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Every person who was able to call
themselves a ninja had once been to an
establishment like this, even Draygglez. His
time in the academy was long behind
him, but even with that in mind he was
here once again. Not because he was
coming back for a new class, as some
people seemed to willingly go to the
academy after graduating so they could
learn new things, which he could
understand. They were called "Adult
Education Classes" which sounded a lot
more like learning about sex than people
who had already graduated learning
about things that they'd never had the
chance to explore into things they'd
never touched before. Still, whatever it
was called, he didn't go here for
something like that. Rather, he was being
called in to discipline some kids. Maybe it
was best that the people who were hiring
him didn't know about that little incident
with him in the prison, as they would
probably have thought him a bit too cruel
to trust with punishing their kids, but
either way he was here now so he was
going to have to do what he was being
ordered to do. Besides, he was getting
paid, and that was always good.
As he walked through the doors of the
school, he looked at the people that were
inside the school, and looked through the
crowd to try and find his target. Yes, it
was true that he was being hired to make
sure none of them argued again, but if he
made an example of this one then other's
wouldn't dare to rebel, and he could go
harder on this one to prevent having to
hurt them all. This was, perhaps, a
dangerous thought for the man who
intended to become the next Kage, but
maybe he'd grow out of that. Now, what
he had to do was find this little squirt and
deal with him personally. He finally found
one that looked appropriate, he looked
like he was in the final year of the
academy and was surrounded by a group
of his friends. So, they would know that
no matter who they hung around with
they wouldn't be safe.
Walking towards them, they all seemed
somewhere between surprised and
annoyed that he was approaching them.
Good, then he would have no problems
dealing with their leader. The kid seemed
around 11, and was grating on Dray's
nerves simply by the expression on his
smug git face.
"Oh, boys.." He said, getting their
attention. That seemed to make them
even worse, they were glaring at him... it
was probably the tone that was in his
voice, it contained the same amount of
flamboyancy that he normally had, and
they were clearly not one of the fans of it.
They actually seemed like they were
disgusted by it, and he could imagine that
these kids were some of the ignorant
trash that laughed at other people simply
because of the way that they sounded, the
stupid judgemental pricks.
"What do you want, you f**king fag?" Oh,
Now.... that required
punishment. Raising his boot up suddenly
and putting all the force in the world
behind it, he slammed it into the boy's
crotch, and he could swear that he heard
a pop like a balloon breaking. Oh dear, he
wasn't going to be able to procreate...
wait, how was that a bad thing?
"Tell your little friends, the next one who
disrupts lessons gets this treatment as
he said, before walking away as the
group just stood there, too shocked and
stunned to do anything. The next day, Dray gotta reply on the student's changes.



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