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1 Hurry Up! [Training Solo] on Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:07 am

Kurai Usagi


I've spent two days now at the dojo, this being the third. The patrons are unusually nice, quite overwhelming at times, but i shouldn't pry. I'm given a bed to sleep in and food for free, not to mention a place to train. Today the keepers of the place have to resupply on food, so they sent apprentices and trainees hunting for food and they call it training. Of course i'm going, else i won't be eating anything tonight and i hate surviving on the work of others.

The most common pray in the mountains is the mountain rabbit, and i'll tell you it's the most tasty as well. The problem however is that the little buggers are fast AND i don't know much about tracking and hunting so i had to get someone from the dojo to help me. I can't recall his name so we'll call him... Sochi. An apprentice at a dojo, however skilled in the art of the bow rather then the sword. He probably thinks it makes him unique compared to his peers.
"Tracks! We're going to eat rabbit tonight!" he exclaimed looking at the ground, which indeed had signs of rabbit paws, however considering my name , i grinned at that but decided to follow. It didn't take long for Sochi here to find the little creature and it's den. He took an arrow out of it's holder and strained the cord of the bow. His arms shivered, i could almost hear his heart beating, sweat visible on his face. "I can't do it.." he whispered and it made me want to punch him. "What?.." was all that i said, too much noise would alert the rabbit.

"I can't kill a living creature, what if it has little bunny children in there?"

"Wha-... Just give me the bow!" but he was reluctant of that and pushed back alerting the rabbit and making it sprint away. "Idiot!"

I ran after it through the mountain side. The little bugger was fast and with every step i wanted more and more to break it's neck and throw it into the cooking pan. I started to check on my steps "Faster!" my feet starting to feel numb "FASTER!" and then time slowed around me. Did you know that there's a thing called runner's high? Your body basically gives you a reserve of adrenaline and energy just as you hit your limit to keep you going. And then time returned to it's normal state but i did not. I must say the experience felt amazing, a predator chasing his prey, empty handed, hunger it's only motive. The feeling was pure, feral, the stones at my feet feeling smooth rather then edgy, the thin air flowing through me as if i was a part of it myself. I couldn't explain to you the satisfaction when I managed to grab that rabbit by the neck and kill it.

Sochi caught up to me soon after, signs of tears in his eyes as he noticed the dead rabbit in my hands. "Get it together asshole, it's just food" seems that being an asshole myself towards him didn't stop him from crying. I ignored him and put the rabbit in my sac and tied it hard, however that didn't stop the other predators from around to feel the smell of freshly killed prey. Alright, now. I don't think i have to explain how big a Saber Cat is, not to mention it's fangs. When you see one of these things and are unarmed, you run, no matter who the feck you think you are. And so i did, leaving Sochi alone on his knees, terrified. Karma made it so that the freaking cat ignored him and came after me. I don't think i ever ran so fast in my life, "Shit..". Now the real Rabbit(Usagi) was getting chased, this time the runner's high having no effect on my body, the only thing keeping me from falling on the ground exhausted being the huge pair of fangs right behind me.

Luckily for me, the dojo wasn't that far away and as i emerged from the stones with a big beast chasing me it didn't take the "guards" of the dojo a long time before they took care of the beast. I was disappointed when they let the thing go back to the wilds but not enough to care really. I was already on my back taking deep breathes and begging for air. Just before i fell asleep on the ground i could still feel my legs vibrate.

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