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Months had passed and things had remained the same, ever so dull and boring. Days and nights shifted slowly as the seasons changed giving way to longer days and cooler nights. It was peaceful and ever so lonely. The village was starting to finish its restorations now and with the progress meant more time on his hands. Dameon never did know what exactly to do in his spare time having always been the anti-social loner that was more worried about his duties and responsibilities than being involved in the community. He was recognized in the village as a strong and dedicated warrior and he felt that if he even showed any other side people would see him differently and that was something he didnít want. Along with repairs came a change to his income now having enough money to actually buy himself clothes that he hadnít been wearing since he was ten years old. Having grown accustomed to the ANBU outfit and the neediness of stealth he had gone with an all-black attire, even his hair was now black. Dameon walked slowly out of his house as the sun began to set to just walk around and explore. Lately the walls of Kiri felt small and predictable. He needed a break from all the usual and go out and do something he didnít typically do, but it was pointless to do such things alone because he would just end up feeling worse than he already did.

Making his way down the street he would keep his eyes focused toward the ground as his black hair waved in front of his face ever so slightly blocking his peripheral. The sound of his feet hitting the hard stone road was clearly audible as it echoed off the walls around him. There was nothing new in the village for him to really explore but he was hungry anyways. As he walked he passed by the old teriyaki bar he had once considered his favorite place to eat. Too many memories were stored inside however, a floodgate he dared not to even open. It was the restaurant he had his first date at with his past lover and where they had confessed their love, only for her to betray him in the end. Perhaps memories like those were why he was being so anti-social lately, even more so than usual. He feared anyone he built a relationship with friend or deeper would leave him. Even his only friend another sannin had left the village to join another one because he had a lover. His dilemma now was that he knew he wanted that same feeling of love again but at the same time he didnít want to risk being betrayed like everyone else in his life up to this point had. It was a lose lose situation in his mind and the possibilities of it ever changing seemed slim to none. Dameon would take a seat outside of a cafť where eyes would wander over to him long enough for them to realize who it was before they returned to their meal. The village seemed to be forgetting him more day by day since the war had ended. It had been nice not to be considered an outsider even if it had only been for a little while. He would order a sandwich and tea from the waitress and wait patiently for the meal to arrive as he watched the sun set across the water of the surrounding lake.

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Dameon Shikyo
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