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Symbol: Uchū(WIP) 02

Clan: Uchū

Kekkei Genkai: Onmyōdō (陰陽道,also In'yōdō, lit. ‘The Way of Yin and Yang’)

  • Uchū(WIP) J7AlnZdYin(In'yō)
  • Uchū(WIP) EK7OnA6Yang(On'yō)
  • Uchū(WIP) NDUGmoGYin and Yang(Onmyō)

  • Yin:Taijutsu[Primary]/Ninjutsu[Secondary]
  • Yang:Taijutsu[Primary]/Genjutsu[Secondary]

Location: Scattered

Clan History: Uchū, meaning Universe, are a clan of unknown origins, however, there are many theories. Due to their unique usage of literally Yin(Ying) and Yang, some speculate that they were amongst the first people to inherit chakra or natural chakra, allowing them direct access to their Yin and Yang components. Others say that they, in early times,simply managed to solidify their chakra natures and become one with them. In anycase, the Uchū are rather impossible to locate, as all members are rather rare and often are very elusive.

Kekkei Genkai Description: Uchū are capable of a very strange feat of COMPLETELY manipulating the energies 'Yin' and 'Yang'. However, these are not the chakra natures. Rather, the actual Yin and Yang that makes up the human soul. The good side and bad side. As such, there are two sides to the clan:

Yin(In'yō): Usually male, the Yin side of the soul is what many refer to as a 'Bad Side'. Often referenced to the Moon and Darkness, Yin side users have completely black chakra and are able to use Yin jutsus. The 'Yin' element is capable of being  used in a liquid/amphorus form like Suiton.

Yang(On'yō): Usually female, the Yang side of the soul is what many refer to as a 'Good Side'. Often referenced to the Sun and Light, Yang side users ave completely white chakra and are able to use Yang jutsus. The Yang element is capable of burning opponents and is capable to shot in the same fashion as laser beams.

Members only start with Yin or Yang(depending on the path they chose). Due to not being a actual element, it has no weakness against other elements or advantages. It acts like a primary element and, thus, starts at S-Rank. However, members are able to learn the opposing 'Element'. This can be done with a 1500 training thread, where they are taught it by someone of the opposing path. This can be done with a NPC, but costs 2000 ryo if so. One learned, the second 'element' begins at D-Rank and has to be trained up(Remember, have to learn the opposing Spec. too). Once both are at S-Rank, this allows members to learn the clan's final secret, Yin and Yang(Onmyō).

Yin and Yang(Onmyō): Yin and Yang manipulation represents the entire soul of the user. A Kekkei Tota in a sense, it is only accessible to those with S-Rank Yin and Yang. The chakra given by the user is the same color as their primary element, but is greatly out-lined with the secondary. People with this element are able to simutaneously use both effects of Yin and Yang and their effects. It takes a 3000 word training thread 3000 ryo to learn this.

Drawbacks: Clan members can never learn Elements at all. Yin and Yang, while having no weaknesses (besides Onmyō), has no advantages over other elements.

Members: (Members of the clan can be updated here)

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: (What jutsu is unique to your clan? There can be a max of four - with a limit of 1 S / SS rank jutsu, and 1 Scaling Jutsu.)

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