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1 Dark Society Roster on Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:44 pm

Yuzu Ren


For more info on Dark Society you need to become a member which from now on requires that you get nominated by one Main Member and approved by two other Main Members...

The numbers are not in any specific order

1. Yuzu Ren
2. Binsu
3. Shibirin
4. Yosuke
5. Wolfgang

To be fair there will now be an application process involved for any other people joining with a few basic requirements

1. You must have something about you that is dark in someway whether it is how you see the world or the way you do things

2. You need to have something you desire from the darkness whether it is power, love , revenge or whatever your reason you must have one

3. You must agree with the code and the views of the people of Darkness which will be revealed later in Darkness Gathers which will be attached later

4. New people will fall under one of the five mentioned above and those five will each take up to a maximum of either one follower or five followers which is decided by each of them seperately. More like dark apprentices but you get the picture.

5. Do not join if you do not have what it takes which basically means if you are scared of dying do not join. We are becoming powerful because the things we want to do are dangerous and must be done for the good of all so if you are not prepared to die do not waste our time.

6. Who ever you are under will have their own unique requirements within their group as well. Not to mention pairing up etc as we will do missions in various locations.

7. Travel Ready, you must be prepared to travel when the time comes, of course you will have time to tie up loose ends or given forewarning if you are needed somewhere...



Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

2 Re: Dark Society Roster on Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:01 am

Yuzu Ren


The Covenant of the Dark Society Kurai no Kyokai

"I will forsake the world and the laws binding me to the light"
When given a choice, you will follow the path that is right regardless of the laws set by man

"I will cut down the filth that rules us, protect those who choose to live within the darkness"
Those who try to stop us and those who try to rule us must die
I will protect my brothers and sisters within this dark society

"They have made us weapons, so we will show them the true meaning of what a weapon is"
I will become stronger than anyone before me

"They have made us fight for the light that makes us blind to the truth"
Those who rule us have made us fight for lies

"In the darkness there are no lies, only the truth. I will become the truth of the world, I will become the Darkness"

The Darkness offers us only truth and in exchange i shall become the truth of the world.

If you want to join Applications are OPEN but before we do that each of the five members will decide how big a team they are willing to accept...

In my case i am willing to take anywhere between 1 and 3
Will get an update on each of the others soon, but please if you wish to really join place applications here and one person must choose you and then two others must approve which should not be too hard...


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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