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A day off.. Kiyoshi was in thought, he got orders from the Raikage to take a break to recover from his previous missions. Kiyoshi wasn't very good at days off, how ridiculous that may sound. He never really knew what to do. He walked down town to check on some stores, there wasn't really anything in particular he would enjoy. Afterwards Kiyoshi was just wandering through the hidden village in the clouds. He thought to himself What to do... What to do.. It was still early and he already was out of ideas of how to spend his day. But then it hit him. He was gonna use this day to train! Rest? Who needs that! Kiyoshi went out to the wildernis outside of Kumogakure.

He started running, yeah running. He already felt like he was quite agile so he wanted to make sure he increased his speed first. He ran and ran and ran, eventually tripping over some rocks but nobody saw that!
He just kept running around untill he was completely exhausted. He took a sip from the drink he had with him.

That was a good warmup for Kiyoshi, he was ready to go practice some of his jutsu's. Kiyoshi put some small rocks on a giant rock. He then walked back about 10 meters from the rocks. Kiyoshi then proceeded to charge some electricity in his fingers while making a gunlike pose. Kiyoshi took aim and shoot at the rocks while yelling Raiton: Shōgeki-dan! Kiyoshi was able to hit 4 of the five rocks in one go. He was very pleased with this result. Kiyoshi felt like this jutsu could be very usefull in the future.

After he was pretty exhausted, he saw a nice shade he could sit in. He walked towards the shade really nonchalantly. Kiyoshi thought to himself You know.. A day off isn't so bad, and we're not done yet!

Wordcount: 325 (It's not that much sorry)
Strength: E - E1 75/75
Speed: E - E1 75/75
Endurance: E - E1 75/75
Perception: E - E1 75/75
Reaction Time: E   25/75

Used jutsu:

Name: Lightning Release: Shock Bullets (雷遁・衝撃弾 ~ Raiton: Shōgeki-dan)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 10m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Electricity is built up in the fingertips of the user who then makes a gun-like pose with their hands (both middle and index finger extended). From this position "bullets" of electricity may be fired at will that travel 10m/s. These bullets deliver painful shocks at the point of contact and can singe clothing and leave 1st degree burns due to releasing its charge upon impact with any solid object. The resulting impact is enough to parry/redirect small projectiles (kunai/senbon/shuriken) midair, but are non-lethal as they lack the ability to piece flesh because of the discharge upon impact. One or both hands may be used, but only 15 "rounds" in total may be fired before the electrical charge in the user's fingertips is depleted. No hand signs are necessary to initiate the jutsu allowing for a fast draw.

Mana remaining: 140/150


Battle Song | Sad song

Missions Complete
D:2 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0

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Zetsume leaned back as the food he had just ate filled his stomach. He had taken Repede and himself to get some good food that was well needed. The dog of course ordered steak while he had gotten Chicken Lo Mein. Nothing changed between the two, as this was not their first time at the restaurant. They were frequent visitors and liked to support the business. It also helped that they had rather cute waitresses along with great food. Zetsume was happy about to meal so paid and left.

The sun was shining hard as the rays seemed to make him hotter and hotter. Though he knew he had to get some training with Repede in. The dog desperately wanted to be by his side, but he was to worried the dog would get hurt. Now that Repede was getting older, it was becoming harder and harder to make the dog listen when Zetsume says do not come with me on this mission. Giving a small pat, he smiled before speaking.

"Come Repede let us get you some training in."

The dog let out a loud bark of approval. To Zetsume's knowledge it mean HELL YES but either way he began to sprint towards the wilderness to train away from civilians. Before he made it to a spot he enjoyed, he could see another person practicing some technique. Curiosity set in as he began to move closer to get a better view. The shinobi managed to hit all his targets with his jutsu, but did not seem like he was strong enough to be a threat. It was not until he saw the Kumogakure headband that he came out of the shadows with Repede on his heels.

Zetsume walked up towards the unknown fellow ninja smiling and speaking in nothing but a friendly tone,

"Hello brother, fine day is it not?My name is Zetsume Zix, a jounin from our village. Who would you be? It is quite hard to keep up with all the shinobi's in our village."

Repede sat on the ground with his tail wagging. Zetsume did not know this ninja and was unsure if he would attack him. Either way he was prepared for the best and worst. Till then he would talk with the fellow ninja. Thankfully he was from the same village as he was.



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