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1 With haste (Iwa->Kumogakure) on Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:13 am

Orochi Enaka

Orochi Enaka

It had been a few months after he had confronted Kazako Akira, Tsuchikage of Iwagakure and even after such a time had passed, Enaka was astaunded by the fact that of all his operatives in Iwa, not even a tenth remained. To much time he had spend in a village that had gotten out of his control, deciding that it was best to keep a more superficial superveillance on the troublesome place and perhaps find a way to re-incorporate some of his operatives in this place.

Having send Hataro and Myra back to Konoha, the man was quite certain that they had proceeded with his plans according to the guidelines he had given them. Though one simple thing did keep bugging him like mad: Risu, his niece had been gaining more strength and power than he had envisioned her to aqcuire in the set amount of time. Not only that, but there was also the head of the medical division; Senju Chisaki, who he did not doubt to grow into a nuissance  as well and first and foremost there was the Hokage himself, who despite all his good intentions seemed to be blinded from the truth.

There was one place he had to go before getting back to Konoha and finally start up the entire process of cleaning out all pockets of resistance in the village, which he only saw as rightfully his.

"Let's pay a visit to Kumo and its Raikage," The man said calmly, while walking through the rocky plateau with the sight of Kumo's famous mountains on the horizon. "Let's see if this man, with his ties to Gin…is more complient and understanding to what I have to offer."

Walking the distance was not really a problem for a man who had enough coin on him to simply buy himself a house in Kumo if he so wished to do so, but first things first of course, he had to talk to his operatives in Kumogakure as well, to see if they had been flushed out the same way as those in Iwagakure.

It was kind of annoying that this new generation of kages seemed to be able to stand on par with him when it came to executing plans and infiltrating villages. Ofcourse, he was quite certain none of his operatives even had any idea for who they were truly working, but to clean up certain rotten apples by his own hand wasn't always a bad thing.

As the days passed, Enaka had a few stops in smaller towns and communities, talking to people and listening with open ears and watching with open eyes. The land had changed not so much compared to his old days in the ANBU. This was a good sign, meaning that the Raikages despite all changes were still the self-serving, obstinate people that they were during the old days.

"Ah well, traditions are a good thing," Enaka genuinely smiled while saying that, one of those few things that managed to please him were always the traditions and the preservation thereof. "Who knows, maybe I might be having a great time in Kumogakure."

Arriving at the gates of the hidden village, the man simply showed the document written by the Hokage, explaining that he was acting as a political envoy and wished to stay for a while in Kumogakure in the act of bringing the two villages closer together.

While spouting out those words with ease, as well as changing his face into the ever smiling mask he had used for the first time thirteen years ago, Enaka chuckled softly, thinking on how the wretched world would change into a paradise when he was done with it.

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