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Kikisu sat at his bench and overlooked the order form, it was signed by 4 people, they were all chuunin ranked ninjas and they wanted puppets, each one had different order forms and specs that needed adhering to and it made Kikisu yawn that he had to read every single one. As Kikisu picked up the first scroll he read the title on the cover and it read,
Sagario Sabaku
He recognized the last name as the sand user clan, he was kind of excited about the fact that he was not only making a puppet for a member of the Chuunin, but also from a high class clan like the Sabaku, he decided that he would do this one first, since he had all night to work he would finish at least this puppet first.

On the scroll listed the needed requirements for the puppet at minimum, the list was pretty standard, and expensive, he read it over and memorized the things to make sure to include,

Made from Steel
Weapons in every Limb
Red Hair
8 Limbs
Sabaku symbol on back

It was a nice list, due to the fact that it meant that he could make the puppet however he wanted really, though he did not know how big he wanted it so he assumed that he wanted it bigger then average, since a puppeteer could make a puppet move as fast as he wanted no matter the size of it.

He walked over to the work bin and looked through the bin of finished limbs, he saw oaken limbs, willow limbs, and even a few ebony limbs, though he had no metal limbs in the basic building room, he kept all of though in the welding shop. So kikisu walked over and down the hall to the metal shop of the building, the room he entered was large and airy, with fans in the roof for metal shavings, the smell was very acrilic as well and to the right of the room was a large rack with metal limbs hung up and ready for picking, he set off to his work...

He picked up an arm from the shelf and walked over to the workbench and started going at it with the metal shaver, the metal shaver used static electricy to sharpen the razor edge of the attached knife to extrmely high levels, it was mainly used to cut into metal, puppets a lot of the time, though in a fight it would be useless, due to the fact that it was attached to a large battery to keep it running. As he hollowed out the forearm he whistled to himself happily, as soon as he finisehd hollowing out the forearm he made a hand sign and placed a small seal on the back of the hollow, then attaching strings and a set of springs to it, this would let the user open up the hand an send a volley of senbon flying out, the only thing it needed was senbon, which the shoppe had a plenty, so Kikisu grabbed 200 senbon and sealed them inside, so the machine gun arm was ready and good to go...

He grabbed another arm and hollowed it out with the shaver, as he finisehd and was just smoothing the metal with a set of steel wool he called over an assistant, the small teen ran into the room and asked was needed done, Kikisu asked for 5 buckets of Sand, the teen intern stood for a moment confused, but a look from Kikisu sent him running for the buckets, as he came back kikisu had already made another seal in the new forearm, but this seal was differant, this seal would cause anything inside to spray out at intense speeds in a small cone, he then sealed all of the sand inside the arm and replaced the plated and sealed the arm shut, this arm would spray stinging and slicing sand from the arm, which would double as a way for the ninja to create more sand needed for his jutsus, thus making the puppet act as a ammo container as well as a Weapon...he only had 6 limbs to go and he was having a ball creating this puppet



Kikisu grabbed another arm from the rack, this one was a good deal thicker then the others, he grabbed the matching pair and brought them over to his work place, as he hollowed the first one out he had an idea for the limb itself. Kikisu walked over to a rack of weapons, he looked over them with a careful eye and grabbed the nearest one...a triple set of hand claws, the claws were serrated for cutting meat and flesh, they were about 2 feet long, he grabbed two sets and went to work.

First he sharpened them on a Whetstone and then on a Steel, making the blades razor sharp and capable of shaving with, then he placed them in a tub of red dye that he had set aside for the hair, after they were done he welded them into the fore arm, attaching them to a spring and pully system that would release them from the wrist and hold them there, so that the puppet master could release them at will, as he shined the piece up he smiled to himself for this was a really well done job, once finished he placed the limbs on a differant rack with the other two, not needing them until he had the torso done.

Kikisu walked over to a rack of finished torso pieces, they were made of steel for the most part but there was a few that were made of iron or Copper, the iron was harder but more brittle, and the copper was lighter and softer so it dented but was easily fixed with a hammer. Kikisu grabbed a solid steel torso and hefted it over his shoulder as he walked over to his desk, the limb weighted around 40 pounds and was ribbed and bolted well, it was a fine piece of work, Kikisu would know for he was the one who smelted the steel for this piece and the one who made it as well, one of the main reasons that Kikisu was loved at the shop was the fact that even though he was the boss and owner since his uncles death, he did most of the work himself for it was his passion.

Kikisu grabbed a set of flasks and full bottles of herbs and plants, he started mixing them into the flask at a trained rate, smelling them every so often as he went, after he was done he opened the chest up and set a nozzle in the middle of the chest, he then attached the flask and padded around it to make sure that it didnt break, he then drilled small holes all over the chest of the puppet, then attaching small hoses and spray nozzles to the inside of the holes, making the chest capable of making a mist of acid in all directions, as he finished he walked the chest piece over and placed it beside the other limbs.

He had to make the head and legs, so he chose to do the legs first, for the head would require more finesse and time. Kikisu grabbed two tall legs and walked over to the work site, he then sat and wondered what he could do with this part of the puppet, he decided to go into the explosives room and grab 20 explosive notes and edit the formula on the tag to explode on contact, he then hollowed the left leg out and placed a weak spring in the leg and set the stack on the springs, after that he made it so that on contact with something the leg would release one of the tags and cause it to explode, and so on until he ran out of tags.

He then started hollowing out the next leg, as he finished he grabbed 40 senbon and welded them to the inside of the front of the shin, making them all spring loaded but attached to the shin still, making the whole shin a retractable weapon of spikes, the leg would be easily able to spear some to Swiss cheese, and though simple the leg itself was very deadly, like the rest of the puppet.

Then kikisu went and grabbed a basic none edited head and started going at it with the Razor, carving a face into the bare metal, making it a face of anger and hate, making the mouth full of pointed teeth and making the eyes stilted and red, as he carved the face he also had the full 9 inch long head of hair sitting in the permanent red dye bathe, since the customer wanted the puppets hair to match his own. As he finished the artistic part of the face Kikisu then sealed 100 shuriken inside the mouth in the way that when unsealed they would shoot out of the mouth at 5 per second, making another style of machine gun for the puppet, after that he went and grabbed the finished hair with gloves and dryed it off, he then placed the head of hair on the bare head with some sealer, making it attached with almost no chance of coming off.

With the puppet construction finished, he only needed to put it together, and since he was being paid he made all of the linking parts of the puppet bladed, so the user could disassemble the puppet and attack with the ends of all of the limbs. After he popped all of the joints in and carved the Sabaku symbol into the back and dyed it red, e then marked the bottom of the puppet with a red scorpion, the mark of the store, and even lower he marked a black hand clutching strings, his personal sigil to mark the puppet his own work.

After the fun part was done he began coming up with an exact cost for the puppet, overall the puppet came to 10,000 ryo, which was the budget placed on the bottom of the scroll, after that he signed it and gave the scroll and puppet to an intern who took it and packaged it to be sent to the man, since the payment came with the order he was good to send it off now.

All that was left was two more puppets, so far the day was going well, that puppet had only taken him 4 hours...
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As he left the metal shoppe room and entered the hallway to go adn find the next order scroll, as he entered the room where he left them, the smell of wood filings entered his nose and he smiled, it was one of his favorite smells. As he walked into the room and looked around he finally found the thing he was looking for, the next Order scroll, this was was signed with a differant name,
Suiron Dakijio
The name was of almost no signifgance, for the mans clan was unkown to him, so it meant that this man was from a lesser branch of Sunagakure. As he opened up the scroll and read the list of requirements he smiled to himself, he always got really happy whenever he was about to get on a new puppet,
4 limbs including a Head
Weapons where you see fit
4000 ryo limit

Kikisu sighed at the fact that this puppet would have to be a good deal cheaper then the other one, though it did not mean that the puppet would suck or be a non working model, it just meant he could use less senbon and kunai and shuriken, and since the puppet was made of wood that meant the general cost of the frame would be lower anyway.

Kikisu walked over to the bin of arms and grabbed a matching human sized pair, they were made of brown oak, the limbs were hard and heavy for wooden limbs which meant that they were more durable in general. The first thing he did was hollow out the first limb using a wood scraper, then sanding it down to a smooth finish so that it could be used properly, then he grabbed a long wooden whip and started attaching kunai blades every 5 inches on each side, making a bladed whip that could be used either like a spear or a mace like weapon, Kikisu then sealed the whip in the back of the forearm so that it was able to be extended at will by the user, and that it wasnt always out. After that he placed the piece of wood back over the forearm to make the arm appear unblemished.
Then Kikisu hollowed out each of the fingers on that hand and seal 5 senbon in each, to be used as a precise senbon shooter if the need arises.

Kikisu then grabbed the other arm and hollowed it out as well, brushing all of the wood shavings into a disposal bin, after that he went and grabbed a scroll and sealed 15 gallons of water in it, then he went over to the weapons room and grabbed a water cannon, bringing it back to the arm he then attached all of the mech. inside the room in the forearm that he carved out, so that which a flick of the wrist the puppet master could shoot pressurized water out of the cannon with the capabilities of cutting into flesh and taking off limbs. Then Kikisu attached small thin blades into each finger, then covering them with the wooden original fingers of the puppet to make it look like there were no weapons in the fingers and that it was just a normal hand, he also made sure that all of the blades were razor sharp and capable of slicing flesh with ease, he had so much more to finish on this puppet that it made him giggle with glee, he just loved his job...
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Kikisu walked over to the bin of limbs and grabbed a set of legs, these were thinner then normal but were extremely light, he had something to change about that and he had grabbed the light limbs for a reason, but that reason could prove dangerous if done wrong.

Kikisu called two interns into the room and got them to bring multiple things into the metal shop, though this puppet was wooden some of the limbs were going to be added upon with metal addtions. The two interns did exactly what he asked as he got them to first heat the smelting fire to a massive heat, then to fill a metal smelting pot with Lead blocks, then to put it over and continually heat the fire,  till Kikisus face burned just being in the room, but when he looked into the pot what he saw made him smile, in the pot was molten lead, burning bright orange, he made a heat seal so the lead would light the wood on fire, then he placed the hollow leg inside a large container filled with cold oil, then he yelled to the interns to pour and when they did steam filled the room, making him hold his breath.
As the steam abated Kikisu smiled at the two legs inside the oil, inside the thin wooden limbs was now hardened cooled lead, the limbs were heavy as sin and would pack a major kick, he guessed that the limbs were be able to break bones on good hits. Kikisu left the limbs there while he awaited them to become cool enough to touch, since the lead would take a while to become tepid, while he waited he got to work on the head, he took a basic head and a wood carver and started to work, he made this face fierce but proud, making the eye inserts white with blue pupils, and the teeth sharp but small, and he also placed a basic kunai launcher inside of the mouth with a poison coater at the tip of the mouth so that all kunai shot out would be covered in Adder poison, he then gave the puppet a nice set of jet black ruffled hair and attached it to a muscled torso, he then popped the arms on and then the legs once they were cooled and put his mark on the bottom of the back, the one for the shoppe and the one for him.
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