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Magna had just been accepted into the wonderful world of the ninjas. One could say that he was overly happy but his mind could not help but to think, Do they accept everyone so easily? For him being one without much actual ninjutsu knowledge he felt worried by the status of a famous village that would accept him, a monster. Magna snickered slightly, at the whole thought of it before tying the Sunagakure ninja headband on his head. He felt like he was accepted but people still mostly avoided him. Then again it was his fault. For a case in point, Magna was just eating some delicious shrimp noodles and could not help but see a woman eating by herself. Naturally he felt compelled to go talk to her, though after a few small words being exchanged, the woman stood up and dumped her water on him. Then again asking her how much she charges for sex would be a horrible way to make himself known. Not his fault she dressed like a skank. All in all though his time in Sunagakure was quite pleasant, in fact almost pleasant. If there ever was such a thing for a monster like him. Though with all the people he knew he could not actually stay in the village long so he set off with plenty of water to go train. A man like him needed to strengthen his body and mind in order to control his temper, because being around all these people was getting on his nerves.

Magna made it a couple of miles outside of Sunagakure and looked around to make sure no one was near before he started to train himself. Today he was going to build his speed up, kneeling down to make sure his shoes were tied Magna began to run around the desert holding his water canteen. His feel sloshed through the sands and it was more of a struggle than he thought to actually run through this place. He wondered how people lived here and why? Magna once heard of many places that he would rather be than in an empty desert surrounded by nothing but sand. His whole run lasted a few hours before he stopped to lay down in the sands and catch his breath. Opening his water bottle he looked around hoping there was someone to talk to but it looks like it was just himself. Magna laid on his back catching his breath while closing his eyes so he did not become blinded by the sun. If only there was a little cloud to cover it up for a moment, or maybe all I need is a curvaceous woman to tend to me. Magna chuckled a little and decided he would take a moment longer to catch his breath before going back to his training, even though it was quite a petty one.

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It was around mid-day when Kaname found himself wondering through the raging sands of the Sunagakuren wilderness. He knew his surroundings like the back of the hand and wasn't worried by the fact that he could potentially be attacked from anywhere. He walked rather slowly through the desert, mapping out his plans for the day throughout the duration of his walk. As usual, Kaname was wearing his blue jumpsuit accompanied by a jacket and gourd; his hair was a mess but it had a funny way of straightening out in the sandy wind. Over the recent years, he had become so accustomed to the heat of the country that he lacked the constant re-hydration that others deemed essential. With every step, his feet sunk a little into the sand while he surveyed the area for anything unusual.

Within seconds, his eyes set upon a man; his attire was rather stylish and blatantly not suited for the heat of Sunagakure. He seemed rather tall and slender, two characteristics that Kaname picked out from afar; he watched the man as he ran taking no notice of his surroundings. A silent breeze swept into Kanames jumpsuit as the man dropped onto his back while coming to a sudden halt; the sand from his gourd slowly swept out while Kaname began to approach. The sand on the ground was too hot to lay on especially so early on in the day which is why he came to an abrupt conclusion regarding the mans status, that being that he had passed out from either over exertion or simple fatigue. He didn't know the individual and there was a chance that the man had notice Kaname, planned a trap and put it to action but it didn't phase him. Regardless, Kaname slowly approached while sand swirled around his body defensively, as he neared he noticed the man had closed his eyes and seemed to be relaxing in the steaming hot sand.

Upon approaching, Kanames shadow began creeping across the mans face, blocking out the sun in the process. He sunk his hands into his jacket and spoke up, "I can feel the heat of the sand through my shoes so why are you laid in it? Looking to be cooked or have you just passed out?"

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Magna was enjoying himself on the scorching hot sands of Sunagakure when a shadow loomed over his head, blocking out the sun. For a moment when he opened his eyes he saw a belly dancer, though that was just his eyes playing tricks on him. When he looked up at his sun blocker it was another man, average in height, wearing a blue jumpsuit and having a massive gourd on his back. He listened as the other man spoke, seems he was curious why Magna was laying on the sands. Hell not even he knew why, how could he answer the man. Magna stood up to greet the fellow. He did not know people would come this far out of the village, plus if he happened to lose his "cool" he would only be found out by one man. Knocking the dust from up off his suit, he held out a hand to shake speaking back to him.

"Nothing wrong with a good sweat eh? Names Magna, can i get yours? Also in that big gourd wouldn't happen to be a giant bottle of alcohol or a woman in a bikini though? Would make my day if you said yes."

Magna's words were friendly for the most part. He was not used to being around people and tried to be the nicest man he could knowing that there was a monster raging inside of him. His smile was warm as the sun and his words were kind as the wind. He looked at the man with such delight to be able to talk to someone that he might get the impression that he was being overly friendly. Magna did not quite care honestly, he was just happy he had someone to converse with.

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Kanames eyes followed the man as he stood to his feet; his overly tall body towered over him by a few inches as his tall slender shadow branched across the desert land. He watched as the man then patted the sand of his attire and once the sand had slipped off the well kept suit, the fashionably dressed man extended his hand which to Kaname hinted to a hand shake. He seemed fairly relaxed for someone who was out in the middle of no-where with a complete stranger, it was that kind of a kicked back personality that Kaname didn't mind. He smirked as he reached out to meet the mans hand and slowly shook it while taking in every word that had to be said by the tall figure.

The individual seemed overly friendly, he hadn't met people like him within the village; people who opened up almost instantly and seemed rather laid back about things. Most of who Kaname had met were coy and uptight, many ignored him for the wrong purposes but it was good to find someone who was on a similar wavelength to him. The Sunagakure shinobi weren't really known for being chatty so for a moment Kaname thought that this man maybe foreign but then as his eyes scanned the man from bottom upward his eyes caught the reflection of the Sunagakure Shinobi headband. It not made sense why the man was running so frantically, it became apart that he was training. Kanames own forehead protector wasn't strapped to his forehead but tied around his right bicep where it wasn't all to visible to the people directly in front of him. The man before him was called Magna, he hadn't heard that name around the village which meant that he was either a genin or not all that renowned around the village. Rank didn't bother Kaname, he simply aimed to get a well rounded summary about his new acquaintance.  

The mans smile seemed rather cheesy but warm so Kaname was more than inclined to meet him with the very same while remaining on the defensive."Kaname; that's my name." he replied prior to releasing grip from the handshake and pointing toward the gourd "Neither sake nor a women in there sadly. After all if it was sake, it would be warm and horrible. Nevertheless the gourd contains sand." he then moved his hand to point toward the forehead protector "I see you're a Shinobi. So would I be correct to say that your run was a form of training?" if the man acknowledged the assumption Kaname would lower his hand and proceed to say "Care to spar and train together?"

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Kaname eh?, he thought to himself while he felt almost like he was making a friend. Though it was not quite how he had imagined it going. Kaname's words were somewhat saddening though as he heard that neither of the things he wanted were in that gourd. He was astonished by the fact that it was sand. Magna looked around and wondered why a man would carry sand around in a place that is literally covered as far as the eye can see in it. Without thinking he replied,

"Not going to be that guy that points out the obvious but why would you carry sand around in a desert? Would be like having a bottle of water in the middle of a river. Is it like some form of odd punishment given out to people from your clan?"

When he said clan he had a flashback of what he really was. The constant times of waking up covered in blood without any memory of how it happened. Though the feeling of anxiety poured throughout his body as the other mentioned something about sparing. Magna had never once performed such a thing, it was all unknown to him. He was not part of the actual ninja world, and it seemed that this is what they do. In order to keep up his appearance of being just a normal person, Magna shook his head in acceptance towards the sparring.

"Tch, Do not let these clothes fool you, I am indeed a ninja from Sunagakure. Born and raised just like most people I guess. It would be my honor to spar with you Kaname."

With that being said Magna took off his shirts and scarfs so it was just his bare chest that shone in the sun. He looked at his opponent who was just mere feet away. For a brief moment he would feel like how others did, in the sense of honing ones body to further increase their dominance in this world. He knew that without a doubt that it is the strong who live and the weak who cry. Holding both of his fist in the air he was ready for this duel, though a part of him would have to make sure to surrender before anything bad happened. Not to mention that but he would not be able to show his true self during this battle. To Magna it was less of the fight between the two shinobi and more along the lines of the fight within himself. If he could control himself, then maybe he had a shot at being someone who is notable. Though as it stands now, he was nothing more than a rabid dog without a leash. One that he would desperately need to find in order for him to find his purpose within the world. Magna began to run at Kaname with fists drawn and ready, as he began to close the distance he took a strike at this shinobi's head.

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"Punishment? Not really, those from my clan that specialize in ninjutsu carry sand to keep up appearances. as comfortable as Kaname felt around this individual he didn't want to reveal anything straight away, he planned on prolonging the fight in order to find out his newly found opponents strengths and weaknesses, helping him develop on them. He planned to show the true nature of his sand after the battle; in the meantime his sand slowly and covertly swept back into the gourd while he listened. He recalled a nod almost a second before Magna began talking, it seemed that he was either a very competent ninja or ballsy to take the first move.

Kanames eyes followed as the man took off the clothing that covered his chest and abdomen prior to placing it on the ground. He smirked, while his eyes were diverted for a minute. Around the area, there were a few boulders scattered around, the ground lacked moisture, it was sand after all but generally it slowed the speed of an individual as with every step they combated the sand descending beneath their feet. Kaname found this man intriguing, he could feel for the man on a personal level, the vibe and aura that resonated from his body was filled with frustration and anxiety or so Kaname thought.

Slowly, as the man finished, the sky was filled with small clouds that momentarily blocked out the radiant hot sun and sent a harsh breeze through the desert land. In that very instant, Magna charged toward Kaname and while both the charge was rather diverse it wasn't well pieced together. Kaname was unsure whether this man had received the Shinobi training, he seemed older than Kaname so his training might have differed but most from Kanames academy class were taught how to run to avoid the pressure of the sand and attack effectively; in essence, using the surroundings to your advantage.

Kaname was ready for the punch that began on its way toward him, he was watching his opponents shoulders waiting for a moment of movement hinting toward a punch. In the moment that Magnas arm moved, Kaname crouched allowing the punch to fly over his head prior to taking a hand full of sand with his left and swiftly rotating on his left foot while kicking with his right toward the side of the opponents shins; if the attack hit, it would strike the man off balance and sweep both of his legs simultaneously, allowing gravity to act upon his body and drop him to the soft sand below.

If Kanames sweep was successful, he'd rotate around two hundred degrees in one swift motion and stand to his feet, facing the grounded opponent prior to tugging the straps holding his gourd to his back and allowing it to drop to the ground whilst pocketing the hand full he'd gathered.


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Kaname came to an abrupt stop as he glanced down on his foe. Briefly shaking his head, he approached, tapping him across the face a couple of times. It was evident that he had passed out but whether it was a result of the sand or the swift kick was soon to be determined. Spinning around, Kaname headed toward his gourd, pulling the strap across his shoulder before tying a knot in the string. Shifting his gaze to Magna, he came to worry.

"He hasn't come around yet..."

Kaname pondered on the idea that he had killed his fellow shinobi and so his eyes widened while he rushed by the mans body, resting his head above his mouth. The warm breeze that radiated from the mans nostrils and mouth allowed Kaname to sigh in relief before slapping the man once more for good measures just to ensure that the pain creates nerveous messages that prompt him to wake up. Having concluded the brief spar, Nagato began tentetively making his way back toward the village; from what he recalled, he had a lot of training to do and he wasn't about to let his clan down!

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