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1 ANBU Genesis on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:56 pm

Yuzu Ren


OOC : I would like for Risu to help with this, Enaka needs to start becoming known to the world, and i will now post my idea for a plot


The ANBU of Konoha have been acting strange as of late, turning on their comrades and calling each other traitors, having bingo books which included threats who were allies to their village. There was a man so powerful that he had shinobi going on missions where a deadly seal was placed on them forcing them to complete the mission, any attempt to leave their mission renders them stuck as they are bound within a range of their target and having their very will taken away from them. A man shrouded in darkness who not only was leading the ANBU was also eliminating the bandits in the area to a degree that they even killed the children of bandits who posed a threat of vengeance.

one of these secret bingo books was found and included several high ranking shinobi from other villages as threats to Konoha, Kenji Chikara one of the Sannin of Kumogakure, even the great and powerful Ayakashi was being listed as a threat to the world itself. Who was the man who was planning to change the order of the world itself, who was it playing in the shadows treating shinobi as puppets in order to better the great village of Konoha.

The suspicions are growing and there was one sign that began pointing towards the past, towards a threat that once threatened the village itself and who also once on a whim chose to save it. Who was this organisation, and what was their purpose in this world.

The only way to save Konoha and the rest of the shinobi world from entering another great war would be to eliminate the threat within itself, the cleansing of the ANBU, as they need to rebuild it and find who the leak is. Will Enaka help the village to find who this person was, who had control over the darkness of the ANBU. How will the ANBU respond to destroying their own darkness in order to bring about the rising of the light.


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