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1 [Store Security, C rank mission, no kill] on Fri 17 Oct 2014, 22:11

Toshiko Uzumaki


Special Jounin
This was it. This was Toshiko's big chance. He had finally been sent on a mission. Of course he had done the simple missions before, but this was a actual ninja mission. There had been reports from the shop keeper of a weapon store that there had multiple break ins and burglaries. Toshiko had been called in to solve the issue. Toshiko arrived at the store by nightfall, to be greeted by the store owner. Toshiko knew that this was his first mission, and he wasn't going to screw it up. He had a plan. "Are you the Ninja that are going through with this job? This is what they sent me? A kid?" Toshiko knew he wanted to retaliate by telling this guy off, but he had to make this first real mission of his perfect if he wanted to get anymore of them. "Sir, i'm not a kid. And trust me i'll be more than capable of handling these burglars. I've come up with a plan, and i promise to you that i can put these guys to a stop for good." The store keeper looked at Toshiko strangely for a moment, but then shrugged and went on to pack up his things, and leave. He locked the door behind him, leaving. Toshiko started looking around, taking note of his surroundings. The entire shop was set up into different sections based off of the weapons that were at hand. One side of katana, one for kunai, and so on. Toshiko had to come up with some form of plan before they had managed to get there, and he knew exactly what he was going to do. There was a canister by the wall of kunai that was right next to the door. Tomorrow once night came, Toshiko would use his clone jutsu that he had learned in academy to form clones that would stand at the other side of the shop. Once seen, the burglars would attack and attempt to captivate the clones thinking that they would be real. Once they did that, Toshiko would use that as a distraction and then take them down. He couldn't kill them, so he would simply incapacitate them and turn them in. May not have been the best plan, but if it failed he could always use other methods. He had the plan down, and everything so far seemed good. The burglars wouldn't break in that night, so as of now he wouldn't have anything to worry about. . Toshiko had the plan done, and now he had to rest. He would need every last mound of energy for this mission, and he wasn't going to fail his very first mission. His plan was good enough, and with that he walked out of the shop, and went back to his apartment. After arriving there, he got in his bed and fell asleep. Toshiko woke up as the sun was just going down. He quickly got up, and ran back to the weapon shop. The man was at the door, impatiently waiting for Toshiko to arrive. Once he did, Toshiko was met with a unpleasant welcome."Why did it take you so long dammit? I've been waiting for hours. Hurry up and get to the store." Toshiko wanted to yell at the man, but he knew that he had to follow orders. He walked into the store, and then looked at his attire. He didn't look like the normal citizen, but this wasn't the attire of a common ninja. He walked into the store, and then attempted to blend in with the other customers. The shop keeper went back to his main stand, and Toshiko awaited for someone to make a move. Nothing happened unusual. Customers got their items, paid for it, and then left. Eventually, night had come. No one had stolen anything. It was about a hour before the store was going to close up, and there were 4 or 5 other customers inside. Out of nowhere, a man came through the door. He was wearing glasses, and a large jacket. Toshiko paid special attention to him as he walked up to the main register. "I'd like to purchase some kunai, and that katana on the wall." The store keeper nodded, and grabbed up 3 kunai and a katana placing them on the counter. The man looked around suspiciously, and then punched the store keeper in the face. The store keeper fell to the ground, and then the man got the katana, placed the kunai in his pocket, and ran out of the front door. Toshiko had his culprit, and wasn't gonna let him get away. Toshiko ran out of the front door as well, running as fast as he could. The man looked behind him. "Shit. It's a ninja!" He quickly took two of the kunai out of his pocket, and threw them directly at Toshiko. Toshiko jumped out of the way of both kunai, and got closer to the man. The man was running out of options fast. There was a corner in front of him, to which he took and turned right. Toshiko was right behind him still on his trail. The man then decided that his only choice was to go for a sneak attack. He slowly down his running a bit, and when Toshiko was right behind him he unsheathed the katana and turned around, slicing Toshiko across the chest. Blood spewed out of the long cut that had been placed upon his chest, and Toshiko jumped back. He grimaced at the stinging pain in his wound. The man then smiled. "If you are the best that the ninja have to offer, then i guess Konoha is worse than i thought!" Toshiko worked through the pain. "You take that back! Konoha is my home, and i'll be damned if scum like you are gonna infest it!"Toshiko then charged the man, and aimed a punch at his chest. The man jumped back, and swung the sword once more. the blade connected with Toshiko's arm, causing blood to spew from the wound. After that, the man then attack Toshiko once more with another blow to the chest. This time, it penetrated his chest. Going 2/4 inches deep inside of his chest, and when the man pulled it out blood started flying out of the wound. Toshiko fell to the ground, and the man smiled."Heh. You're weak. Garbage like you isn't even worth being killed." The man then sheathed the sword, and walked away. "...............No....." Toshiko tried to stand, but the pain in his chest was causing him too much pain. It stung terribly, and was preventing him from getting up. Well, that was it. He wasn't going to be capable of finishing his mission. He'd failed himself, and his village. "No.......NO!!!" Using his last bits of strength, Toshiko willed himself off the ground. The man then turned around and stared at Toshiko. "I......I'm not going to lose. I'm not going to let you keep stealing from others! That's why i became a ninja. I'm gonna rid the world of all evil! To do that, i have to keep going....... I can't LOSE!!!!" Toshiko held out his hand, and shock waves of electricity flowed through it. Eventually, the shock waves became a full on lightning strike. The man looked off in complete shock of what he was seeing. Toshiko finished charging up his chakra, and then ran right towards the man. The man was so shocked he barely had any time to react. Toshiko but his hand carrying the lightning chakra out, and then pushed it right in the middle of the man's chest. The man took the hit dead on, ad it cut through his skin. After that, it sent a boom wave of chakra through his body, knocking him back a few meters and causing him to fall to the ground incapacitated. The jutsu had knocked him out. Just as that happened. The shop keeper came running down the street towards the two. Toshiko smiled. "I....I got him." With that, he fell to the ground, and passed out due to his blood loss. He awoke in the medical ward, his wounds being tended to. The man had been captured, and convicted thanks so him. He had stopped the thief, and completed his first mission.

Word Count: 1450


Mission Completed.





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