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A handful of things that need to be edited before this can be approved.

Firstly, if you are trying to base this off the canon Haruno clan, I'd like for the Clan History to be fleshed out much more. Check out other clans on the site - either in the Clan section, or the Clan Updates section for a better idea.

If you have no kkg, unless your jutsu somehow requires a clan drawback to balance it out, having drawbacks isn't necessary. However, should you decide to keep the drawbacks, they're going to need to be fleshed out more. If they are stat drawbacks, please see our Stat and Jutsu guidelines on how debuffs work.

As for your jutsu, please follow our Jutsu Guidelines on how to write up a jutsu. Providing a link is not correct.

Your OOC note can also be removed.

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