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Cleanie Cleanie:
Mission name: Cleanie Cleanie
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Act as a street cleaner for the city for the day.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: the city is looking for a street cleaner due to it’s unbelievably mucky state, however it can’t afford to hire someone for more than one day. Are you up for the job?
Mission details: Minimum of 600 words, this job is repeatable and you will be given your own broom. Don't worry about bringing supplies.

It was a bustling day at the small Kazako clinic. All members of the family had their hands full with work to do, except Harichimo, now that he passed the exams to become a genin, the family was trying to adapt to letting him take on his own missions and tasks around the village to be as big a help as he could be. But today wouldn't be as big as he imagined. Harichimo was out back of the clinic working on his strikes to keep himself in shape. He finished his drills and went inside the change his bandages which were now filthy from punching the training dummy. After he had changed them he went outside and saw how great of a day it was. He decided it was time to take on his first mission as a genin of Iwakagure. Harichimo waved goodbye to his mother helping elderly patients and set off for the main hall.

Harichimo arrived at the main hall where the mission board was. He wore his same red coat, his hair still tied back, and forearms still bandaged. He came up to the board to see what he could find. He didn't feel like traveling outside of the village today so he spotted an easy one not to far. The piece of paper asked for someone to help clean the streets in front of a small store in a slower part of town. He swiped it off the board and memorized the address. He knew it was only a couple streets down and what better way to start off his journey to become a medical ninja then helping to clean the streets of his village.

Harichimo arrived to the location, a small line of shops a couple streets down. He stopped at the address listed on the job note, a shell of a once great dinner run by an elderly couple. Man this place is in more need of help then I thought. He knocked on the door and was greeted by an older man holding a broom. Hi, I'm Harichimo. I'm here about the cleaning job. The older man nodded and handed him a broom without saying a word and retreating back inside. Harichimo just stood with holding the broom with a puzzled look. Not even a thank you or directions on what he wants done. So Harichimo looked over the situation decided to make his own plan of attack. He saw the edges of the street littered with trash and the exterior of the shop could use a once over. Harichimo began sweeping as much of the trash as he could into a pile that he could manage to carry away to the dump with a cart. After he accomplished getting the trash into a pile he found even more trash dumped out onto the streets. Harichimo was dumb founded and looked around seeing that there a couple buildings with upper apartments that must have just dumped the trash out their windows. Harichimo bit his tongue for now and swept the rest of it up. Once again satisfied with the first task he looked at the shop front. He saw the wood was faded and the sign partially destroyed by aging. Harichimo sifted through the trash pile he had made and found a bucket bent in all manners but could still hold water, and a brush missing most of its bristles. Harichimo went to the nearest well and filled the bucket. He returned to tackle the next task by dipping the brush in the water and scrubbing away the dust and scars of time that the store amassed over the years and this went well until the late hours.  

As soon as Harichimo was finishing the last of his cleaning the old man came out and gave him a slip and a small package. Harichimo looked in the package and it contained some rice cakes. Oh sir I don't need... The old man stopped him right there and shooed Harichimo away with a smile. At least someone who deserves the help gets it today. Harichimo closed the package and went off to turn in the slip for a long days work.

WC 704/600


Futon: S-Rank | Doton: C-Rank | Katon: C-Rank
Medical Ninjutsu: S-Rank | Taijutsu: S-Rank | Ninjutsu C-Rank
Mission Counter: D:4 C:4 B:5 A:0 S:0 SS:0
Active Passives: +2 tier to Speed (Specialization)

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