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Gaiso Yamino


Yamino sat in his large chair, he was nursing a stack of payments once again, since there was so many in his mercenary group they all had to be paid, and he was not a leader who would ever skimp out on things like that, he may be able to take on one man, but if the whole group wanted him dead he would have a slight problem, he didnt need that many corpses...

So as he signed and signed he saw his man walk into the tent, the man who entered was the man known as Ox, he huge left hand man who had the strengh of 5 men, he looked downcast somewhat and Yamino was worried why, though only worried due to the fact that Ox was never scared or cowered so it must be something pretty serious, Yamino Stood up and nodded curtly for him to speak,
Umm...Sir there is a army of men to see you, they arent ninja but they are armed, they are in the courtyard, they have already bet up a group of our guys
Yamino silenced him with his hand and said to him in in a slightly angry voice,
Get Skinner,Surgeon,, and Kakai meet me at the courtyard in 1 minute , no right now, and be ready for a fight, armed and wary Ox nodded and looked alot better due to the fact that he now had orders and had something to do about the matter, Ox was never good at thinking for himself, and he seemed to get anxious if he didnt have orders, which was why he made the best left hand man , since he never though for himself.

Yamino walked slowly towards the courtyard, preparing himself, taking his cloak and placing it on his shoulders and then tying his headband on his forehead, as he arrived at the courtyard and there was abou 25 men there, there was one in the center yelling for the leader, the others were wielding kunai and daggers, Ox was now beside him wielding an ungodly big hammer, Skinner was wielding two long skinny razor sharp knives,Surgeon had a full belt of scalpels and razor blades, and Kakai had Brass knuckles on both hands as he got ready to fight, but before anyone could attack Yamino rushed towards the person who he knew was the leader and slashed the back of the knees sending him down to his height, he then made a quick handsign and suddenly 4m around him was filled with thick black haze, the vision around him was not obscured, everyone around him started hacking and coughing, that was when his team attacked, Ox flew in and sent 3 men flying right away breaking there knees as well as sending them flying, at the same time Surgeon impaled 4 men and threw razors and sliced up 2 more, and Skinner was whirling through the group delivering thin deep cuts with his blades, within a few seconds all of the men were on the ground and groaning in pain, the leader had a kunai to his throat and had cut tendons he was groaning in pain and as he turned and saw a kid looking back at him, Yamino then spoke in a voice of pure cold anger,
You come here and pound on MY men, you are the stupidiest guy ive ever seen in my life, we took down your entire group with 4 men, within 10 seconds, you came to the one gang that is lead by a ninja,
and my ninja way is clear "I strive for something beyond the strongest, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin!" and i live that, now leave before i have to do further damage to your mens legs.
Suddenly as if someone had called him from far away the leader shambled towards the exit, barely able to stand due to his cut knees, his men followed him, now Yamino was looking around and he saw the men that they had beat up for fun, they were new men who had with no doubt challenged them, they were in semi serious condition he nodded to Surgeon and he went forth and started patching them up, he then decided to schedule the men for another fight practice, he could not have anyone in the gang being beat up by such low life thugs, he cracked his neck and undid his jutsu, for he did not want to expend chakra without reason, all of his men were patting him on the back and cheering for him, it was still good to know that he still dwarfed the other men in the group, the only ones that neared him were his lieutenants, and they were loyal to him due to the long time they and been friends, it seemed he still had more papers to sign...


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"I strive for something beyond the strongest, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin!"

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