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Catching a Prankster:
Mission name: Catching a Prankster
Mission rank: D
Objective: Catch the kid who sprayed graffiti over the whole city.
Location: Iwagakure > General Forum
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A boy has been putting graffiti on the wall of buildings. He has thus far managed to escape custody, and posses skills equal to that of an Academy ninja, able to move around on rooftops to escape capture. Now it is your turn to try and capture him, good luck!
Mission details: The boy has the skills of a Academy Student. He can jump over buildings.

The main hall of Iwagakure was busy as could be with diplomats and ninjas coming in and out and crowding all over. Through the main doors Harichimo entered. He looked around at the busy room and tried to find a way through without disrupting all the traffic. He saw an opening along the wall. He quickly side stepped through the crowd almost knocking a few books and scrolls out of people's hands. He slipped by the final person and made his way to the mission board. He gave it a glance to find another mission after his success with his last. He looked near the bottom for the d-rank missions and saw one from the local law ninjas. He grabbed it off the board and it read that the law enforcers needed help to track someone leaving graffiti all over buildings. Harchimo folded the piece of paper and turned around to try and find another way out of the room but his old entrance was closed by bodies. He looked around and saw another lane about to open up straight down the middle of the room. He sprang through the gap until someone carrying a stack of books closed the trail. Harichimo sprang up and launched himself off the stack of books to clear the last little gap. He ran fast out of the building not looking to see if the person still had a stack of upright books or not. As he exited the main hall he looked over the parchment again to see where the address was of a contact from the law enforcers. He knew the location, a small block of homes near the industrial part of the village. He began the walk across town to accept his next mission and make more of a name for himself.

Harichimo arrived to the location in front of a couple apartments near a fenced off warehouse. There was a run down park near by and a wall of graffiti. Harichimo walked over and scanned over the wall. The wall was mostly filled with dorky looking drawings and offensive language. As Harichimo was looking over the wall, a man dressed in an overcoat arrived behind him. Is this the work of the prankster? Harichimo asked. Yeah they have been coming back and forth the past couple of days but when we figure out a pattern he changes it up and is able to stay a step ahead. And we can't really afford to keep a person here for an extended amount of time when they could be used somewhere else. And that's where you come in. We want you to sit here and try to catch him when he is spraying up the wall or somewhere around the warehouse. Well sure thing its the least I can do to give a helping hand out around here. I'll go set up on top of the warehouse and try to keep an eye on the area and I'll bring him right to the station. Good to hear. Good luck and stay alert. The man walked off in the opposite direction and was out of sight in a matter of minutes. Harichimo jumped the fence around the warehouse and walked around the back to a ladder and climbed up onto the flat roof. He walked around the perimeter and looked at the surroundings. He could almost see the clan clinic and the main hall from the top of the building. Well better set in, it's gona be a long wait. Harichimo laid out his jacket and untied his hair. He began meditating to try and pass some time.

Hours had passed and Harichimo was starting to lose hope of the prankster even arriving. Harichimo laid on his back looked up at the dusky sky. He then heard disturbances coming from the roof tops on nearby buildings almost as if someone was making the jumps between them. Harichimo rolled onto his stomach and peered over to see a younger man making his way from building to building with ease before stopping at the last one and looking around before jumping to the ground. Harichimo watched and thought there was no way this was going to be this much of a piece of cake. The man made his way to the wall and reached into a satchel for a calligraphy pen. Harichimo quietly crawled to the ladder and grabbed the sides so he could slide down as quickly and quietly as possible. Harichimo peeked around the corner and saw the man still drawing. He made tried to quickly run his was to the fence and jumped over with little effort landing softly. Harichimo made some hand signs and prepared his chakra as he sneaked up to the man. Harichimo then quickly snapped and grabbed the man's exposed ankle  and pulled back making the man fall flat on his face. Ah what the hell did you do to my ankle I can't feel anything?!! the man screamed. It's just a little anesthetic to numb your ankle and limit your mobility. You'll regain feeling soon enough but for now you are going to take a little walk with me to the Iwa Station so you can turn yourself in. The man gave a sneer and spit at Harichimo's face. Harichimo lifted up his arm and blocked the wad of spit. That's it no walking privilege for you. Harichimo grabbed the man's  other ankle and numbed it as well. Now you can crawl your way there wana make it more worse on yourself? The man gave a meaner glare but new he was in no position to fight so he got on his hands and knees and began crawling with Harichimo close behind. They slowly made progress to the Iwa Station. When they finally arrived the anesthetic had worn off and the man was barely walking. Harichimo pushed him through the doors where the head of the station was waiting with a slip of paper rewarding Harcihimo. He smiled and took the paper making his way out as the man was assisted by two more officers to his new temporary abode.



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