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Takeshii had been given an assignment by the village to clear out the Thunder Grounds of a group of bandits calling themselves the Troublesome Quad Crew. According to Intel, they were just a bunch of Genin, but they were becoming more and more violent, and recently they had attacked a young academy student who went there on a dare and sent him to the hospital with severe life threatening wounds. Had it just been general mischief, the raikage might have let them slide, but now that they've actually injured a young citizen of the Hidden Cloud village, they were now nukenin with bounties on their heads. Takeshii had been asked to make an example of them, and remove them from this world without mercy. No genin in the Hidden Cloud village should wish to follow in their footsteps. And hopefully after Takeshii was through with them none would.

Takeshii began his assignment by scouting out the lay of the land. The thunder grounds were dark and ominous, it was difficult to see with the looming storm clouds over head. Lightning rods protruded from the ground attracting the wrath of nature from above. Lightning showered the ground just as heavily as the rain, Takeshii would have to prepare for this and insulate himself from his wire. Intel said their were four targets. It would be easier if he called them out directly and challenged them. If he challenged the leader himself he'd be sure to fight him first. What young thug wants to look like a woman in front of his men?

He stood at the edge of the Thunder Grounds and yelled, "Troublesome Quad Crew I challenge you're leader! If you're man enough come and lay down your terms!"

Within minutes a teenage boy about Takeshii's age and three young boys stood in front of him. Takeshii took them all in. The teen boy was about Takeshii's height and weight, brown hair that fell below his shoulders, he wore a tank top and work out pants, which told Takeshii he didn't mind the water or lightning all that much. From this he could deduce that one or both of these were his element. He was also barefoot, this was something to note as well.

The three boys behind him, two wore wool jackets, they were twins with white hair and brown skin. They had a 'Storm' kanji on opposite shoulders. From this Takeshii could deduce that their element was Lightning. They probably worked together. The last boy was jittery and shivering, Takeshii noticed him almost immediately as a member of his own clan, an Akata. His eyes gazed this way and that, trying not to make eye contact with the heir of his own clan.

Akata's hawk like gaze centered on the head honcho.

"Kenji's the name, what's yours?" He said with an uncharacteristic grin.

"Takeshii... what are your terms?" Takeshii said, slightly off put.

"See over there, that plateau. That's my training ground. We'll meet there."


"Uh... tomorrow afternoon. Should give us both plenty of time to warm up, yes?"

The next day Takeshii arrived early and surveyed the plateau from a higher plateau. He got their early enough to watch the group set up. The two twins hid in a bush on either side of the plateau, the third one stuck himself to the underside of the far cliff where you couldn't see him if you looked over the edge. The fourth one waited in the center, and sat down as if meditating.

Takeshii crouched on the balls of his feet and strategized.

"Ok, two on either side, I'll have to assume their plan is for the three of the smaller kids to ambush me. So I'll prepare for that, contingency. As for this kid. I'll have to presume that he's both raiton and suiton. I'll use Fuuton to counter. Ok, let's do this." Takeshii said, cutting three 3 foot sections of wire from one of his spools and tying two sections to his kunai making two kunai trip wires. And the other one he tied to two small chakram, making one chakram trip wire. He tied the rest of his wire to one of his large chakram and hooked the spool to a quick release on his belt going under his shirt and down his long sleeves. He placed his kunai traps on either side of his pants hiding the wire. And his chakram trap he placed on his again hiding the wire. With a powerful leap he would appear in front of the leader.

Takeshii looked around as if searching for the other boys.

"Where are the others?"

"They're around. So you ready to fight or what?"

"I'm ready."

Kenji launched himself from his position at Takeshii, who quickly drew his wired Chakram. Kenji leaped into the air and after forming some handseals made his hand electrified and came down on Takeshii with an open hand. "Thunder Claw!"

Takeshii moved just out of the way so the hand just missed him, and kicked the boy close to the edge where the Akata boy was hiding underneath. Taking a deep breath Takeshii took a big step towards Kenji so that he was about 3 meters from him and blew out a strong stream of wind knocking him off balance and stagering him closer to the edge. Sliding the wire from his sleeve he leapt over the boy garroting him with the wire and placing the edges together tight against his neck melding it and leaving a 5 feet of wire after the Large Chakram., and throwing the boy over the cliff. Takeshii placed the large chakram on the stone platform and drove a Kunai into the circle so as the boy fell the wire would go tant snapping his neck instantly and leaving him dangling lifelessly in front of the Akata boy.

Takeshii immediately threw out a field of chakra and lifted his Kunai traps into the air effected by his 'Manipulating Blades Technique'.

As the two twins leapt out, Takeshii Launched the two Kunai traps directly into their throats. The Kunai would wrap tightly around and intertwine locking themselves in place and asphyxiating the boys within moments who fell to the ground choking in front of Takeshii.

"Boy, you know who I am, and I already know where you are. Come out now."

The Akata boy climbed up from the cliff and groveled at Takeshii's feet.

"Please, I didn't want to do any of this! I wanted no part of it!"

"You know the laws of the clan, don't you?"

"But... I never meant..."

"Don't you?"

"Yes." The kid saying in a tone of submission.

"What is the punishment of harming the innocent?"


"And, the punishment for forsaking your country?"

"The severing of ties."

"And the punishment for forsaking your clan?"

"The severing of my life." All the life left the young boy with that final word as he realized what was to happen.

"You have dishonored your country." Takeshii said lifting the boy up by his hair and digging his finger into the boys eye socket, "The punishment is severing your ties." He pulled the boys eyes out and cut them free from his skull with his other large chakram as the boy writhed in pain.

"You have harmed the innocent." Takeshii said dragging the now blind boy to the cliff face, "For this I banish you. And because you forsaked my... my father's clan, I banish you to hell!" Takeshii dropped the boy's shoulders against the edge of the plateau pressed his knee on his belly and slashed his throat with his Chakram until the wound was deep enough for him to bleed out, than tied a wire around his ankle and hung him upside down from the plateau to bleed. Once the boy was dead, he would place his eyes in his sack, he would return them to the boys father letting him know what was done as was customary in this situation. As an added bonus, he would leave those three kids hanging from the cliff face as a reminder to all the other up and coming gangsters, don't bring you're nonsense to the Cloud Country.

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