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1 The Following (Organization) on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:23 am



The Following Consists of Members Who believe that The world is a cruel and relentless place, so they are determined to display the hate anger, and sorrow in the world, so that it is no longer hidden anymore. They believe that Those currently in power try to make the world seem fair and innocent to those who cannot bare anything more, and in return they simply gain more power. So the following's job is to go throughout the land and spread fear and sorrow, in order to gain a little bit of peace. The following has taken some philosophy from the infamous Pein 100 years ago. That the world cannot truly come to peace unless they understand one another's pain. The Leader of this group, Mikasa, Also believes that if you give everyone something to rally behind, it will lead to better relations of those on the same side.


Current members: 2

Location: Suna/Takigakure

Home base: None ATM

Uniforms: WIP (am Consulting with Sozo)

Allys: None ATM

Name/Rank/Title(may be your rank)

Santaku Mikasa/ Leader/ The Goddess

Sozo Sagara/ War General/ TBD


Application Template:
Name: Lastname, Firstname
Actual Rank:(Genin(d), Chunin(c), Sp.jounin(b)...
Village: What village are you from (if any)
Willingness to leave: are you willing to Defect from you village for the cause? if not i'm sure we can work are way around that.
Weakness and Strengths: are you a long ranged fighter, that can't handle Close range combat? are you a Mid-ranged Combat user that has Frail? Give me a brief run down of how you fight, and what your good at, and also what your bad at so i can be sure to put you in the place you will be most effective.
Reason for Joining:Is your reason simply because it is something you want to participate in? are you in it for the plot? the killing? Why are you here?

Ally Template:
Name: Name of Orgnazation
Why you want to become allies: a brief reason is enough
Link to organization page: Link me so i can get to know your group
Why i should become your ally: pretty self explanatory, i will most likely become allies with you anyways, but you should still give me one.


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2 Re: The Following (Organization) on Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:28 pm



Name: Niitah, Noel
Actual Rank: Genin(D)
Village: Sunagakure
Willingness to leave: he is willing to leave where the Mikasa takes him
Weakness and Strengths: He is generally fast and focuses on defense and gathering information with a situational style of combat. He is frail and is not the strongest when it comes to killing or finishing off opponents. Still lacks experience in the field which could count against him.
Reason for Joining: Mikasa


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