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1Spar: Ichiru Vs. Striker (Practice) Empty Spar: Ichiru Vs. Striker (Practice) on Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:08 pm

Ichiru Katsu

Ichiru Katsu

all stats are D-ranked
A maximum of 3-C rank justu and 3-D Rank justu
All standard combat rules apply
Chakra = 150
Clan KKG and Academy justu do not count for max
Items = 5 Kunai

Ichiru would step onto the battlefield, as he looked to the ground.His Green, shin high boots managed to kick a bit of dust into the air as he made his way to the middle of the battle area. All that was on the young boy's mind was the excitement of his first battle. He wondered how well he would do and also, what knowledge he would gain of what he needed to improve upon after the battle had ended. The young, snow white haired boy would rise his head as he began to look around at his surroundings. He noticed that there were many tree's, Large and wide all around him. Their dark brown trunks seemed to look down on him from the heaven's, assuming from their height he was nothing more than a ant. He also noticed that not to far behind these tree's were small bushes that came up to about his knee. Somehow he managed to find his way in the center of all these tree's and bushes until he arrived at a point where the area he had made it to was mostly clear land, disregarding the two boulders that stood on each side of the field at a diagonal angle. He managed to slide both his hands in the pockets of his Dark grey trousers. He stood with surprisingly good posture for a boy his age. Soon a gentle breeze danced through the forest, managing to persuade his snow white hair and lime green shirt to dance along with it. He looked up into the beautiful blue sky as his hair was taken by gravity and fell along the side of the light brown skin of the young boy. He could hear the beautiful songs of the birds chirping all around him, as if they were inside of an orchestra, making music that's soul purpose was to please the human ears. His mind began to become clouded with what was yet to come from this new interesting world, and if he would even be able to survive. The next thing that crossed his mind was him and his close friend, doing missions together, taking the chunin exams together, and so much more. Pleased with these ideas he slowly closed both his bright purple eyes. He then took in a deep breath of the fresh air that nature had provided for him. He soon reopened his eyes as he began to mentally prepare himself for battle. He knew that no matter what happened he must go all out, and fight as if he is ready to die. That was his motivation, his only source of determination. Ichiru had nothing else to live for, but himself and the person that meant the most to him. He would lower his head to normal level as he told himself he was ready for anything that came in his direction. His emotionless face managed to have a grin creep upon it as he knew, that within a few moments a destined battle would begin.

OOC: I know this isn't the greatest intro but I hope it gets things going. I'm only doing this to see where I am in Rp, and how much harder I need to work. So thanks for agreeing to this spar.

Item's 5 kunai
Chakra 150/150
Justu used:

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