands as he stood he threw a boomerang toss to both sides with both hands. He crossed his right behind his back and his left over his chest he caught both and executed a spinning cut the opposite direction. He transitioned into a vertical rowing cut crossing his right over his left as he stepped with his right, his left over his right as he stepped with his right, his right over his left while turning his hand and turning with his right leg throwing his Shock-Ram with his right hand, turning with his left and throwing his other Shock-Ram with his left hand ending his Kata.

His Shock-Ram flew straight into a tree on either side of him burning inches into the bark, and dispersed after a few moments in a burst of breif sparks that jumped into the tree.

"Good, I feel like I finally got it. Let's see what it'll do to the targets!" Takeshii said excitedly! Looking out he spotted the same targets from his earlier mission, and visualized his tosses. There were 13 targets in total. Eight were lined up for the circle toss, three were lined up for a curving toss, and two lined up for a boomerang toss.

Takeshii flashed through the seals, bird, hare, dragon, and flooded the raiton chakra into his hands before forming the dog seal. Once again he formed the dog seal and formed the chakra ring which he condensed his raiton chakra around. Placing his hands on either side, he pulled the raiton chakra to either side in equal quantities as he merged the top and bottom edges to create two smaller chakrams.

Takeshii threw a right handed circle toss, which burst through all eight targets bursting them into flames with its electrical sparks. It disipated quickly in an arc of electric sparks after blasting through the eighth target.

He threw his second chakram in a curve hitting three targets, bursting each into flames as it passed through them and burrowing itself inches into a branch blasting the bark off as it burst into sparks.

Takeshii flew through his hand seals one more time, creating his last of the day. The Shock-Ram buzzed to life, humming in the dusk. A breeze blew through the canopy, but below was quiet and calm as Takeshii gave his Shock-Ram life. The ring of lightning fluttered through the air, blasting through one target before returning to it's master, and igniting the last before crashing into its stone cover in a shower of sparks. The small wooded area was alive with smoke, which quickly simmered.

"Time to go home." Takeshii said packing both scrolls, and walking away feeling accomplished.

[Shock-Ram training 2380/2250 with Quick Learner][/color]


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