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1 Hokurika[Yakuza/Syndicate] on Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:20 pm

Mr. Alarune




Yakuzas and Mafia have reached an all time low within the recent centuries. After the fall of the famed Akatsuki, they all seemingly lost hope and disbanded. Any other attempts to create a criminal organization proved to be very difficult. But now, this is a new age, where a syndicate is being proposed. Monamasume, a slightly well-known man of the criminal underworld, has proposed a new organization, a Yakuza, the Hokurika family. However, this is slightly different, as this organization is willing to not only make allies with other organizations, but also a village if they propose too.

In this new age, who could really be considered a criminal anymore. After Seven Bells, the world has become a dull place. We must keep the tide of time moving, and help the land, all the way, making some money.

Current Headquarter(s)

  • Undecided

  • Oyabun[Leader/Family Head/Godfather]:

    - Mr.Alarune

  • Wakagashira[Second-in-Command]: ---

  • Saiko-komon[Senior Advisor(s)]: ---

  • Shingiin[Advisors]:---

  • Kaikei[Accountants/Lower Advisors]:---

  • Shategashira[Lieutenant(s)]


  • Kyodai[Soldiers/Full-Members]: ---

  • Shatei[Newbies]: ---



Ally Template:


[b]Organization Name[/b]:
[b]Leader Of Organization[/b]:
[b]Reason of becoming Ally[Optional][/b]:
[b]Current Headquarters[/b]:
[b]Swear that we will come to each others aid when needed[Type "I Swear][/b]:


Hokurika Tattoo


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2 Hiearchy on Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:38 am

Mr. Alarune



[NOTE:We do not have Komon and Hisho. Kumi-in refers to Kyodai and Shatei, while Wakagashira-hosa are more so elites among Kyodai.]

Oyabun - Leader of the Yakuza, they have complete and utter control over the entire family. However, despite having absolute power, they must maintain the peace within it least a riot breaks out.

Wakagashira - The right hand of the Oyabun, the Wakagashira is in the same position as the Oyabun, holding great power but having to maintain the peace. The Oyabun can easily overrule the Wakagahira.

Saiko-komon - These are lead Advisors in the family. They are the ones who develop battle plans or decide what to do next.

Shingiin - Normal, middle Advisors who help the Saiko-Komon in development. They are often apprentices of the Saiko.

Kaikei - Lower Advisors who are still learning, often placed with Shingiin to learn.

Shategashira - These are the Lieutenants in the Yakuza and, if neither Oyabun or Wakagashira are present, act as the collective leader of the Yakuza, working as a party of somesort. These more so lead and direct the Kyodai and Shatei.

Wakagashira-hosa - These can considered elites of the Kyodai. They have more say in leadership than the average Kyodai does.

Kyodai - The basic member and the bulk of any Yakuza and Mafia. They tend to be the more active ones, sent on missions and such. They are often paired with 1-3 Shatei, acting as a teacher to them.

Shatei - The new, uninitiated member of a Yakuza. These are the lowest and beginning rank of a new member. In-order to rank up from this, a Shatei must do 3 Criminal missions of ANY RANK and complete them. Then, a thread for the Initiation can be done.


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