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1 Alone in the Sand(Private/Training) on Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:02 pm



As the boy sat on his sand dune he looked up to the sky, the moon was beautiful as he sat his arms spread out, as he lays there in his pajamas as his wings hide beneath the sand. He takes a deep breathe before speaking to himself. "Mikasa" as he reaches his hand up towards the moon. The sand blowing over his hair as he was far from his home inside the Oasis, spending time here to be close to the library which he took a liking to.

As the desert night animals came out running around ignoring him as he stayed laying there getting his hair full of sand as he then began to yawn as he got sleepy. He fell into a deep sleep as the sand slowly began to cover him as he laid there. He missed Mikasa, he missed his family, and he missed his ice cream.

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2 Re: Alone in the Sand(Private/Training) on Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:21 pm



He opened his eyes as the sand blew up into his nose as he sneezed. He looked into the sky as the moon was right above him now as he noticed a few clouds. He knew the clouds would just pass and rain somewhere else, since this was a desert after all. He started lifting up his wings as they shaked all the sand off, he then got up and began walking along the sand dunes before slipping as he tumbled down the sand dune. He began hitting his head arms and legs randomly into the sand before crashing wings first into the bottom before the back of his head hit the ground. He rubbed the back of his head before laughing a little bit as he started smiling. He remembered the time he was locked away, and the times that Mikasa came to see him. No matter how useless he was, or how much of a bother he was to her she always acknowledged him. He missed her and he put his hand on his chest as he began to choke up and cry again. he could not cry in front of people, so he could only cry alone in the sand.

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3 Re: Alone in the Sand(Private/Training) on Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:39 am



The boy had fallen asleep and was being dragged along some kind of sled as he slowly opened his eyes when the sunlight hit them. He was covered in a small blanket and when he looked up he could see that the sun had only just begun to rise. He tried to move his wings but he could not as he looked down he was tied up to the sled. As he looked to the man who had a camel pulling him along he wondered what was going to happen to him. He could hardly move when all of a sudden he began to struggle as the man stopped the camel and got off to start talking. "Stop moving around kid, do not make me have to beat the crap out of you, you here?". The young little boy was scared, he was petrified. He was too scared to move as the man scratched his head as he then took out a small roll of bread. "Here take a bite of this, you can not go dying before we get a chance to use you."

The man had made a mistake as the boy took a small bite out of the bread, he began pushing with all his might as his wings finally began to loosen the ropes that bound him. He then pulled his wings as close to him as possible careful not to reveal what he had done. The man got back on his camel and began riding off, the boy did not know where they were going, however this was not how he wanted to spend his morning. He wiggled slowly until finally he fell of the edge only to be dragged helplessly in the sand as his leg was tied to the sled with a rope. The man looked back and stopped the camel and was about to get him, but the boy flew up lifting the sled up a bit as well as he kept trying to fly away. "Hey kid, get back down here, you can not get away like that, this sled is way to heavy for you. Just give up and be a good little boy. We need you to just help with the..."

The man was cut short as he heard a strange sound. Something had risen behind him as he looked around. Sand shinobi popped up all around him looking like puppets with scorpion tails. The man cut loose the sled and rode off with the camel at full speed as the puppets laughed before turning back into sand as a man appeared before the boy and cut the rope as the boy broke free confused. He flapped his wings for a while looking at the man who then covered his face and walked away saying. "Your home is that way, you should not wander around by yourself at night this is a dangerous place for a cute little boy to be playing around." The man laughed as he disappeared into the sand, he began to wonder if he was alone or if everything was just an illusion. He began to fly away as he returned home to his village and crashed into one of the sand dunes at full speed creating a large sandy splash before popping his head out of the sand and sighing. He was not the only one who was alone in the sand, but as soon as the sands of time would come to pass he would need to grow stronger to protect himself from the harsh environment which he had grown up in and the one he would soon find himself in again.

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