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Nick Saturn

Nick Saturn


5 Kunai
3 Shuriken
2 Senbon
1 Meter Ninja Wire
1 Wakizashi

5 Techniques

  • Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks
  • Snake Authority Spell
  • Hidden Shadow Snake Hands
  • Scattering One Thousand Crows Technique
  • Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

1. Water
2. N/A

Clanless (+1)

Combat Skills 6 (+1):

  • Taijutsu: Basic (1)
    Basic: At basic level, once can learn: E, D, C, and B-Rank Taijutsu techniques. Showing great promise in Taijutsu, these shinobi are quicker than the average. Due to their body being physically greater than those of the norm, they move at x1.5 speed. A speed that is rather greater than the average, but nothing that can’t be matched by wise decisions. When it comes to physical attacks now, their strength is x1.5; enabling them to cause bruises and cracks within rocks (half their weight). In close combat, they can prevent people from finishing handseals, unless they have basic Ninjutsu skills.
  • Genjutsu: Basic (1)
    Basic: At a basic level, one can learn E-Rank, D-Rank, C-Rank, and B-Rank techniques of the Genjutsu arsenal. Users at this level, are capable of performing more complex level illusions that can target two of the opponent’s senses; and, they can cast two Genjutsu at the same time. Still, since their illusions are still maturing, if someone cancels out of one of the illusions, they would also be canceling out the other. Illusionists are people with a sharp mind, which is needed to perform rather believable illusions. Ninja at this stage have a better grasp of Genjutsu, and their inner workings of Kai. Genjutsu basics can only break out of C-Rank Genjutsu and below, higher will require pain.
  • Ninjutsu: Adept (2)
    Adept: Those of this level can learn Ninjutsu techniques of all levels/ranks, including S-Ranks (Kinjutsu). At this level, familiarity with handseals are greatly noticed. Due to this great knowledge of knowing the zodiac array, the user is capable of conducting seals at x2 the speed of an average shinobi. At this level, chakra control and execution is greatly heightened. In other words, users begin to waste less chakra on their techniques, therefore using less chakra in general. Ninjutsu up to B-Rank cost half the amount of the original chakra payment.
  • Ijutsu: N/A (0)
    No Skill: Not having any skill within this area means you cannot use any of these skills. Iryō Ninjutsu is an art that is highly advance, which takes a lot of precise chakra control. With that being heavily noted, someone that has no skill within this field, cannot use anything, or even attempt to do so - they will fail miserably.
  • Puppetry: N/A (0)
    N/A - you cannot use puppetry in any way, nor can you form chakra strings.
  • Sensory: Adept (2)
    Adept: Those of this level can learn sensory techniques no matter the rank, especially the S-Rank ones. Now they have improved their chakra control to an even higher level, allowing them to sense those that are two-hundred, seventy-five (275) meters away. At this level, they are truly combat ready and considered greatly talented in this area. They are capable of masking their presence, but, they cannot use any skills or jutsus when doing so. When using their sensing abilities, they are depict different elemental users, but only if they’ve encountered them before. Being more knowledgable now, they can detect other sensors, even if these said sensors aren’t sensing, or using their abilities. As an adept sensor, you are capable of masking your presence from other adepts.
  • Fuinjutsu: N/A (0)
    N/A - Without Fuinjutsu, at least the basic level, he only sealing that you can do is use the generic sealing method and seal weapons into a scroll. You can't do this in a battle though, you don't have the skill for that.
  • Bukijutsu: Basic (1)
    Basic: At basic level, one can learn E-Rank, D-Rank, C-Rank and B-Rank techniques dealing with weapons. At basic level your dexterity and accuracy are at more of an improved level, and your speed with handling a weapon is faster. Basically, when handling a weapon, you are able to move x1.5 faster than the average shinobi (when it comes to handling weapons). Also, your vision has improved as well - allowing you to track movements of a standard shinobi. This does not mean you cannot keep up with a basic in another skill, though, it may be harder than the norm. From the beginning, you are given: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai, 5 Smoke Bombs, 5 Exploding Notes, and 1 Medium Length Katana (may not be S-rank). You may only wield weapons that are B-Rank and below. Rank restrictions still apply, see weapon system.

  • It was Sunday morning. About six AM. The sun was rising, across from the horizon, the yellow-orange light slowly from the shining sun covering the land, one foot at a time -- Of course, this happened quite quickly. As such was the cycle of the sun. It was summer. Whilst in the desert, it was warm, especially this time of year. Because it was summer, the temperature of the desert would go up to fifty degrees Celsius. Because of such, Nikolai was happy that he did not live in the desert. But that he lived in his home-town, called Kirigakure, - Bloody Mist as some call it. In Kirigakure where Nikolai was, it was humid. Because of the semi-hot temperature the water around the village the air was misty. Not as dense as it would be during the winter but still dense enough to cause everything after ten meters to appear as a blur, and everything beyond twenty meter would be incredibly difficult to see without very excellent eyesight. Because of Nikolais extensive training in Bukijutsu his vision was perfectly clear for around fifteen meters, had he been outside at that right moment. In Kirigakure, it would be around thirty degrees Celsius.

    Especially areas around the border of Kirigakure it would be more humid as usual. Such areas would constrict even more vision then other parts of the village. The centre of the village was quite clear, where the eye could see a lot. Nikolai was in his home, asleep. After waking up he would put on his clothing. The clothing he wore was considered special; it wasn’t any-type of casual gear but rather something more specialized in moving around with great flexibility. The topside of his clothing had a black colour. It seemed to be padded with small leather-cushions over it, but it wasn’t the case. It had foam padding into it, making it look somewhat thick whilst it was very light. Even though the top part of his clothing appeared to be thin, moving his arms and neck was an easy task even in this clothing, caused by the fact that the area around the shoulder and neck were much thinner other parts. The clothing also didn’t make him louder than normal silent clothing would. Meaning unless he was abruptly moving like a brute within a five meter within someone they most likely wouldn’t hear him. Unless said someone, for some reason could hear much better than the average person. His pants too were black-coloured; under his pants he wore white coloured undergarments which had little hearts on them.

    The hearts on top of his underwear were red-coloured, like valentine hearts. Their shape didn’t emulate a real-life heart, no- no- no, they resembled a simple form. The form people use to demonstrate, love, or whatever - As one would say, a pair of classic nineties- underwear that would be considered embarrassing by many. Whilst considered stylish by Nikolai; which said a lot about his personality. His personality could easily be considered strange by many- Or rather the ‘average’, whereas other people would find him normal. Considering the term normal is objective and the small majority is strange, which group which would consider him to be a normal person with the community. Setting oddities aside, his boots too were somewhat special. They had the properties of tabi worn by people who were out to kill another, for the sake of money. These jobs were executed by people which professions name was a name considered a sin by many, - an assassin. These tabi muffled his footsteps by a very large margin, making him almost unable to be detected through the means of hearing. Because of the soft soil around Kirigakure his movements would be almost completely silent. On his waist, there would be two pouches attached to his belt hanging tightly around his waist. They were knit to his belt so they wouldn’t swing around. In the pouches there were a few items. Because of the fabric of these pouches the kunai, shuriken and other goods such as senbon and the ninja-wire didn’t make any type of noise upon walking around. On his lower-back he had a strap attached to his belt with a sheath attached to it.

    In this sheathe there was a short-sword known as a wakizashi. It was close to the side where his hand would be resting at, which allowed him to quick draw his wakizashi and slash forwards in a heated situation. After readying his gear Nikolai had went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Just-something small to boost up his energy so he could think clearly throughout the day instead of being bothered by any kind of lack of energy. With his clear-minded head the male twisted his door knob and opened it, leaving his own home. He then would turn around in a calm- manner and lock his door. Of course, he would have done this in a standard tempo. There was no reason to rush; his standard tempo wasn’t that fast but it wasn’t slow either- Which was applied to this situation. Nikolai upon the moment of locking his house decided to multi-task something; he converted his normal ‘chakra’, into ‘sensory-chakra’, which allowed him to sense up to two hundred and seventy five meters away. But of course, this wasn’t exactly what Nikolai was going to sense. He decided to put a one-hundred fifty meter range around him and sense everything within that with his sensory. Doing this, leaving his home and activating his sensory, was something that had become a daily ritual a few weeks ago. It was something very advantageous as a growth to him as person. It would keep him on edge- whilst also expanding his chakra pool by using it every day to the limits. Of course, those limits would not be reached but at the end of the day if he still kept his sensory up. The only negative aspect of this training method was that other nin around the area that happened to be using sensory to navigate might find him hostile. But such has occurred only once. The soil outside of his apartment was somewhat drier as usual, indicating that it had not rained in a very long amount of time.

    The time that took him to close his door and walk towards the shop of destination whilst having his sensory activated took him about two minutes. Nothing strange had occurred around Nikolai, nor was anyone around him for a great distance during those two minutes. Kirigakure had become a ghost-town ever since the events of three-years ago caused people from the entire nation to leave - Some kind of outbreak concerning rations of water, food, and other basic-supplies. Everything was running out, albeit the people had left the nation and became immigrants of other nations. This was caused by political decisions that eventually led to an embargo of Kirigakure. Nikolai and two other nin were the only nin active within Kirigakure. Obtaining food, water, and the supplies needed for basic survival was cake for the team. Though, it used to be. The other two nin had fled the country when their family was held hostage by some tyrant who went by the name Raeburn. To think that such a man would hold an innocent family hostage, such a disgrace, Nikolai thought. As his sensory area scouted through the area, there was no other form of life other than the caster himself, which would be Nikolai. Sensing was a job done quickly, it worked like an echo system. Similar to bats, Nikolai would transmit a ‘ping’, and it would either respond with no feedback or feedback would be given. He had transmitted about one hundred and twenty of those from the moment he had left his home to the point of where he is standing right now, in front of a shop in the Kirgakure centre. He’d transmit a ping every second. So unless an opponent, enemy of the state or a friendly moved at a speed faster than one hundred meter per second the element of surprise would be something unfamiliar in Nikolais book. And then, trouble arose. Instantaneously upon sensing a something within the vicinity he would expand his range to a two hundred meter radius around him.

    The trouble that was, was a deer, the typical forest lurking animal was about ninety meters away from him- Running towards somewhere unfamiliar to Nikolai. As his range had covered two hundred meters, his transmits would be slowed slightly. There was nobody other than the deer and himself in the range of two hundred meters that he could sense. His sensing was a perfect circle around himself; it wasn’t focused towards one direction. After Nikolai had sensed the deer, it had fled away towards the great bridge that connected Kirgakure to the outside-world. Nikolai kept up his sensory as he continued towards the bridge himself. He would patrol around Kirigakure every-day, to make sure that it doesn’t get ravaged by rebels from other nations or from villages nearby.  Eventually, after three minutes of walking he would arrive at the Great Bridge. Of course, he stood at the Kirigakure side.

    The entrance or exit of the bridge if you would was about thirty meters away from him. The gate was seemingly large. It was made of concrete and other types of metal- steel to support it properly, so it wouldn’t randomly crash down. Nobody seemed to be on it, or near it. Nikolai couldn’t sense anyone in the range of his sensory.

    Nikolai went to the ledge that was connected to the water, a few hundred yards away from the bridge, the mist around these parts where thick. In his normal tempo he would approach the lukewarm water. Before he did that he would sense through the area one more time and would sense nothing but himself, meaning that he again was the only person around for as far he could range. And it had been like that since the moment of him leaving his home -- Except for the deer that had by long run away. Nikolai stepped on the water. Whilst stepping onto the water, his fine chakra control allowed him to seemingly walk on top of water with great ease. The mist above the water was very thick. Most humans, and other trained humans could not see beyond ten meter unless they had trained eyes, or any other contraption to aid their vision. He noticed he couldn’t use the mist to his advantage, as in a way of manipulating the water that was in the mist. Which was caused by the density of the mist, it was thinned out but there just was a big mass. Subtracting water from the mist would be possible, but it would be a slow-process. Nikolai put his palms together at the front of his body and then moved his palms together. Upon doing so, he converted his chakra into normal chakra again and used the hand-seal that was necessary for the jutsu he was about to use. He released his palms from each-other and then in a fast fashion pressed his palms onto the water. Five chakra- sharks were released from his palms into the water. He was about fifteen meter from the shore at the time. Two sharks circled around Nikolai; both were across from each other, five meter away from Nikolai. They would respond on their own and attack any person who had gotten within this range. Nikolai too, had a mind-set much like his sharks. He would obviously respond to anyone around, and respond to any person who had gotten sensed by him earlier. Would someone get into this zone, he obviously would react immediately and not hesitate about it. The other three sharks that Nikolai had summoned would be in the vicinity, they were scouting tools.


    Current progress to A rank:
    Social Threads: 1/10
    Jutsus: 0/1D; 0/1C; 2/2B; 1/1A
    Mission: 2/3A

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