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1 My OOC Rhymes on Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:00 pm




do not post here....

this will be a saga parody rap album so stay up to date with the rhymes when they come

1. Genin Beggin

My life started yesterday, as I got approved all the way
I broke my back to write this app, but then it happened and i started crap

All these moments spent just to be a genin
Everytime we see mods and start with beggin
The only time we are truly free
Is when I make a mission with only me

Deep Mod Voice
The mods are back, just shut your mouth
We do our job north, so stop staying south
You expect us to mod you we still have a life
Stop sending me PM's to approve your C-Rank knife

We work real hard in real life and also IC
Because all i see is you begging me
Give me five minutes, it is just one rule
Learn to read or go back to school

Kid Voice
But i just started, i am not retarded
Listen to me please, do not make me disregarded
i twisted my ankle just to finish these jutsu
just give me five minutes of your modding skills too

I know you busy, but can you blame me
I got my first genin, and his stuck in this city
My items are not special and my jutsu are library
I believe you can help me but on the contrary

Mod Voice
Shut up kid, you know the deal
We all got lives, so please get real
Do not tell me about your problems all i ask you to do is wait
This is not a place for war or a stupid debate

Has anyone here ever worked on being a genin with skill
All you do is farm missions and kill
I once read a thread about a guy eating a sandwich
Now how in the world was that a way to beat a sand witch

You talk about being stuck, then make some friends
Do i give a f..., yes i do the ends
It does not matter whether you JouChuuGenin
All we ask you to do is just shut up and stop beggin...

The views expressed in this poem do not reflect the views of mods or users or roleplayers of the forum. Any likenesses to others mentioned above are purely coincidental. Please stay tuned for the next song in the album.

My Jutsu brings all the boys to the yard


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2 Re: My OOC Rhymes on Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:55 am



2. My Jutsu brings all the boys to the yard

My jutsu brings all the boys to the yard
Down right, its better than yours, i could teach you, but i'd have to charge


Due to budget cuts, this song has been cancelled due to a freak jutsu accident which rendered a lady without her milkshake

Next time

3. I am a real ninja


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3 Re: My OOC Rhymes on Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:21 am



3. I am a real ninja

In the beginning all i knew was that i had to not let the world see
But no matter how hard i tried i could not hide what it was that made me
The darkness of the shadows calling to me in the middle of the night
As i dive into the light unseen as i enter the fight for every shinobi's right

You were never meant to see or know
I was never meant to put on a show
You destroyed a village in order to keep a secret
That you could not hide and chose to end it

That as a tool that is never seen or heard
You have always made an impact so absurd
I realize you are not like me, and could never truly be
The one to set the world free

I walk a path which no one else can follow
I see a world that no one will ever get to see
I am beyond sadness and sorrow
I will be the one who can never be
I am a real Ninja, you never heard of me


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