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A dream, a mere figment of one's own imagination. That's what the idea of boundless power should always have been. Ever since in days long past, when the legendary and infamous shinobi Madara had tried to obtain the powers of the Rabbit demon princess, this very idea had been imprinted in the very essence of the shinobi world, limiting both its progress and its cohesion.

However, that time has passed. No more shall the daimyo's rule the nations without the power to fullfill their own desires, though relying on the strength of their subjects to oppress their will on others. No longer shall the world of shinobi be ruled by powerless despots and useless tyrants.

With the power, the unlimited knowledge and ever growing thirst for more, I Orochi Enaka will change the order of things, unravel the very mysteries of this staunch and neverchanging world. I will know all the secrets to the nindou and will effort myself to become a being far beyond that of the One called Kaguya, to change this world into what it should be.

-, Article 1 of The Eien no Yami Codex

Deep within the Dungeon, far away from the prying eyes of the lesser men of the Black ANBU, but the annoying brat Uchiha Kyohei first and foremost, researchers in service of the Eien no Yami organization were conducting tests on a young woman sitting in a chair in the middle of a laboratory packed with the most high-tech equipment available to man.

Two men in white coats attached small plastic pads to the young woman's head, with a small monitor at the side showing two lines in different colors, with one of those lines constantly moving up and down in a rapid fashion, while the other one seemed to have a lot more effort to even do half as much motion.

"It seems your control over her conscience is stronger than we had anticipated, master Hataro," One of the two men exclaimed while checking the young woman's vital signs, ignoring the various marks created by what seemed to have been quite a distressing case of torture.  "As long as her mind is subsided like this, you are free to control this body perfectly. Though I must warn you that certain jutsu aimed directly at the cerebral cortex with pinpoint precission could awaken her again and thus strain your control."

"As if I did not know that," The young woman spat out with a rather male voice, sounding cold and ruthless with every syllable rolling over her weirdly forked tongue. "We'll just have to make sure she does not wake up. She's perfect for the jobs I have to do, but I do not intend to stay in here forever. When my jobs are done, we'll just have to use Lord Snake's power to crush her mind and make her into a mindless, harmless piece of crap."

"I see what you mean, master Hataro," The other one of the two men spoke up, while attaching a few other pads on the young woman's body to check if her muscles were functioning properly. "Seems that there's no twitching or muscle degradation. You've really gotten yourself a healthy container."




Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



The world is divided unequally, some have been granted power through the sheer luck of being born in the appropriate families, though many do not have knowledge nor use the full potential of these blessed amounts of power.

I strife to find equality, taking away power from the ignorant and granting it to those with the credentials and the will to use the power given to them. I seek to understand the equilibrium of this world and to create a far more suitable and understandable balance than that which is now in place.

Through the use of these powers, this equilibrium and the knowledge which I have garnered, I will not just unite all nations, but all powers and all minds. A world in which none will have disputes that can't be solved, a world in which each has their place and will be respected and expected to do their part. I will administer peace to those deserving it, while crushing and eliminating all elements of futile resistance, for in this world only one law may exist: There is no limit to power, but there is a limit to how long one can misuse it.

-, Article 2 of The Eien no Yami Codex

The Young woman seemed to be finished with the researchers, walking out of the room, dressing herself in a elegant, formfitting black leather outfit, which she had apparently decided upon to be her attire for the remainder of her days in the shinobi world. Passing a mirror, for an instant, she seemed to have a semblance of a smile on her otherwise cold and unfeeling face, her golden eyes seemingly dulled and glazed like that of a person without a fraction of a soul left.

Through a long curved corridor, the young woman reached a large open area where easily a dozen men and women were training in various ways: going from muscle and mental training to pure bouts against one another to determine the pecking order. Three of them were seperated of the others however, waiting on a large field with not a single obstacle.

"I hope you're all ready," The woman exclaimed with the strangely masculine voice of earlier. "If I'm going to test this new vessel of mine, I better do so thoroughly."

The woman and the two men nodded, taking their stances, while the young woman herself only turned sideways, lifting her left hand and motioning them to come at her with everything the three could possibly muster.

"She might not be as good as I am," the voice spoke again, sounding so strange coming from the woman's lips. "But you do best not to underestimate the amount of skill I now have at my disposal."




Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



No great man desires to be a god, a great man should look even beyond such limitations, for a regular god is by no means omnipotent and thus does not have the power to truly change the ways of the world and all the limitations within said world.

I desire not to become a god, nor to become something equal to the beings of old that were and are regarded as gods or godlike beings. I dont aim to become a new madara, I dont aim to equal Hashirama, nor do I strife to limit myself to the likes of Uzumaki Naruto or Uchiha Sasuke. To truly change the present status quo of this harsh and unforgiving world, I seek to become so much more, to stand so much higher on the ladder that the aforementioned legends of old would pale in comparison to my immeasurable power.

I shall change the world for the better, I will determine the fate of millions and I will not refrain from using my arsenal of knowledge and skills, I wont restrain myself nor others, but grant the equality needed among the rabble, while guiding them with an iron fist in a velvet glove, like the Father and the humble shepher shall I lead this world from ruins to glory and from chaos to order.

-,Article 3 from The Eien no Yami Codex

The three operatives of the Black ANBU did not hold back at all, as they quickly started out with a quite impressive combo. The largest of the two men quickly made a wall of rock rise up in front of his team and with the other guy jumping on top of the wall to grow and elongate spikes from the wall at will, the female member of the trio followed up by using katon to harden and strengthen the tips of the spikes, making them as sharp and as dangerous as high quality steel spears.

"Very good," The young woman commented, before performing a set of hand seals herself, finishing up by slamming her left hand onto the ground, after which a rather large, sticky wall of mud appeared in front of her, followed by a uick breath of mist to envelope the entire area in a thick mist. "However…far from good enough."

A cackle came from within the mist, with suddenly the appearance of the young woman coming from the right out of the mist, pressing her hands together while running towards the trio, which acted quickly when they saw her, guiding the spikes in her direction, failing twice to skewer her, but the third attempt hit home and pierced the woman straight through the chest. Despite this however, the woman laughed and at the instant she regressed to a puddle of water, the trio knew they had been lured into one of the most basic traps, as another form of the young woman jumped out of the center of the mist, quickly swiping her arms through the air and launching a multitude of small sickle formed projectiles made out of water towards the trio.

With a swift reaction, the largest man of the trio erected another, less impressive wall on top of the one he made earlier, shielding his teammates and himself from further harm, but also blocking their view, which essentially was a big mistake, as a second after they heard the last slice into the wall from those sickleformed projectiles, the young woman herself broke through the wall with an impressive if not imposing display of raw strength, with her skin covered by white scales and her arms seemingly more muscular.

Knocking the large man from the wall onto the ground below, the young woman used her superior speed to quickly create two snakes made from mud to blow the two remaining members of the trio from the wall onto the ground as well. "This aint finished yet. again!!"




Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



To claim power beyond the gods of old, beyond the likes of even the sage of the six paths, one must create something unique. An ardeous task lies ahead for those who want to go down that road. This creation must never been seen before and always outrank the strongest of its kind in existence.

The objection might be, that by creating something overpowerful and immeasurably strong like this, might unbalance the equilibrium as spoken off in article two, however when in only one pair of hands and used with care, even a creation with more power than the bijuu could litterally rather restore in stead of discord the balance of this world.

I have created three unique things in my life, the Basilisk Eye, which should easily surpass the best of the known doujutsu in the shinobi world. Myself, as I have journeyed, worked and killed to steel my body and mind to a level beyond that of even the kage. And last but certainly not least, I have been able to perfect the theory of the essence transfer. This last one is probably my most succesful creation, as it allows a person to transfer his mind and soul into another being just like the Yamanaka technique, but on a more precise and longer lasting scale, not even limited to living beings.

Thus as earlier said, these creations will lead to balance the world and not break it's equilibrium, that is…as long as I maintain full control over everything.

-, Article 4 of The Eien no Yami Codex

While all three Black ANBU members were trying to get up, Hataro was really taking his time to investigate his vessel with glee. he had seen Risu many times before, always acting as Orochi Enaka's secretary in the council, though not many could link his face to anything, since he had never shown his real face before, always using puppets and corpses to travel around in the daylight, never revealing his real self.

"Get up, will you," He suddenly spoke through the lips of the young Orochi lady, getting irritated from the groaning and moaning noises made by those who were ordered instants earlier to get back on their feet."I still have a final test to make, so please do not be a bunch of slackers and get up your feet, damn it."

The three Black ANBU members nodded to eachother, suddenly dispersing faster than hataro had expected, but nonetheless making him smile slightly. The largest man suddenly jumped straight towards Risu's body, grabbing her by the neck and holding tight, though Hataro did not even bother to react for some unknown reason.

the other man and the woman quickly combined their jutsu, a hail of small fire bullets and a hail of wind bullets, both aiming to create a large explosion. Which for once finally made Hataro look at the tall guy holding him, realizing that he was cloaked with a veil of fast moving water to lower the burn and impact of an eventual explosion.

A smile came upon the face of the young woman, who quickly strengthened the muscles in her arms by using Risu's Chimeara jutsu, slamming an elbow twice in the large man's gut, which forced him to loosen his grip on the woman; a fatal mistake, as she quickly shot a blast of dark purple chakra into his body, which disrupted his entire chakra system. With a smile on her face, she jumped away right when the fire and wind bullets collided at her earlier location.

The large man vanished inside the explosion, while Lamya managed to land right behind the remaining duo, which still had not figured out that Hataro had used Lamya's chimera jutsu to release the young woman from the large man's grip.

creating two snakes made out of mud and fast flowing water after making a few handseals, the young woman's jutsu quickly pinned the two to the ground, making it impossible for them to escape. "Go help your comrade and bring him to the infirmary, he'll need it."

After saying that, the jutsu vanished and the young woman walked triumphantly off the training area, smiling with obvious glee.




Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



Am I insane to wish for peace, am I deluded if I desire for order? These questions haunted my mind for years, when my old mentor and former Hokage had decided to strip me from my duties as an ANBU captain and instead place me on his council, as his aid, his advisor and in plain simple words, his servant.

I have seen much of the world, I have learned and taught, dreamed and prayed, but in the end the only thing during my entire life, which disturbed me most, was the situation in which we lived. So long had I tried to safeguard the beauty and the power of Konoha, that when I lost the duty to do so, I became focused on not only Konoha or the Nation of Fire, but focused on the entire world itself.

No more did I believe that the actions of the past were justified or succesful. It was when the second dark age came about, that I realized that there was something amiss. My organization did not yet pour all its efforts in controlling all information, but was a mere second layer of secrecy and shadows. It was when the rise of a sinister group of men brought the world into chaos and the rise of a second group known as the Aoi Bara, that I realized that I no longer had time to simply barter in information or my research and struggle for more power.

I Realize now, that the time has come and that I will have to slowly change every event in my favor, no matter the cost.

-, Article 5 of The Eien no Yami Codex

Standing in the center of a massive round chamber, the very same chamber where hundreds of corpses had been laying on tables and were now destroyed by the very person he was now controlling, The Lieutenant of the Black ANBU; Itsukuchi Hataro was standing still in front of the young woman he had previously been testing, with behind him two puppets: one similar to the young woman, clad in an ANBU attire of a decade ago and one bearing two swords of lightning and air.

His massive armor, adorned with many spikes and horns gave him an impressive sight to behold, but he only tried it on for this very occasion, as he was about to release the young woman from his control, which by using a few handsigns and placing his hand against her head, resulted in a black writing to appear on the exposed part of her chest, with the young woman gaining her full conscious again.

"Well well," A course and cold came out of the massive armor, sending shivers up the young woman's spine. "Look at how arrogant and brave we are now, hmm. You came into the very room with fire and brimstone, but are now kneeling before me. I did warn you that you had not the slightest idea in how vastly different our levels in power are. Now than, Despite everything, I have a good heart and I want to hear something from you, I want you to admit, admit that you have failed, that you have fallen, Orochi Risu."




Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



The world is wrong, the entire society is built on lies and deceit. Change is needed, the power to change everything, to submit all the rules to one's own will, to turn the world from its chaotic state into a prime example of how everything should be: peace and order.

I will change this world, I will dominate it, I will destroy all boundaries that have been created and none will be able to oppose me when I claim this world as my own. No more hunger, no more corruption, no more deceit. With me as its guide, its ruler, its God, the world of the shinobi will become what it was always meant to be: tranquil.

All resistance will be wiped away, all defiance will be stomped down, all renouncement of this glory will be crushed. No rebellion shall exist, no defiance shall occur, all will be united in love and…fear.

-, Final article of The Eien no Yami Codex

Horror befell Risu when her conscience returned, her eyes looking around the massive round chamber with the armored man in front of her. At least a hundred pairs of eyes looked down upon her, a hundred dead souls, a hundred human puppets showing her the despair she had been feeling in her heart and soul for so long.

This was reality, this was the truth. Not only was her own uncle in on the Black ANBU, but if he was able to control someone who had amassed such a collection of puppets, someone who could turn even living beings into puppets for his own use, than her entire search, her raids and her rage had been for naught.

Her thoughts went to Kyohei, to the one man who actually cherished her and the one person for whom she'd destroy everything. She had to keep everything a secret, she had to be silent against him, but for what, to die without even having done more than just loving him. Where was their future, the children and grandchildren they could've had, if her uncle wasn't so bent on ruling the shadows.

"You might be stronger than me," The young woman complied, though not content with just backing down without telling this monster her own thoughts. "But you will make mistakes. You will fail and when you do, you will fall. I wouldn't mind if I die in the process, but I can guarantee this to you, you will fall one day."



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Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve

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