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Kunai (4):

Item: Kunai
Rank: E
Quantity: 4
Price: 30 ryo per kunai, or a pack of 10 for 250 ryo.
Description: This projectile, on impact with human flesh, pierces half an inch into the target.
Appearance: This knife spans 6 inches, from the tip to the base of the blade, with 4 and a half inches of handle and a small loop on the base of the hilt, which can be used to hook wire or other items.

Arrows (20):
Item: Arrow
Rank: E
Quantity: 20 (300)
Price: 20 ryo per arrow, or a pack of 10 for 150 ryo.
Description: This generic arrow, when fired from a bow at full draw, can pierce half an inch into the target's flesh.
Appearance: This arrow spans 32 inches from tip to tail. The head is 3/4ths of an inch long, and made out of steel, with three razor heads forming a triangular shape. The shaft is Ash wood, with four white chicken feathers for fletching on the base end. The base has a small slit, called a nook, to allow it to attach to the string of the bow.

Standard Chakram (10):

Name: Standard Chakram
Type Of Weapon: Projectile
Rank: E
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: Set of 10
Ability/Function: These have greater cutting capabilities but less piercing capabilities than shuriken of a similar size. Standard chakrams cause small cuts (1/2 inch deep).

Appearance: Chakrams are disk like weapons. They come in a multitude of sizes. Standard Chakram are about 6 inches in diameter, and the outer ring is about an inch wide. Small chakram can be worn around the wrist to aid in Taijutsu.


Item: Wire
Rank: D
Quantity: 50 ft
Price: 150 Ryo per 50 feet.
Description: Wire is a common utility tool amongst shinobi, as it has countless uses. These highly durable strings are able to be used to Rappel, manipulate weaponry, bind an opponents movement, as tripwire and countless other things. They are limited only by your imagination.

Smoke Bomb (5):
Item: Smoke Bomb
Rank: D
Quantity: 5 (650)
Price: 130 Ryo each
Description:  The common shinobi Smoke bomb is a metal canister that releases smoke when a pin is pulled. It can be used to mask an escape or attack, or to signal distant opponents.
Akata Takeshii (Locker Updated) 500px-Smoke_bomb_1
Takeshii's smoke bombs are painted dark brown, to make them harder to detect.

Flash Bomb (5):
Item: Flash Bomb
Rank: D
Quantity: 5 (1000 ryo)
Price: 200 Ryo each
Description: These small paper spheres release a blinding light when they detonate, useful for distractions or for creating shadows for jutsu that manipulate them.
Akata Takeshii (Locker Updated) Flash_bomb_1
Takeshii's flash bombs are wrapped in gold foil paper to better attract eye sight.

Rusty Large Chakram:

Name: Rusty Large Chakram
Type Of Weapon: Projectile - Unorthodox
Rank: C
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 2
Ability/Function: These have greater cutting capabilities but less piercing capabilities than shuriken of a similar size. Chakrams weigh half as much as shuriken of a similar size.  But because of the rusty nature of this Chakram, the weight offers little benifits.

Large chakrams can cause medium cuts (1.5 inches deep). Large Chakrams can be used as unorthodox melee weapons with proper training.

Appearance: Chakrams are disk like weapons. They come in a multitude of sizes. Large Chakram are about 12 inches in diameter, and the outer ring is about an inch and a half wide.

Long Bow:
Name: Long Bow
Type Of Weapon: Long Bow
Rank: C-Rank
Cost: 700 Ryo
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: Fires arrows at 20 m/s up to 35 meters.

Akata Takeshii (Locker Updated) 1940R45
This Long Bow is made from Yew, and is very light and flexible. It has only average durability, and most blades stronger than a kunai can cut right through it. The string is made from flax and is fit for wear, but offers no protection against attacks. When fully drawn the bow can fire a normal arrow up to 20 m/s with an range of 35 meters. It's grip is the only thing special about it, being balanced and designed to be easily used by Takeshii.
History: This Long Bow was bought from a local bowsman, and made specifically for Takeshii.

Forehead Protector:
Name: Kumogakure Forehead Protector
Type of Armor: Light (headband)
Rank: E
Elemental Alignment: n/a
Quantity: 1
Protection: The metal plate is capable of blocking strikes from other E-rank items and strikes entirely, while reducing damage from incoming D-Rank strikes by one rank.
Ability/Function: n/a

Akata Takeshii (Locker Updated) 8HHnL7U
History: A headband that is worn by almost every shinobi, composed of a metal plate engraved with the symbol of the ninja's Hidden Village, and normally a band of cloth which can be in different colors. Originally crafted by the 5 great shinobi villages to act as a symbol of both pride and fealty to one’s home village, the headbands are bestowed upon every shinobi upon graduation from the shinobi academy and have become such a symbol of shinobi life that the practice has been adopted by nearly all shinobi villages, no matter their country of origin or standing.

Namahage Festival Mask (B-Rank):
Name: Namahage Festival Mask
Type of Armor: Mask
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Protection: A master-crafted porcelain mask, lacquered and hardened to the point of being able to block all basic attacks (kunai, swords, punches) and make them negligible if they are E-Rank. Basic attacks of B-Rank or below do 1 rank less in damage, and A-Rank strikes do 50% of a rank less in damage. Any strikes of S rank or higher bypass the armor entirely.
Ability/Function: *Replaces the Hardened Festival Mask in the owner's inventory*
Appearance: The mask has a black line up the center, the left side of the mask is white and gold, the right side is black and silver. A bird half-mask lays over the eyes with a feathery accent. The left side of the bird mask is gold, while the right side is silver. A circle is drawn on the forehead lying center to the central line. The left side is gold and the right side is silver. The black paint is opaque and lusterous, it looks like onyx. The white paint is glittery but just enough to glisten. On the inside is a stamp of approval.
History: A masterfully crafted porcelain mask which bears the official stamp of the Namahage festival on the inside to prove its authenticity.

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