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1 The Slum Dog Library Part 2(D-Rank Mission) on Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:21 pm



Library Assistant:

Mission name: Library Assistant
Mission rank: D
Objective: Take care of the library
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 70
Mission description: The woman who operates the Suna library is bed ridden with a bad case of the flu. She needs a ninja to take care of the library in her stead. This job will include but not be limited to putting books back up on shelves, finding certain books for people, keeping the library clean, keeping the library quiet, and checking out books.
Mission details: Minimum 600 Words describing how you upkeep the library and its assets.

The lady was pleased with his job he did last time and still feeling ill requested the boy come and work in the library again. As the young boy woke up to go and collect his new mission he was told to go back to the library to assist again. He began to wonder if the higher ups were trying to keep him from real missions or did the lady really want him to work there again. He knew that most people wanted to pass him off and throw him away, or leave him behind so he found it strange that she wanted him back. He decided he might as well go there, as he entered the guy from last time gave him the keys and told him the library uniform and his backpack were waiting. As he quietly walked in he found the back of the library and began to change so he would be ready for his work. He found a brush and tried in vain to get his hair to behave before giving up on that. He then put on the uniform and the backpack and went to stand at the main section for issuing out books.

The first person to come to him that day was some guy who asked him for a book on sand sharks. He was not sure where to look but he looked down at his desk and quickly paged through for animals and sharks. He finally found sand sharks and sighed as he looked to the man. He pointed to the forbidden section as the man got a bit upset and stormed off having realized he could not get the book he wanted.

The second person to come that day was a nice lady who had a whole list of books and then when he checked them out he walked out from the desk as the lady followed him, he found each book taking them down so the lady could look at them. The lady kept smiling and was probably in her forties or fifties for all he knew. As they finally collected all the books the lady thanked him as he began to stamp out each book with the library seal. The lady then spoke to the boy gently and said, "Thank you, what is your name little boy?", he was nervous and looked around then pulled out his shinobi card which said his name. She looked a bit shocked then spoke, "Even taking children to be shinobi these days, but at least you doing safe jobs". The lady smiled and ruffled the hair of the boy who pouted in protest as she laughed when she left. Deep down inside though he felt glad to get the attention but he did not want to let anyone know his weakness like that.

Words = 471/600



Things had gotten quiet as it came closer to closing time. He began to get back to the cleaning and placing of books, carefully sweeping the dust away as people had not used the library much that day. Things did not look too good in the library, but being as inactive as it was made the job far easier and was the reason this had become a basic D-Rank mission. He was nearly done as he placed the last few books on the shelf before sighing. "Mikasa", as he then began to get ready to close up the library.

He quickly did a run through of all the books taken out and brought back, he counted them one by one, book by book and even checked for missing pages on the returns. He finally was done as he locked up returning the key and heading home again.

Words = 471 + 148 = 600/600

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