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Kitsumatsu woke up early that morning. He had taken the mission yesterday, as it was supposed to take place today. It was very misty that morning, so Kitsumatsu was naturally cold. He walked into the classroom from the back door, and sat in the seat that the instructor had motioned him to sit in. A few minutes after the teacher began the lesson, Kitsumatsu heard snickering from the back of the room. He looked back there and saw two boys laughing about the instructor. Kitsumatsu discreetly got up and went to the back, unnoticed. He grabbed both boys by the collars of their shirts and whispered into their ears. "Watcha' laughing about, huh? Anything? No? Good. Keep it that way or you'll wake up 3 days later" Kitsumatsu threatened as he watched the boys terrified faces. He set them back down on their seats and went back to his chair. The instructor gave him a nod and continued the lesson. About 10 minutes later, Kitsumatsu heard something drop from a kid's pocket. It was a note he was passing. As the kid picked it up, Kitsumatsu targeted the note and burnt it with his chakra ember jutsu. The kids stared at the ashes and quickly sat motionless in their seats. Kitsu smirked and reclined.

Kitsumatsu almost fell asleep during the class. "I suppose I can't blame some of the kids for falling asleep," he said as he almost drifted off. "But that doesn't mean I can't punish them for doing it." he said as he used his Sparkler Jutsu and shot one tiny spark at a kid, numbing their arm. He woke up and yelped, and stayed awake. "Ugh...this is boring now, come on kids do something! I'm bored and wanna torture you some more..." Kitsumatsu muttered as the class dragged on.

Finally, one boy threw a paper shuriken at Kitsumatsu. Kitsu used his Chakra Ember jutsu, disintegrating the toy immediately. Kitsu glares at the kid, giving the "Your dead" sign to him. The boy widened his eyes and then paid full attention to the teacher. Kitsumatsu knew that no one was going to mess around this time.

At the end of the class, the teacher thanked Kitsu for helping him and Kitsumatsu went on his way. He went to receive the money, and went home.


I had a pun about about insanity, but then I lost it.

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