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Draygglez walked up to Konoha’s
Administration building, where the
Hokage and some of his most trusted
shinobi and assistants conducted their
work. He walked with his shoulders sunk
down, and a smirk on his face. Today’s
mission did not involve covert affairs in
other nations, or working with Jonin level
ninjas to track down criminals. It was
about painting the walls of the
administration building.
The sun was setting quite fast, and Draygglez
knew the Hokage wanted the paint to be
finished before nightfall. He didn’t want
the village kids to mess with the wet paint
in the morning. Draygglez got out a few
paint brushes, a bucket of paint, and a
few drop clothes. He didn’t want the paint
to get on anything. Dray then knelt
down, placed the brush inside the can of
paint, and began to brush ever so
carefully on to the walls of the building.
Draygglez noticed the old walls of the
Administration building, and he thought
of all of the ninjas that had been inside
this building. The Leaf shinobi were
famed for being some of the fiercest
ninja, and all of them had been inside this
building one day or another. These outer
red walls still stood tall due to all of the
ninja over the years protecting our
village. All of the people he respected and
more had been around this area,
practicing, training, and fighting for the
others of the Hidden Leaf.
After finishing the lower floors, he
worked his way up using a ladder, and
began to paint the higher walls. Reaching
up he realized that maybe he could
become a defender to his people, and an
asset to this village. Every coat of paint
was a step towards a completed mission,
and he knew while this maybe didn’t
directly help his village, one day he
would. He climbed the ladder even
higher, trying to reach underneath one of
the balconies. He brought his paint can
up and a brush and climbed to the very
top of the ladder.
Unfortunately, the ladder was a little
short, and Draygglez missed the trajectory.
He put his ladder a little too far to one
side. He climbed up the ladder and
figured he could reach it. At the very top
of the ladder, he set his can of paint down
on one of the rungs, and plopped his
brush in. After pulling it out, and dabbing
the excess off, Draygglez leaned to one side
of the ladder and began to reach under
the balcony.
Draygglez almost got all of the balcony. He
took another dab into the can of paint
and strained to reach the far end of the
balcony. At that moment, the ladder lost
its hold against the wall, Dray’s weight
was all on one side of the ladder. It began
to slowly tilt until it was too late, and
swiftly fell to the ground. Draygglez took the
can down with him, and was now covered
head to toe in red paint.
After Draygglez washed off and finished off a
few of the details, the Administration
building looked brand new. With a fresh
coat of paint, the building kept a certain
charm. Draygglez walked a ways from the
building to take in the new view, and to
get the smell of paint out of his head. He
could smell paint even after he washed it
out of his hair. As he looked again at the
new building, it gave him hope that the
Leaf village had strong ninja like the past,
and that he could be part of that
generation. After all, as long as Hokage
Sousetsu liked the new paint, he had a shot.
His goal was so close to him, and for
once in his life, he felt like he could reach
it. Draygglez could protect all of his new



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