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1 Welcome to Takigakure! [Event & Exams Guide] on Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:46 am



Welcome one and all to Takigakure, the Village Hidden by a Waterfall. It is here, in this beautiful land, that we will be holding the ever famous Chuunin Exams. Our hosts have graciously allowed us to hold our exams here, and - as an additional bonus - have organized a special event for all to take part in, regardless of alliance, rank, and circumstance. As such, there will be two main events occuring: Chuunin Exams and the Takigakure Special Event.

To start, ensure that you have read the rules of the events, as shown ~here~.

Additionally, our Administrative Office will be where all announcements will be made pertaining to the exams, the special event, rule changes, etc.

I. Chuunin Exams:

The Chuunin Exams will be separated into a small series of events to draw the line between those who fail without ever reaching the finals, and those who may succeed to rise up to the rank of Chuunin.

Event One: [Great Tree Labyrinth]
Event Two: [Elimination Round Tournament]
Event Three: [Final Round Tournament]

II. Takigakure Special Event:

All around the village and its lands are various locations that you may visit. Exam participants, their sensei and those who have accompanied them, and all other visitors are welcome to explore the lands. In some locations, special activities have been set up for entertainment.

Some locations to explore include:

The Fifth Shadow: An official betting system will be made upon the start of the exams.
Marketplace: Special Takigakure / Chuunin Exam themed items will be placed on sale.
Raging Waterfalls: The Shinobi world's largest and most famous water park.
Festival Grounds: A section of Takigakure rented out specifically to host the festival and tourism that comes alongside the Chunnin Exams. Fun for everyone to be had here.

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