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1 The Slum Dog Library(D-Rank Mission) on Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:29 am



Library Assistant D-Rank:
Mission name: Library Assistant
Mission rank: D
Objective: Take care of the library
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 70
Mission description: The woman who operates the Suna library is bed ridden with a bad case of the flu. She needs a ninja to take care of the library in her stead. This job will include but not be limited to putting books back up on shelves, finding certain books for people, keeping the library clean, keeping the library quiet, and checking out books.
Mission details: Minimum 600 Words describing how you upkeep the library and its assets.

He was nervous as he stood before the mission board of directors as they looked the young little boy up and down. His shaky hands and his long soft fluffy white wings along with his cute clothing made them all want to give him an easy mission. They did not want to make it too easy since they did not want to create further conflict between the head family Himura and the branch of slave family Niitah. As he waited nervously looking down to his feet, he was in such a hurry he forgot to put on his shoes. He nervously continued to fidget as he rubbed his foot against his other foot. The one perverted board member suffered a severe nose bleed as he had to be carried away by the medical corps.

Finally after deliberating through the hundred of available missions of his rank they found one safe mission. They then all put their hands together and spoke strictly to the young little boy. "Your first official mission as a genin of Sunagakure is to assist the local library in the Slums which can be found near some Sand Dunes. You are to work there for the day doing whatever is required of you."

The young boy nodded as he slowly approached as they gave him the mission papers. He carefully put them inside his pocket after folding them neatly, he was so happy to finally be going out on his very first mission.

Words = 246/600

2 Re: The Slum Dog Library(D-Rank Mission) on Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:50 am



He stepped outside and realizing it was a long walk and that he did not have any shoes on he began to spread his wings out as some people pointed to the boy who then took off flying over the buildings and through the streets as the birds began to follow him again. He was like a bird flying free, even though he still felt bound to his master, the future head of Santaku, Mikasa. He finally noticed a run down old place that matched the description as he landed at the front door he knocked softly, as a strange lady opened the door sneezing slightly.

"Welcome to Sandun Ravah, the library of the forgotten Sand Dunes. Please come inside so i can explain what i will be having you do while i rest in my house out back." She coughed some more as some man helped her into the back. She told him to just pick up the books lying around and to clean up the floors since it was full of dust everywhere. He got lucky with the library closed he would not need to deal with lots of people, and the man even gave him a small library backpack to hide his wings inside. So that he would appear like a normal library boy and not some angel of books.

He took a deep breath before picking up the broom and running all around along the floors cleaning up all the dust at high speeds, or as fast as a genin could. He even borrowed some soft socks to keep his feet safe from the dustiness. He then stopped and started picking up some of the books and just reading through them carefully. The books were listed in sections, the first section was Shinobi guides, the second section was Villager guides, the third section was the Forbidden Scrolls section which he was told to make sure was undisturbed. He checked the lock which was locked tight as he sighed. He wanted to see what was inside but until then he had no choice but to just do his job. He was getting bored packing the books and cleaning up for the opening day tomorrow.

He began to read some books when he was half way done, he read the book on How to train your Snake. It was a book on training snakes as well as other snake-like animals. The last page listed the dragon snake could be found out about in the forbidden section. He sighed again and put it down as he finished up with his work and then went to the back to hand the old lady the keys.

[/b] Words = 223 + 446 = 600/600

exit thread[/b]


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